Dear Rector Anna Nedyalkova,

Please allow me, on behalf of NISPAcee, to express our gratitude and thanks for hosting the19thNISPAcee Annual Conference: "Public Administration of the Future"held in Varna, Bulgaria from May 19-22,2011.
We very much appreciated your personal involvement and the extensive contribution of the University was very much appreciated and contributed to the fact that the conference has been generally evaluated as a very successful NISPAcee event.
We knew it would not be an easy task to organise an international conference for approximately 300 participants and this was also a challenge for NISPAcee. Because of the excellent organization, we are very pleased to inform you that the majority of those who participated in the evaluation of the conference expressed their satisfaction with the overall quality. The attendees appreciated the opportunity to share their professional experience and also very much enjoyed the mix of business and social programs.
We have also received very positive feedback from many of the participants on the warm welcome they received at theVarna Free University "Chernorizets Hrabar"during the official opening of the Conference. I would ask that you also extend our heartfelt thanks to theVice Rector of the University, Professor Pavel Pavlov, for his hospitality. The benefits gained from the event will be felt by those who attended for some time to come.
Please also express our appreciation to your team of colleagues for their contributions to the work of the conference, especiallyKremena AndonovaandAlex Parashkevova, who, despite all the pressure, kept smiling throughout.
We would like to assure you that NISPAcee remains strongly and enthusiastically committed to continuing to work with the Varna Free University, to enhance and strengthen public administration/management and public policy in CEEAIIS, as well as supporting our collaboration and our shared commitment to excellence in public affairs education.

We look forward to continuing this fruitful co-operation in the future.
With my very best personal wishes,

Ludmila Gajdosova
NISPAcee Executive Director


On 16 June, at the Club of Architects in Varna, Professor, PhD, Architect Todor Bulev, Assoc. Prof., PhD, Architect Aleksandar Slaev, Engineer Milena Petrova and Architect Stancho Vekov made a multimedia presentation containing all three major points in VFU’s consistent innovation strategy in architectural education.

Territorial and Landscape Planning – a new speciality

In the 2011 – 2012 academic year, the Faculty of Architecture at Chernorizets Hrabar Free University of Varna started a new speciality entitled “Territorial and Landscape Planning”, corresponding to the ever-growing demand for specialists actively participating in policies on natural environment conservation, ecology, regional development, urban development and urban environment quality, open space design and construction, including landscape, urban and non-urban parks, streets, squares, etc. Prof., PhD, Architect Bulev said that these activities have an ever-increasing significance in Europe and the entire world, which in Bulgaria has a reflection on the ongoing European integration processes, Bulgaria’s work on European programmes, and the implementation of European funds, all this being of significance to municipal policies and the different spheres of public-private partnership.
Assoc. Prof., PhD, Architect Slaev and Architect Vekov placed emphasis on taking architectural education to a higher level, including a higher level in terms of quality, which is bound with expanding the horizons of students, covering all aspects of transforming territories into complex cultural landscapes, providing a guarantee for sustainable development and meeting even the highest standards in modern-day urbanism. After starting the speciality of Architectural Environment Design last academic year, this new speciality of Territorial and Urban Planning builds on VFU’s innovative educational strategy in architectural education. The university provides two degrees in the speciality. After students receive a B.A. degree and the professional qualification of “Landscape Architect”, they are provided an opportunity to pursue an M.A. and the professional qualification of “Urban Architect in these two fields: Landscape Planning and Urban Space Planning. Graduates in the speciality get an opportunity to work as designers in the field of architectural, urban and regional design and planning, at municipal, regional and state management bodies, or by practising as experts and consultants.
Students apply for the speciality based on the mark of a successfully-passed state matriculation exam in mathematics (or the mark in mathematics as per their secondary education diploma), and the assessment of a portfolio comprising 5 graphic works and 5 paintings with a maximum size of 35/50 сm, the techniques being optional. The average application mark is derived from the sum average of the mark of a successfully-passed state matriculation exam in mathematics (or the mark in mathematics as per the applicant’s secondary education diploma), the portfolio mark and the assessment mark from the applicant’s interview. Graduates from civil engineering, forestry, woodworking, economic and humanities high schools get 1 bonus point to their application marks. Marks of competitive examinations in architecture taken at VFU or other higher education institutions are also recognised.

Assoc. Prof. PhD Slaev and Architect Vekov

3rdNational Student Competition in Landscape Design

Professor, PhD, Architect Bulev made an opening address at the National Student Competition in Landscape Design organised for the third time by VFU’s Architecture Faculty, bringing together into an interdisciplinary team students in architecture, landscape architecture, design, plastic arts and other specialities. The number of professors of architecture and architecture practitioners taking part as team experts is limited to one per team. The planning session covers Dzhanavara Historical Park, Varna Port (the shoreline and adjacent territories) around Toplata Voda, and St. Contantine and St. Helena Resort (the alley near Varna Grand Hotel leading to the seashore). More information on the workshop and the competition, as well as on any of the necessary and supplementary materials, will be published atwww.vfu.bgandwww.vfu-architect.com.

Prof., PhD, Architect Todor Bulev

National forum entitled “Bulgaria – terra incognita: traditions and values”

Engineer Milena Petrova introduced all attendees of the presentation to the National Forum entitled “Bulgaria – terra incognita: traditions and values”, organised by Varna Free University, Benetton Foundation of Treviso, Italy, and Varna Municipality. The forum is aimed at drawing the attention of the public to issues related to conservation and encouragement of local culture, heritage and landscapes. To keep tradition going, the forum featured involvement of VFU’s architecture students in socially significant activities in Varna and the region, encouraging initiatives of domestic and international importance dedicated to conservation and regeneration of the local cultural and natural heritage, as well as to improving the level of public information in these fields. Students have been working to discover and promote less popular spaces, buildings, monuments of culture and other landmarks being an integral part of local identity, to accentuate the specifics of landscapes and towns as the subjects of future refurbishment and planning projects, as well as to create new tourist sites, local tourist routes, etc. The first stage of “Bulgaria – terra incognita: traditions and values” covers the regions of Varna, Shumen, Dobrich and Veliko Tarnovo, with further stages of the project including more regions. The project features participation by people of different ages, as well as of different social and cultural layers, including students, researchers, associations, fellowships, local and municipal administrative bodies, tourist associations, agencies, and citizens. A list of rediscovered spaces and landmarks will be published at VFU’s website, and also be made a part of a national catalogue.

Engineer Milena Petrova


On 9 and 10 June 2011 Varna Free University hosted the fifth edition of an international scholarly conference entitled “Architecture, Civil Engineering and Modernity”, organised by Varna Free University’s Architecture Faculty under the auspices of the University’s Rector, Professor, Sc.D., Anna Nedyalkova.
The scholarly forum was organised as a part of a large-scale programme dedicated to VFU’s 20th Anniversary. The Conference brought together representatives of 12 Bulgarian and 7 foreign universities and scholarly institutions.

The Conference was opened by the Dean of the Faculty of Architecture, Prof., PhD, Engineer Stefan Terziev. After the opening of the forum in Room 1 of the Academic and Sports Complex, the following plenary papers were presented:

  1. Paradoxes in the Development of European Urban Planning During the Second Half of the 20th Century– Prof., Architect Ivan Nikiforov.
  2. Aesthetics and Urban Transformation– Prof. D-r Vladimir Mako – Faculty of Architecture, University – Belgrade, Serbia.
  3. RELAZIONE TECNICA SUL “QUADRANTE TESSERA”: NEW STADIUM & SPORT – a Technical Paper with regard to the construction of a new sports stadium– Prof. аrch. PhD, Masud Esmaillou.
  4. Key Features of Eurocode 8 – Structural Design for Seismic Resistance– Prof. Petar Sotirov.
  5. Sofia Metropolitan Bridge Facilities– Prof. Petar Staykov.

Over a two-day period, over 90 papers were presented during the special sessions of the Conference. Among the major discussion topics were Industrial Methods and Industrial Construction, Adoption of the New European Legal Instruments, Conservation and Preservation of Cultural Heritage, Alternative Methods and Evaluation of Structural Stability, Trends in Urban and Residential Architecture, Adaptation of Museum Buildings, Use of New Energy Sources, Modern Materials and Technology, etc.


The International Conference entitled “EU’s Eastern Policies” is a part of Varna Free University’s EU’s Eastern Policy Project. The Conference was hosted by the university on 10 and 11 June 2011, bringing together Bulgarian and foreign scholars.

Papers were presented by scholars and professors of Saint Clement of Ohrid University of Sofia, National and World Economy University, New Bulgarian University, as well as guests from Romania and South Ossetia. Bulgarian Diplomatic Association’s Chair and representatives of Interior Ministry’s Diplomatic Institute also took part in the discussion.


Varna Free University’s Representative Team in Applied Fire-Fighting managed by Assoc. Prof., PhD Ognyan Kachev have been working hard to prepare for the First International Student Tournament in applied fire-fighting which will take place from 25 to 30 June 2011 in Saint Petersburg, Russia. The team is coached by Chief Inspector Stoyan Stoyanov, while Mr. Kolyo Peychev is the team’s fire-fighting training methodologist.

Vigorous competition within the representative team has helped determine the following students have a well-deserved place in it: Petar Milushev – Captain, Iliyan Shishmanov, Hristo Hristov, Kristiyan Milenov, Petar Dikov, Georgi Milkov, Dragomir Mihaylov, Aleksandar Kyuchukov and Hristo Yordanov. After a preparatory training camp sponsored by Varna Free University, the team is highly motivated to represent the University in the best way possible at the upcoming international student championship.


The Institute for National Politics has announced the ranking of Bulgarian higher education schools. According to it, Chernorizets Hrabar Free University of Varna ranks sixth among 37 state-funded and private higher education schools out of a total of 51 universities officially operating in Bulgaria, not including 3-year colleges. The Institute for National Policy Research has published a list of the top 15 best-ranked universities at its website.
The graduates’ professional suitability with regard to finding a job in Bulgaria was the top criterion upon determining the ranking. Another important criterion was the number of persons applying for the same place at a university, the number of habilitated lecturers per university, as well as the number of bachelors who have further been admitted for master’s studies. Public reputation and international recognition were the other two leading criteria in the survey.
Varna Free University’s National Security speciality has high applicability with regard to Bulgarian public practice, the speciality being ranked sixth as well.

(June 2010 – June 2011 period)

  1. Sofia Medical University.
  2. National and World Economy University of Sofia.
  3. Sofia University of Library Studies and Information Technology.
  4. St. Clement of Ohrid University of Sofia
  5. St. Cyril and St. Methodius University of Veliko Tarnovo.
  6. Chernorizets Hrabar Free University of Varna.
  7. Angel Kanchev University of Ruse.
  8. National Art Academy.
  9. Krastyo Sarafov National Academy of Theatre and Cinema.
  10. D.A.Tsenov Economics Academy of Svishtov.
  11. Episkop Konstantin Preslavski University of Shumen.
  12. Technical University of Sofia/ Chemical Technology and Metallurgy University of Sofia.
  13. Sofia University of Forestry.
  14. Plovdiv University of Food Technology.
  15. New Bulgarian University.

  1. Law; Public Administration / St. Clement of Ohrid University of Sofia/.
  2. Medicine; Dentistry / Sofia Medical University.
  3. International Economic Relations; Law / National and World Economy University of Sofia.
  4. Information Resources in Tourism; Information Brokerage; Spiritualness and Leadership (Master’s) / Sofia University of Library Studies and Information Technology.
  5. Acting / Krastyo Sarafov National Academy of Theatre and Cinema.
  6. National Security / Varna Free University.

From 10 to 12 June 2011 Varna Free University hosted a leadership seminar dedicated to GRID, a method gaining more and more popularity in the USA and Germany.
The seminar was a part of the academic calendar of VFU’s only International Master’s Programme, Business Leadership in a Global Environment, and was attended by 10 master’s students. The seminar was led by the only licensed GRID instructor in Bulgaria, Assoc. Prof., PhD, Miglena Temelkova.

Students worked in two teams, developing 12 projects stage by stage, which has helped them improve their leadership skills regarding undertaking initiatives, taking stands and defending them, resolving conflicts, making decisions, and managing crisis situations and unsuccess. In an open competition, the two teams had the task to present arguments, defend and evaluate the projects, an ability which is very important for attracting new partners and customers in a global environment.
The GRID Certificates were presented by Professor, PhD, Pavel Pavlov, Vice-Rector VFU. Mr. Pavlov wished all trainees further professional success and a strong will to face the challenges of an ever-globalising economy.


The annual fashion show taking place at the end of each academic year is the most awaited show organised by Varna Free University’s fashion design students. The creative process for young designers goes through searching and finding the right interaction between fabrics, yarns, colour ranges, and assortments, followed by a long thinking over every detail. On 9 June, in Museum of Archaeology’s courtyard, Year 1 – 4 students had nearly 100 ambitious projects showcased, fascinating the numerous visitors with their impressive artistic touch. Provocative, colour-flirting, experimenting with different materials, the young designers demonstrated possessing the confidence of artists who had already made their choice in life, walking it with great confidence.

Some of the students had denim designs showcased, that will also be presented at the Jeansation 2 International Jeans Contest for Young Designers in Monte Carlo. Besides, the spectators were enticed into the magic of the show by a number of playful whimsies dedicated to recycled fashion design.

Like all previous years, the show was held in association with the Department of Art at VFU’s Faculty of Architecture, as well as the university’s Student Council. Deeds and prizes for excellent 2010/2011 academic performance and fashion show participation were presented to: Ivalina Rashkova and DImi Yanakieva (Year 1), Svetozar Zhelev (Year 2), Anna Petrosyan, Roman Kovachev and Iva Nedelcheva (Year 4 students). Some of the guests at the show, in the shape of Bourgeois Cosmetics and Mix Shop, also presented prizes to the best-performing participants.


From 30 May to 3 June 2011, 11 students of Varna Free University’s Interuniversity Master’s Programme, and Plovdiv European College of Economics and Management, took part in an international placement hosted by companies and institutions in Germany’s North Rhine-Westphalia Province.
The placement schedule featured a visit to the Parliament of the Province (where students met the MP Mr. Rolf Seel), as well as to the companies of Tente, OBI, Savings Bank, Municipal Marketing and Westdeutsche Landesbank, where they met and took part in discussions with their managers.

Meeting Mr. Rolf Seel Visit to Trente, Co. and meeting
Mr. Matsch, Manager Trente

Each student received a certificate and three ECTS credits for their participation in the placement.

Through a letter to VFU’s Rector Prof. Sc.D. Anna Nedyalkova, and the President of Plovdiv European College of Economics and Management, Prof. PhD Mariana Mihaylova, students have expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to feel the spirit of global economy and enjoy the historical and cultural heritage of Germany. An international placement for psychology students will take place at the end of June, whereas on 1 July students of different specialities will take part in a three-month Erasmus placement in Germany.

VFU’s partnership with Germany, established in 2005 by starting a project entitled “European Business – a Guarantee for the Professional Aptitude of Varna Free University’s Students”, has continued growing and deepening as a part of VFU’s internationalisation programme.
In line with the cooperation, VFU has been hosting lectures delivered by German scholars, as well as leadership seminars within the framework of Grid Institute, conferences, and other events, in association with its German partners.


On 8 June 2011 Varna City Hall hosted the opening of an exhibition of projects by the prize-winners of the 4th International Student Plenary Event entitled “East Varna Port Reconstruction and a New Administrative, Cultural and Shopping Centre”. The event was organised by Varna Free University’s Architecture Faculty in association with Varna Municipality, Council of Bulgarian Architects in Varna and Chamber of Bulgarian Architects in Varna, and took place from 25 to 27 May 2011 in Balchik Palace.

The City Hall hosts the exhibition of all prize-winning projects which were first presented at the Plenary Event where Varna Free University won the first prize, and Belgrade State University won the second, the third prize being for a team from Odessa Academy of Architecture and Construction. Also, special prizes were presented to the teams of VFU’s Architecture Faculty and MARCHI Institute Moscow.

The exhibition was opened by Prof. PhD., Architect Rositsa Nikiforova, Head Department of Architecture and Urbanism at VFU. The opening was also attended by VFU’s Vice-Rectors Prof., PhD Pavel Pavlov and Prof. Sc.D. Galya Gercheva, Varna’s Mayor, Mr. Kiril Yordanov, Varna’s Deputy Mayor, Mr. Vili Zhechev, the Chair of the Chamber of Bulgarian Architects in Varna, Architect Dimitar Stefanov, the General Manager of Varna Port, Mr. Danail Papazov, 1st rank Captain Toma Tomov, Captain of Kaliakra Barkentine and Director of Bulgarian Maritime Training Centre, the Varna Naval Base Commander, Commodore Emil Eftimov, as well as Varna Free University and Varna Civil Engineering High School students.
Following the closing of the exhibition all projects will be exhibited to the public in an open-air urban environment in Varna.


On 7 June 2011 Varna Free University held an extensive photo and video session within the framework of the University’s 20th Anniversary, as well as a part of the university application season.

The session featured interviews with distinct Varna Free University students, including students enrolled with a scholarship from VFU’s Rector for their excellent results, excellent students of all specialities, prize-winners from national and international competitions, as well as distinct sportspersons from the University’s teams in kickboxing, muai-thai, football, volleyball, basketball, etc. The event also included the making of an aerial-view video of the University.


From 10 to 12 June 2011 Chernorizets Hrabar Free University of Varna will host a leadership seminar in GRID, a method gaining popularity in the USA and Germany.

The seminar is a part of the academic programme of Business Leadership in a Global Environment, VFU’s only international master’s programme, and will be attended by 10 master’s students. The seminar will be led by the only licensed grid tutor in Bulgaria, Associate Prof., PhD Miglena Temelkova.
It is the fifth leadership seminar organised by Varna Free University. So far, over 600 representatives of public authorities and the business have attended VFU Leadership Academy’s sessions. For the first time, the seminar will be personally led by a tutor – a Bulgarian duly certified under the procedures of the German Grid Institute.

Associate Prof., PhD Miglena Temelkova

All grid leadership seminars in Europe are marketed at approximately 2500 EUR and bring together representatives of different businesses and public authorities. The grid training is aimed at developing leadership skills regarding undertaking initiatives, taking a stand and using arguments to defend it, resolving conflicts, making decisions, managing crisis situations and coping with unsuccess. Grid leadership seminars stimulate team collaboration and identification of the participants with the mission and goals of the organisation they belong to. Grid methods help trainees to acquire the ability to make timely decisions leading to impressive teamwork results, as well as to achieve the global strategic goals set in a public or business environment. The Grid system aims at perfecting the leadership skills of the seminar participants, strengthening their leadership charisma, decision-making decisiveness and ability to make reasonable decisions. This is exactly why grid training is highly recommended to election campaign teams, parliamentary and mayoral candidates.

The seminar opens at 8.30 on 10 June 2011 in Room 202 of Varna Free University. Presenting certificates to the participants successfully completed the training will take place at 14.30 h on 12 June 2011.


An international conference entitled “Architecture, Construction and the Present Day” will open 9 June 2011 at Chernorizets Hrabar Free University of Varna. The forum is organised by VFU’s Architecture Faculty as a part of a large-scale programme dedicated to the university’s 20th Anniversary.
This is the fifth edition of the Conference, and its purpose is to bring together architects and civil engineers from different generations. This year’s edition will be attended by representatives of 12 Bulgarian universities and academic institutions, as well as of 7 foreign institutions, whereby over 90 papers are expected to be presented. Major topics include: “For” and “against” industrial methods in industrial construction”, “Conservation and preservation of cultural heritage”, “Structural reliability evaluation and alternative means”, “Trends in urban and residential architecture”, “Adaptation of museum buildings”,”Use of new energy sources, “Contemporary materials and technology”, etc.
The scholarly forum will open at 10.30 on 9 June, at VFU’s Academic and Sports Complex, and will continue until 10 June.


VFU’s Russian Centre has invited Russian language lecturers and teachers from Varna and the region to mark together 6 June – the International Russian Language Day. The main topic of the discussion was „Russian: my profession”. The event also featured the opening of an exhibition entitled “Russian Centre’s resources in service of Russian language lecturers and teachers”.
To contribute to the festive atmosphere, the teachers were warmly received with Russian tea and nice Russian music.
The exhibition attracted serious attention. All participants were greatly impressed with the various methodical books, textbooks and manuals from beginner to professional level, as well as the various tests, grammar books, audio textbooks and multimedia programmes, all at the disposal of the Russian Centre. Special emphasis was placed on the Russian primers and books used for teaching little children, all of them being of great necessity.

Having been introduced to the rich resources of the Centre, the participants took part in the opening of a round table dedicated to the said topic. The programme featured papers from preliminarily-announced participants, who proposed a multitude of discussion topics and plans on cooperation under future projects. Participants had the opportunity to discuss their understanding of the meaning of the Russian teaching profession, and why they preferred it to any other profession. Teachers proudly presented the success achieved by their Russian students during the past academic year. Ms. Rumyana Todorova and Ms. Rozalina Calderon of Geo Milev Secondary General Education School received a well-deserved applause for the theatrical show entitled “Behind the blue bird”, awarded Most Original Performance and received Grand Prix at the Paris Festival in April. The show was staged and performed in Paris in Russian by the Student Theatre at Geo Milev School. Also, teachers of Alexander Pushkin 8th Foreign Language Secondary School of General Education proudly announced the first prize awarded to them at the National Festival of Russian. The Director of the Russian Centre gave an account of the 12th MAPRYAL Congress held in Shanghai.

Special emphasis was placed on the plethora of events held by Varna Free University in celebration of its 20th Anniversary. Assoc. Professor Galina Shamonina made a presentation of the study opportunities provided by the University, ensuring Russian teachers that every student enrolled at Varna Free University gets the chance to improve their Russian skills thanks to the University itself, as well as the Russian Centre providing perfect study opportunities.
As an expression of gratitude for their incessant efforts to promote the Russian language and culture, as well as for their good partner relations with the university, and their commitment with the initiatives organised by it, all teachers were presented with anniversary souvenirs, provided by Chernorizets Hrabar University and the Russian World Fund.


The third-year student has already won a world and a European title, as well as over 25 national competitions

Plamena Dimova, a third-year student at Varna Free University and a part of Bulgaria’s national kickboxing and muai thai team has claimed another title and become Balkan champion.
The kickboxing competition took place at the end of May in Serbia’s capital, Belgrade, where Plamena ranked first in the 48-kg category, the University reported. In March 2011, in Thailand she won the world title, whereas in October 2010, in the City of Baku, Azerbaijan, she became European champion, Varna Free University representatives also said.

Plamena Dimova is a third-year International Relations student at Chernorizets Hrabar Free University of Varna, which has helped her to communicate freely with kickboxing participants from other nations when attending competitions abroad. She has been kickboxing since she was 11. Besides, the more physical version of the sport, i.e. muai-thai is no secret to her. Plamena is currently perfecting her skills at VFU under Assoc. Prof. Dimitar Uzunov. Also, Plamena is a “Deserved Master of Sports”, also competing for Boil Sports and Training Club under her personal coach, Krasimir Kirilov. As she herself shared, she regularly does aero kickboxing, a sport practised with regard to keeping the female body in good form. Plamena’s dream is to visit Shaolin Monastery.

She has so far won 2 world titles, as well as one world and one European bronze medal, and two Balkan bronze medals. She has participated in 25 Bulgarian national competitions, always ranking among the best.


The 2011 summer student conference in Computer Science and Mathematics was held on 2 June 2011 in Room 221 of Varna Free University. Over 10 Computer Science and Business Administration students took active part in the conference by presenting scholarly and practical papers. Lecturers from VFU’s Computer Science Department also took part in the discussion.


30 Varna Free University graduates in Business Leadership in a Global Environment (a programme taught at VFU for the first time), along with 10 distinct students in the speciality of Tourism Management attended a five-day work placement hosted by different business organisations in Istanbul.

The Bulgarian students were met by Mr. Namik Karakilik, Manager Istanbul Art Hotel, who pointed out the hotel was a city-type one and had 148 rooms. With its 310 beds, the hotel provides accommodation for guests from over 25 countries. Thanks to its strategic location (a 15-minute walk from Kapali Charshi, and a 20-minute walk from St. Sofia Church and the Blue Mosque), the main target group of the hotel are businesspersons travelling to the City of Istanbul for the signing of deals.

Thanks to the Turkish travel agent Mr. Mustafa Guler, students had the chance to observe and analyze the service provided at both Yastor Hotel (a four-star hotel) and Istanbul’s legendary Gar Music Hall.
As a part of the international master’s programme in Business Leadership in a Global Environment, students were assigned the task of researching and analyzing the external environment under which business units operate. Based on an analytical discernment of the typical characteristics of their internal corporate structure and organisation, students had to evaluate the positive and negative aspects of their operation, determining new strategic alternatives for their future development.

Further, the work placement supervisor, Associate Professor, PhD Miglena Temelkova presented Gar Music Hall’s owner with a Varna Free University plaquette. From today on, every visitor of Gar Music Hall will have the chance to see Varna Free University’s honour as a part of the special exhibition of gifts and souvenirs at the restaurant.


Sveti Kliment Ohridski University of Sofia Rector among official guests of ceremony

A festival procession along the streets of Central Varna, a fashion show, and a festive performance by Varna Free University dance groups marked the beginning of the official promotion of the University’s 20th anniversary graduates, which took place today, 28 May 2011, at the Entrance of Varna’s seaside park.

Over 1000 graduates of all three university faculties: International Economics and Administration, Law, and Architecture, were awarded diplomas of completed higher education, receiving B.A. and M.A. degrees.

The promotional ceremony was opened and hosted by Professor, Sc.D. Galya Gercheva, who introduced the academic board of Varna Free University, along with all official guests present at the joyous event. Among the guests were Professor PhD Ivan Ilchev, Rector Sveti Kliment Ohridski University of Sofia, Varna’s Regional Governor, Mr. Dancho Simeonov, Varna’s Deputy Mayor, Architect Vili Zhechev, Mr. Yane Yanev, Chair Board of Trustees, Varna Free University, etc.

Chair Board of Trustees, VFU Mr. Yane Yanev        Prof. PhD. Ivan Ilchev – Rector, University of Sofia

The best among this year’s graduates received in person their diplomas from Professor Sc.D. Anna Nedyalkova, Rector VFU. To keep tradition going, graduates were handed labour books as well. On a stage erected at the entrance of Varna’s seaside park, Varna Free University’s Rector, Prof. Sc.D. Anna Nedyalkova, and Prof. PhD Ivan Ilchev, Rector Sveti Kliment Ohridski University of Sofia, exchanged copies of a partnership agreement signed yesterday in the Town of Balchik for cooperation between the two universities, which have joined their efforts for the sake of developing scholarly, research and educational activities on the territory of the University Botanic Garden in Balchik.

After the official ceremony dedicated to awarding diplomas to Varna Free University’s 20th Anniversary graduates, the festivities moved to Varna Festival and Congress Centre, where in different halls of the complex, VFU’s graduates received their Higher Education Certificates.


Teams of both universities to apply for European funding for landscape design, ecotourism and educational tourism.

On 27 May 2011, Chernorizets Hrabar Free University of Varna and Sveti Kliment Ohridski University of Sofia signed an agreement for developing scholarly, research and educational activities on the territory of the University Botanic Garden in Balchik.
Joining efforts, teams of lecturers and students will develop a comprehensive concept for maintenance and preservation of the Botanic Garden as a ground for scholarly, research, educational and cultural activities. “The initiative is in the interest of students of both universities”, both VFU’s and SU’s rectors commented.

The two higher education schools are developing an all-round park planning, development and reconstruction project for the territory of University Botanic Garden in Balchik. Further plans include mudslide and landslide stabilization in order to provide broad access for citizens, guaranteeing the meeting of all European standards for access on the part of physically-challenged visitors, the partners confirmed.

Expert teams from both universities will prepare for a joint European application for funding with respect to landscape design, ecotourism and educational tourism.
Both managements consider organising cultural events, floral exhibitions, plenary sessions, etc., as a part of the joint project. Both higher education schools will open their facilities in Balchik and Varna for organisation of academic practice, graduation paper and scholarly work dedicated research, as well as symposiums, seminars and other events.


Varna Free University academics, academic representatives, students and employees were part of the representative group which took part in the festival procession dedicated to Bulgarian Enlightenment and Culture Day, 24 May.

The University was introduced to the public as one of the biggest universities in Bulgaria, providing education for over 12 thousand students in 67 B.A. and M.A. programmes accredited by the National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency with the highest of all marks, and a maximum accreditation period of 6 years, being the only Bulgarian university to have been awarded a DS Label (international diploma recognition), and an ECTS Label (application of the credit transfer and student mobility system) by the European Executive Agency for Education and Culture (EACEA), the DS and ECTS Labels being official EACEA educational quality certificates.


The Public Administration of the Future scholarly forum was held in Varna from 19 to 22 May 2011 under the auspices of the Chairwoman of Bulgaria’s National Assembly, Ms. Tsetska Tsacheva, as a part of the celebration of Varna Free University’s 20th Anniversary.

The University’s chancellors and over 300 renowned lecturers and professors from all over the world have visited Albena Resort as a part of the cultural session of the Conference. The hosts from Varna Free University had chosen to introduce their foreign colleagues to the unique nature of the “Bulgarian Black Sea Pearl”. The evening session continued at Albena Variety Theatre with a folklore performance by Dobrudzha Ensemble from the Town of Dobrich, followed by a breathtaking performance by VFU’s Art Dance Group, directed by Ms. Nina Kozina.

The peak of the evening came with a retro disco party led by DJ Tedy Georgio, which brought all the guests to the dancing floor for great fun.

NISPAсee’s Executive Director, Ms. Lyudmila Gaydosova and Secretary Office staff members at NISPAсee expressed their gratitude to the organisers and the hosts of the Albena party. Besides, the programme featured a raffle, whereby two of the conference participants won seven-day all-inclusive stays for two persons in Albena and Primorsko.


Participants in the 19th NISPAcee Conference under the auspices of the President of the National Assembly of Bulgaria, organized with the active support of the Varna Free University “ Chernorizets Hraber”, express their conviction in necessity to support the improvement and enhancement of the effective and democratic government, as well as the modernization of public administration. More than 300 representatives from over 30 countries took part in the conference sessions, working groups and discussions.
The topic of the conference “Public administration of the Future” was defined by the common interest of all participants in order to join their efforts and facilitate common educational and scientific activity for the development of public administration as science and practice to assist in state government. It is the academic partnership that makes a great contribution to the realization of this aim as an “intellectual bridge” between governmental and educational institutions from different countries, which are at different stages in social-economic development. The main focus of the discussions involved challenges facing public administration in the future: globalization, democratization and civil participation in governance, public organizations and public services in the future, quality of public services, training of future generation of public leaders and thee role of ICT in governance. For CEE countries these challenges are enormous and even more complex, because of the heritage of the past regime: unstable political environment, limited resources, and the continuous struggle for development and implementation of democracy and the market economy. Closely connected with the public administration challenges are such topics as administrative reform and the development tools, which could be used to make government more effective and to improve the quality of public administration operations. An important conclusion is that the role of public administration as science and practice is of increasing importance for the development of effective, just and equitable governance systems.
Based on the results of the discussions we came to the following key findings and conclusions:
1. In times of globalization and the ever increasing interlinking of social, economic and political processes, the role of the state is changing and becoming more complex. As a result state government is characterized by a new quality of “non-organized complexity”. Rethinking the new role of the state and the responsibility of state governance requires a new approach in reforming state governmental institutions, as well as their administration and management systems at national, regional and local level.
2. Administrative reform itself is a complex and dynamic process, which is often accompanied by the implementation of different interconnected reforms. This changes the content and order of implementation and the meaning of the reform. This fact shows the need for developing a new vision and a new platform of reform, as well as the need of educating and training a new type of civil servants, with new skills, who can meet the new criteria and requirements for modern public administration and is thus equipped to cope with its many challenges.
3. At this new stage of public administration reform it is very important that national governments create professional, competent, depoliticized and stable administration with new quality and administrative capacity. The common opportunities and risks connected to the future development of public administration are the basis for building of scientific capacity and partnership among academic institutions at international and regional level. This will insure the intellectual potential for creating a new vision of public administration in the future.

The Declaration was accepted unanimously during the Plenary session of the 19-th NISPAcee Conference, which took place on 21st of May 2011 in hotel Melia Grand Hermitage, Golden sands, Varna.


Foreign Language Department academics took virtual participation in the 8th International Conference of Samara State University of Transport (Russia), dedicated to the Day of Slavonic Literature and Culture.
Samara University’s Rector, Prof. V.A. Kovtunov introduced Varna Free University as a desired partner of well-established international reputation and standing in the European Educational Space. Professor Kovtunov’s address to the Bulgarian participants included a greeting to Varna Free University’s Rector, Professor, Sc.D. Anna Nedyalkova with respect to celebrating the Day of Slavonic Literature and Culture and Varna Free University’s 20th Anniversary, wishing the University to keep developing its professional potential, incessantly pursuing further knowledge and achievements, keeping and expanding good tradition in education.

University lecturers from Bulgaria took part in the plenary session of the conference, as well as in the Theoretical and Methodological Issues in Contemporary Philology Session. All students and lecturers had the chance to see a presentation of the City of Samara, and were greeted with a song about Alyosha performed by a Russian student.
Foreign Language Department’s Head, Assoc. Prof., PhD Galina Shamonina delivered an address to all conference participants, emphasising the historical connection between Samara City and Bulgarian history, i.e. the Flag of Samara becoming a Bulgarian national relic. "Every year, on 24 May we mark the revered deeds of St. Cyril and St. Methodius, who invented the Cyrillic script, giving all Bulgarians and Slavs a reason to take well-deserved pride in contributing to modern civilisation”. She also mentioned the plethora of anniversary-dedicated events and initiatives hosted by Varna Free University in the eve of the Holiday.

Ms. Tatyana Marinova, a Russian teacher at Konstantin Preslavski National Humanities and Arts High School of Varna introduced the conference participants to the background of the only Bulgarian school possessing a national category in humanities. “For us, 24 May has always been the most wonderful of national holidays – the Day of Slavonic Literature and Culture, the Day of teachers and students, and the Day of school as an institution", Ms. Marinova shared.
The session featured discussions on the issues of the current condition of teaching Russian as a foreign language in Bulgaria and its use for modern educational technology in foreign language teaching.


Today, 27 May 2011, the Rector of Varna Free University Prof., Sc.D. Anna Nedyalkova, and the Rector of Sveti Kliment Ohridski University of Sofia, Prof., PhD Ivan Ilchev, are expected to sign a partnership agreement. The universities will join efforts with regard to developing scholarly, research and educational activities on territory of Balchik Botanic Garden.
Teams comprised of lecturers and students will perform scholarly, research and design dedicated work, partnering in developing a comprehensive concept for maintenance and preservation of the University Botanic Garden in Balchik as a ground for scholarly, research, educational and cultural activities. The initiative is in the interest of students of both universities. The universities plan on developing an all-round project for park planning, development and reconstruction on the territory of University Botanic Garden in Balchik in order to provide broad access for citizens, guaranteeing the meeting of all European standards for accessibility for physically-challenged visitors.
Joint project development between the universities will include projects for mudslide and landslide stabilisation at the site of Balchik Botanic Garden. The partners will organise different cultural events, floral exhibitions, plenary events, etc. Both universities will open their facilities in Balchik and Varna for organisation of academic practice, graduation paper and scholarly work dedicated research, symposiums, seminars and other events. Expert teams from both universities will prepare for a joint European application for landscape design, ecotourism and educational tourism funding.


“Varna East Port reconstruction and erection of a new administrative, cultural and shopping centre” was the title of the 4th International Student Architectural Plenary. The Plenary was held on 27 May 2011 in Balchik Palace. The event was organised by Faculty of Architecture, Varna Free University in association with Varna Municipality, Union of Bulgarian Architects Varna, and Bulgarian Chamber of Architects Varna. The requirements of the competition included developing an urban planning project for the zone, as well as preliminary architectural design for a new Varna City Hall. The competition was open, having a clearly-regulated access to participation. Student teams from 7 different countries took part in the event.

Varna’s new City Hall – a view from the sea

Bulgaria was represented by 2 higher education schools in the shape of VFU’s Architectural Faculty and New Bulgarian University’s Design and Architecture Department. International projects were presented by the Faculty of Architecture of Georgia Technical University of Tbilisi, Ion Mincu Bucharest University of Architecture and Urbanism (Romania); MARCHI State University of Polytechnics of Moscow, Russia, the Architectural Faculty of State University of Belgrade, Serbia, the Architectural Faculty of Maltepe University of Istanbul, Turkey, the Architectural Institute of Odessa State Academy of Construction and Architecture of Ukraine.

All eight universities presented projects developed by interdisciplinary teams of architecture students and architectural designers, managed by an architecture professor. All team managing professors delivered lectures on topics chosen by them to VFU students, in connection with education and the Black Sea Region.
The evaluation of the projects will be performed by a jury comprising lecturers from Varna Free University and guest universities, as well as representatives of the co-organisers of the event: Varna Municipality, Union of Bulgarian Architects Varna, and Bulgarian Chamber of Architects Varna.

The winning project

The evaluation jury was chaired by Prof. PhD, Architect Rositsa Nikiforova, Head Department of Architecture and Urbanism, VFU, with the following members: Architect Petar Yordanov – Varna Chief Architect, Professor, PhD, Architect Olga Savitska – Odessa State Academy of Construction and Architecture, Senior Lecturer, PhD, Architect Elena-Kodina Dushoyu of Ion Mincu University Bucharest, Architect Dimitar Stefanov, Chair Union of Bulgarian Architects Varna, Professor, PhD Architect Demet Erildiz of Maltepe University, Istanbul, Professor, PhD, Architect Vladimir Mako, Dean Architectural Faculty, Belgrade State University, Professor, PhD, Architect Paul Dzindzibadze from Tbilisi, Georgia, Professor, PhD, Architect Konstantin Boyadzhiev of New Bulgarian University, Architect Georgi Minchev, Chair Bulgarian Chamber of Architects Varna, Associate Professor, PhD, Architect Aleksandar Videnovich of Belgrade State University, Architect Ivan Trendafilov, Former Chief Architect of Varna, Professor, Sc.D., Architect Ivan Nikiforov, VFU.
The team reports were presented on 27 May 2011 in the Stone Hall of Balchik Palace.
The competitors were presented with the following prizes:
- 1st prize – a diploma, a plaquette and 1000 leva for VFU’s team, managed by Professor, Sc.D., Architect Ivan Nikiforov, including the students Ibrim Asanov and Yordan Lyubenov.
- 2nd prize, a diploma, a plaquette and 700 leva for Belgrade State University’s team, managed by Associate Professor, PhD, Architect Aleksandr Videnovic, including the students Bojan Vasojevic and Tijana Krstic.
- 3rd prize, a diploma, a plaquette and 500 leva for the team of Prof., PhD, Architect Olga Savitska, including the students Fedor Bugera and Anastasiya Klementieva.
- Special prize, a diploma, and a plaquette for the team of the Faculty of Architecture of Maltepe University, Istanbul managed by Prof., PhD Demet Erildiz, including the students Sinem Soykam and Serat Aksu.
- Special prize, a diploma and a plaquette for MARCHI Moscow’s team, managed by Prof., PhD Architect Andrey Nekrasov, including the students Vasiliy Yagodin and Anna Kopeyna.

The winner upon receiving 1st prize Ibrim Asenov and Yordan Lyubenov,
in the company of Prof., Sc.D. Anna Nedyalkova, Rector VFU

The award ceremony which was attended by VFU’s Rector, Prof., Sc.D. Anna Nedyalkova, and all faculty deans and department heads at Varna Free University, was held at 19.00 h on 27 May 2011.
The 1st prize was awarded to Chernorizets Hrabar VFU’s project managed by Prof I. Nikiforov, including the students Ibrim Asanov and Yordan Lyubenov.


For the first time the International Scratch Day took place in Bulgaria on 21 May 2011. The event brought together 90 participants, including pupils, parents, teachers and other guests. All participants marked the places where they came from on Bulgaria’s map: Varna, Sofia, Valchi Dol, Dolni Chiflik, Dobrich, Targovishte, Karnobat and Burgas.
The main organiser of the event was Chernorizets Hrabar Free University of Varna, in association with the Centre for Art Education.
All attendants were introduced to the university, the educational opportunities and perfect conditions for fruitful work offered by it. The event was a success offering many positive emotions and fun.
The main part in organising and holding the event was taken by Computer Science Department lecturers and Computer Science students.
The event was held in two parts. The first one taking place at Zarya Hotel.

In eight groups, all present at the event, children and adults took part in different educational games dedicated to computer sciences and Scratch (a visual programming language).
Winners of 8 May Scratch Competition organised by SMB Varna, received their awards in the breaks between the game sessions.
The second session of the competition took place at Chernorizets Hrabar Free University of Varna. Teams of pupils (form two - form four) took part in the competition which took place in VFU’s computer rooms. A beginner’s course in Scratch was organised for all children and adults, while a discussion and presentation of the goals of visual programming instruction, the opportunities provided, and the prospects for development, as well as the experience gained by professionals from Varna was took place in Hall No. 3 of VFU’s Sports and Academic Complex. The forum was attended by teachers, lecturers, parents and Prosveta Publishing representatives.
The 1st prize winners in the team event and the most active participants in the educational games were also presented with prizes.
Galina Zlatinova of Vasil Levski Secondary General Education School of Dolni Chiflik was presented with a printer, the prize marking the most active participation of the school in the event. The prizes were provided by Varna Free University and Prosveta Publishing.
In addition, the organizers of the event are planning on holding further initiatives related to visual programming in the country.

The first time a visual programming seminar was held at Varna Free University was in August 2009, the event being attended by Bulgarian lecturers of Computer Science and programmers.
This year, VFU has already provided instruction for two groups of Scratch visual programming teachers. The instructing team will continue working with teachers throughout the summer holidays.
A methodological conference for teachers of computer science and primary school teachers willing to learn visual programming is planned for the end of August. It will provide free-of-charge teaching resources.

For more information on Scratch instruction:www.scratch.bg.


The event is under the patronage of the National Assembly Chairperson with the participation of organizations from over 30 countries.

The nineteenth academic conference of NISPAcee – The network of the public administration institutions and schools in Central and Eastern Europe, will open tomorrow in Varna. It is under the patronage of the National Assembly Chairperson Tsetska Tsacheva with the participation of approximately 340 representatives of governmental, business and public organizations from over 30 countries, announced from Varna Free University “Chernorizets Hrabar”. The higher education institution is a host and co-organizer of the global event.
The conference will be held from May 19 to 22 in the Aula Maxima in Varna Free University with parallel plenary sessions at the Hotel Melia Grand Hermitage in Golden Sands resort, explained the organizers. The academic forum is expected to contribute to the international prestige of the country, of the city of Varna as a centre of congress events and centre of the Bulgarian public administration in research and application - management aspect, accentuated by Varna Free University “Chernorizets Hrabar”.
During the plenary sessions, the participants will discuss the reforms in public administration, policies and capacity of the local authorities, the practices of the e-government and the administrative services to citizens, fiscal policy in times of crisis, the services in the health sector and others. Apart from comparing the experience in the countries of Europe, Central America, Asia and the Caucasus region, the forum will examine programs for personnel training and promotion of research in the field of public administration.
The forum is organized by NISPAсee and Varna Free University “Chernorizets Hrabar”.
NISPAceewas founded in 1994 to provide information on existing higher education institutions and to encourage the development of training and qualifications in public administration in the former socialist countries. The secretariat of the organization is located in Bratislava, Slovakia, and is headed by an Executive Director - Lyudmila Gaydosova. The organization has 126 member institutions and associate members from 23 countries of Central and Eastern Europe, the Caucasus region and Central Asia, including Varna Free University “Chernorizets Hrabar”.
VFU “Chernorizets Hrabar”is one of the largest and most prestigious universities in Bulgaria, which educates more than 12,000 students in 16 professional areas, and doctoral students in 20 accredited scientific fields. The University is the only one in Bulgaria, awarded by the European Commission with the distinctive markings ECTS Label and DS Label, and listed - Excellence in Europe''s Universities. The University is also certified by the quality standard ISO 9001:2008.
As a member of the European University Association, the Black Sea University Network and many other international and national organizations and networks, Varna Free University “Chernorizets Hrabar” maintains partnerships with over 160 educational and research institutions all over the world and actively participates in projects under Tempus, Erasmus, Leonardo and other European scientific and educational programs and projects financed by the EU.

The organizers of the event will give a press conference on May 19 before the opening of the global forum. It will be held from 12:00 to 12:30 at the Hotel Melia Grand Hermitage in Golden Sands resort. For this purpose the academic governing body of Varna Free University “Chernorizets Hrabar” will provides transport for journalists.
The bus will be available in the car park of the Municipality of Varna and departs at 11:30. The time of return will be specified on site.
The official opening of the international conference will take place in Aula Maxima in the University at 15:00 pm on May 19, 2011. The Forum is open to journalists and you can preview its daily program, meetings and topics as an attached file.


A Brief Profile of the Network of Institutions and Schools of Public Administration in Central and Eastern Europe (NISPAcee)


On 11 May 2011, Chernorizets Hrabar Free University of Varna hosted My Career 2011 Workshop Event in collaboration with JobTiger, and in proud association with TOGETHER Insurance Broker Bulgaria.
The event brought together IT and tourism companies, financial and insurance institutions, consulting and commercial companies, non-governmental organisations, representatives of local authorities, etc.

The Workshop was officially opened by VFU’s Vice-Rector, Mr. Pavel Pavlov, Prof., PhD. Prior to the opening address, representatives of the participating companies and institutions were shown around the facilities of the university and met its academic board. The event was yet another chance for students to meet employers from different branches offering work placement opportunities for students, as well as permanent job positions .

The purposes of the event included an expansion of the opportunities for offering work placements for students, as well as new job positions at some of the leading Bulgarian and foreign companies and institutions; providing students with better information on important issues concerning their future career and professional development, as well as bringing together the efforts of the University Career Centre and all Faculties and Departments for the sake of encouraging students to attend similar events held by VFU in the future.

The results expected include maintaining long-term cooperation with employers, establishing new partnerships with regard to offering work placement and job positions, receiving feedback from employers, updating all career information provided for VFU’s graduates, achieving better faculty commitment in search of new opportunities for practical training of students with regard to their future career, as well as annually hosting My Career Workshop and other events in relation to the future career and advancement of students.
In the eve of VFU’s 20th Anniversary, the Workshop Event was a significant career dedicated event. As a part of JobTiger’s initiatives for building a convenient environment oriented towards providing career advancement opportunities for young Bulgarian professionals and retaining them in Bulgaria, the ultimate goal of the event was to help build a direct relationship between young specialists and companies.



On 9 and 10 May 2011 Chernorizets Hrabar Varna Free University hosted a partner conference under Encouraging Tourism: Exchanging Experience /RE:ACT/, a two-year project which Varna Free University took part in as a partner.
The project is co-funded by Life-Long Learning, Leondardo da Vinci, and Innovation Transfer Programmes, being to the total amount of 301929.39 EUR.
The project is led by Trinity Saint David College, Carmarthen, Wales, UK, and is partnered by Southeast Wales Regional Tourism Partnership, Carmarthen, Wales, European Community Networks, Uppsala, Sweden, and Tourism Academy of Uppsala, Sweden.

The Conference included discussions on the results of a research conducted among tourism businesses from the Region of Varna, as well as certain regions of Sweden and Wales. The survey has helped collect information with regard to tourism businesses’ utilisation of the social media. The results have proven the general trends of an increasing importance of social media as a means of searching and offering tourism-related services. Sweden and Wales boast rich experience in specialised social network development, which is to be passed on to Bulgarian tourism businesses as a part of the project.
Apart from creating a tourism social network, further stages of the project include training of tourism business reps which would enable them to utilise the so-created network.
Our goal is to establish an online community of tourism businesses from the countries participating in the project, which will provide grounds for good practice and experience exchange.

For further information:
Ms. Ralitsa Zhekova, PhD
Secretary, Project Management and Funding, VFU
тел: +359 52 359 616
e-mail: vfu-projects@vfu.bg


Single-desk document processing and amendments to Higher Education Act were proposed by the Association of Private Higher Schools in Bulgaria

The technical time needed for admission of international students to Bulgarian universities after completion of secondary education lasts from 3 to 14 months. A regular further education procedure for higher education graduates takes 7 to 16 months, showed a discussion held at Sofia Grand Hotel, hosted by Bulgaria’s National Ombudsman in partnership with Association of Private Higher Schools in Bulgaria.
The aforementioned statistics, along with information on formal application procedures were provided by Ms. Anna Nedyalkova, Prof., Sc.D., Chair of the Association and Rector of Varna Free University. Ms. Nedalkova said that notwithstanding students being or not being citizens of EU member-states, all foreign students are required to submit at least ten different documents with between 3 and 5 institutions for legalisation of their diplomas, visa issuance, education permit issuance, and residence in Bulgaria.
“Extended and complicated admissions procedures lead to an aggressive behaviour among foreign students, the emergence of a grey market in the sphere of educational services, an overencouragement of service mediation, a “suffocation” of Bulgaria’s higher education schools, as well as an increase in state subsidy”, Professor Nedyalkova emphasised. “We can make up for these shortcomings by means of internationalisation of Bulgarian higher education, an improvement of the competitiveness of our educational and scientific product, as well as by making Bulgaria a desirable destination for international students”, she said.

For this purpose, the Association proposed amendments to certain bills with regard to reducing the time needed for international student admission, as well as with regard to single-desk document processing, abolishing the requirement for applicants speaking Bulgarian (provided academic programmes are carried out in the respective native language), encouraging student lending, and providing more precise requirements for access to distance learning for non-Bulgarian students. According to the Association, the Higher Education Act amendments proposed along with a relevant legal harmonisation must be carried out no later than June, so that these amendments will come into force prior to the commencement of this year’s university application campaign. “The proposals made are also supported by some state universities”, Professor Borislav Borisov, Council of Rectors Chair, said during the discussion.

“The deadline for written proposals and commentaries is 20 May 2011, as we need actual amendments which would ease the requirements for foreign student residence and tuition in Bulgaria”, Mr. Sergey Ignatov, Minister of Education, Science and Youth, shared with the discussion participants. According to him, besides facilitating admissions procedures, Bulgarian universities have a lot more to offer in the field of intellectual products with regard to international student education.
“Although there is no such term as “Educational Franchising” in Bulgarian legislation, our intellectual product is well-competitive”, said Mr. Ognyan Stoichkov, Chair of the Parliamentary Committee on Education, Science, Children’s Affairs, Youth and Sport. “A good model for Bulgaria would be marketing our educational services offshore, instead of losing our intellectual capital abroad”, Mr. Lyutvi Mestan, MP, added.

“The role of Bulgaria’s ombudsman is to initiate a public debate, help bring together Bulgarian institutions and appeal in favour of finding proper solutions”, Mr. Konstantin Penchev concluded. The discussion brought together Members of Parliament, representatives of Ministry of Education, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, State Security Agency, National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency, National Information and Documentation Centre, as well as representatives of a number of state and private higher education schools.


On 9 and 10 May, the Russian Centre at Chernorizets Hrabar Free University of Varna held a film seminar in celebration of Victory Day (9 May).
Students, lecturers and citizens had the chance to watch movies dedicated to World War II and the Great Victory. The seminar featured the following films: Come and See; Moscow. The Beginning of Victory; Prague 1945: The Last Battle of Third Reich; Marshals of Victory - Zhukov i Rokossovski.
The seminar began with a short introduction of the movies and their plots, the projection being followed by a lively discussion. Elem Klimov’s movie Come and See was a real surprise to the young participants in the discussion. The spectators shared their impressions and opinions on the absurdity of all wars, the fascist phenomenon, and the lessons of war.
Participants in the seminar evinced their gratitude to Varna Free University for annually marking the important dates in Russian history and culture at the Russian Centre.


The active commitment of Varna Free University students and lecturers to marking the 50-year anniversary of Yuriy Gagarin’s epochal flight into space has deserved an award during the First in Space festivities which took place at the Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics in Moscow.

A paper read by Russian World Fund Chair, Mr. V. A. Nikonov, featured words of acknowledgement to all award-winning participants, including Varna Free University. Varna Free University’s Russian Centre is among the 5 award-winning centres, from a total of 102 centres worldwide. The name of Varna Free University was referred to in relation to the diverse events held by it in relation to the Anniversary, such as competitions, quizzes, research and artistic projects, a public exhibition, a flashmob, and a gala concert. “Gagarin’s life is an achievement for all mankind, and that is why he is loved by everyone, young and old”.

In a short address upon receiving the award, Russian Centre Director, Associate Professor Galina Shamonina, PhD, emphasised the award was received by Varna Free University „as a well-deserved reward for the fruitful work done by our management, as well as all academic board members, who would not spare their energy and ideas, working hard for putting such initiatives into practice. What makes this award ever more precious is that we have received it in the year of our anniversary”. On his part, Mr. Nikonov was presented with the film materials covering the events.


Two of this year’s Varna Awards nominations in the sphere of science and higher education have been received by Varna Free lecturers. Traditionally, the Varna Awards competition is comprises four categories. There are individual and joint awards in each category.
The Public Sciences Category nomination was given to Associate Professor Petar Hristov, PhD, Dean Law Faculty, VFU, for his book “Metatheory of risk: Paradigms and approaches".
The Technical Sciences nomination was given to Professor Rositsa Nikiforova, PhD, Head Architecture and Urbanism Department at Varna Free University, for new architectural trends and innovation, as well as her book “Architectural Environment Design".
Members of the Expert Committee in charge are to submit written proposals with the Council on Science and Higher Education no later 23 April. Next work group session will take place 27 April.


An international team of scientists is to be appointed in charge of the scientific, practical and educational initiatives related to the entire Black Sea Region. This decision was reached after a discussion among representatives from the Ukraine, Turkey, Russia, Romania, Georgia and Bulgaria during a work meeting held 16 April 2011 at Chernorizets Hrabar Free University of Varna. The meeting aimed at achieving a common vision on the Region’s future by establishing strategic partnership between the North and South, as well as the East and the West.

The areas of cooperation are to include programmes and projects, proposed by each university. Also, the team of scientists discussed the main directions for developing an international territorial planning scheme of the Black Sea Coast. The meeting focused on the architectural and urban planning issues with regard to port reconstruction in large cities in the late 20th and early 21st century. Besides, the meeting featured a mention on the international student architectural plenary offering discussions on the reconstructions taking place at East Varna Port, as well as the construction of a new administrative, cultural and shopping facility.

The Cultural and Historical Heritage Session included a discussion on both projects developed by Professor Petko Dimitrov from Varna Oceanology Institute. Both projects are dedicated to discoveries which make Bulgaria’s Sea Capital “the most ancient civilisation”, the ancient crops found being a ground for a brand-new type of agriculture.
Also, the meeting featured opinions from Varna Free University Rector, Professor Anna Nedyalkova, Sc.D., as well as Professor Rositsa Nikiforova, PhD, Professor Valeriy Urenev, PhD, Mr. Meltem Vatan, PhD.


Chernorizets Hrabar Free University of Varna is taking part in Getting Familiar with Ecotourism /N8URjob/ Project as a partner. The project is led by Development Centre of Karelia-Pellinen Region, Nurmes, Finland, and partnered by Global Village, Joensuu, Finland; West Lithuania Business College, Klaipėda, Lithuania; Regional Partnership for Cooperation, Meath, Ireland, and European Centre for Ecological Agriculture and Tourism, Lyubavka, Poland. The project is funded under Lifelong Learning Programme, Grundtvig Funding Programme, Multilateral Projects, and is aimed at improving the level of ecotourism instruction by means of developing a new electronic educational platform.
On 15 April 2011, Azalia Hotel in Sveti Sveti Konstantin i Elena Resort will host a seminar which is expected to be attended by ecotourism entrepreneurs, branch organisation representatives, and lecturers, who will be made familiar with the project and the opportunities for offering instruction to ecotourism businesses and future entrepreneurs. Besides, the seminar programme features a presentation of all products developed under the project: a curriculum, a pedagogical strategy, a lecturer’s manual, and an online course in ecotourism.

For more information:
Ms. Ralitsa Zhekova, PhD
Secretary Project Management and Funding, VFU
Tel. +359 52 359 616
e-mail: vfu-projects@vfu.bg


On 12 April 2011, by initiative of Career Centre and Student Council at Varna Free University, a public lecture entitled “Sales – the fastest way to success in life” was delivered in the Conference Room of the Russian Centre at Varna Free University by Mr. Ivelin Mihaylov, Team Manager Together Bulgaria Insurance Broker, and Best Insurance Consultant in Europe 2006.
The topic was of interest to a large audience which made the lecture grow into a debate, as the students present at the meeting took active part in the discussion.
In addition, a course in successful selling skill training is to be organised.

For further information, please feel free to contact Varna Free University Career Centre, Room А 425, Tel. 052/359 515, 359 516.


On 15 April 2011, Varna Free University Russian Centre will host an International Work Meeting of representatives of some of the leading Black Sea universities in the sphere of architecture and urbanism.
Discussions will cover the actual prospects for partnership and participation in joint projects, which would harness the potential possessed by institutes in the sphere of architecture, urbanism and territorial planning.
The work activities planned include an exhibition of graphic materials showcasing the results of the preliminary researches performed by Bulgarian and international institutions; coordinating the results achieved under the respective topics in the sphere of Black Sea partnership; collecting information on VFU’s basic topic: “Main trends in developing a transnational Black Sea Coast territorial planning scheme“.
The meeting is aimed at forming an international academic team for the purposes of science and practice related research, as well as organising educational initiatives with regard to achieving a common vision on the future of the Black Sea Region as a strategic link between the North and the South, and the East and the West.



Chernorizets Hrabar Free University of Varna has announced the names of the awarded participants in a National Essay Competition entitled “The way to the stars begins on Earth” for university and school students, as well as in First in Space International Quiz Competition.

At a gala concert held by Varna Free University in Varna Festival and Congress Centre on 5 April, in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Yuriy Gagarin’s epochal flight into space, Russian World Fund European Programmes Director Aleksey Gromiko, Sc.D. presented in person the awards to their winners. Gifts were given to: Ms. Мihaela Milenova Pencheva, a 2nd year Law student who ranked first in the National Essay Competition, and Ms. Yozlem Akbar Sadkova, a 2nd year International Relations student who ranked first in First in Space Quiz Competition.

The other winners were awarded on 12 April, World Aviation and Cosmonautics Day.

The Way to the Stars Begins on Earth National Essay Competition

2nd place – Miglena Ivanova Dimitrova – 3rd year International Relations student, Varna Free University;
3rd place – Aleksandar Stefanov Markov – 4th year International Relations student, Varna Free University.

School Students
1st place – Margarita Krasnodarova Sirkova – Yoan Ekzarh Foreign Language High School of Varna;
2nd place – Veronika Aleksandrovna Yavorskaya – Sava Dobroplodni Secondary General School, Shumen;
3rd place – Ivana Savcheva Slavcheva - Sava Dobroplodni Secondary General School, Shumen.

First in Space International Quiz Competition

2nd place – Aleksandar Dimitrov Drumev – 1st year International Relations student, Varna Free University;
3rd place – Dilyan Plamenov Gospodinov - 1st year National Security student, Varna Free University.

We express our gratitude to all participants for their knowledge, active civil position and fruitful work!


After an exhibition and competition bringing together Architecture students from Chernorizets Hrabar Free University of Varna, and featuring design implementation under actual projects in relation to the reconstruction of one of Sofia’s most popular marketplaces –Zhenksi Pazar, showcased at the end of March at Council of Bulgarian Architects’ Central Office, the awards were presented to the winners. The exhibition organisers – Sofia Municipality Chief Architect Petar Dikov, Vazrazhdane Initiative Committee and Mr. Vili Lilkov (a member of Sofia Council), Council of Bulgarian Architects’ Sofia Office, and Chernorizets Hrabar Free University of Varna, and Vitruviy Club, presented the nominations to 19 authors under 40 different projects, who took part in the exhibition.

Prof. Rositsa Nikiforova Architect Petar Dikov
Professor, Sc.D Anna Nedyalkova

In the presence of Varna Free University Rector Professor, Sc.D Anna Nedyalkova, Architect Petar Dikov presented two first-place and two second-place awards in the respective fields – "Shopping and business buildings and complexes", and "Architectural design". A 1st grade placque diploma and a cash prize were given to Dimitar Kyosev (a fourth-year student), and Ibrim Asanov (a third-year student). A 2nd grade placque diploma and a cash prize were given to Raya Daskalova (a fourth-year student), and Nikolay Hristov (a third-year student).

Architect Petar Dikov

Also, the following nominations were presented by Architect Dikov to fourth-year students Lyubomir Vasilev, Manuela Slavova, Dobromir Krastev, Eva Chausheva, Irina Dmitrova, Raya Daskalova, Petar Trendafilov, Neli Tashkova, Nikola Daskalov, Polina Mihaylova, Verdzhiniya Krasteva, as well as Tsanislav Filipov, Raycho Darmonev, Ramin Royen, Sanya Kovacheva, and Anton Antonov (third-year students).
All exhibition participants admitted to the competition after a selection from between 180 projects, were presented with a participation certificate.
Professor, Sc.D. Anna Nedyalkova made a congratulatory address to all students for their enthusiastic work, wishing them to receive even higher awards in the future, and expressing her satisfaction with the participation and commitment of Sofia Municipality, and Mr. Petar Dikov with creating future architects.

After the ceremony, Mr. Dikov delivered a lecture entitled “The Architect’s role in modern-day society“. He shared his views on important architectural issues, defending them with very precious examples from his career as Chief Architect. Students asked Mr. Dikov diverse questions which evidenced their active involvement and position on the architectural profession.


On celebrating its 10th anniversary, the Bulgarian Association for Quality Language Teaching “Optima” awarded lecturers who have significantly contributed to maintaining the quality of language teaching. The Council of the Foreign Language Teaching Department, which is an accredited “Optima” member, nominated lecturer Diana Mihailova, the coordinator for the Basic Module, to receive the award for her dedication to improving the quality of foreign language teaching.

This is what her colleagues wrote on the occasion: “She stands out with her strong sense of responsibility, has the talent to present the material in an easy-to-understand manner and to provoke her students’ interest, which is made evident in the annual anonymous questionnaires completed by the students at Varna Free University at the end of each academic year. These place her among the top positions in the foreign language lecturers rating scale.”
The Bulgarian Association for Quality Language Teaching “Optima” awarded lecturer Diana Mihailova a diploma and a prize.


On 4th December, 2010, students from Varna Free University took part in two architectural contests, “POSITIVE/NEGATIVE” and “REUSED”, organized by the Association of the Students of Architecture in Bulgaria and supported by the Union of Architects in Bulgaria, the Chamber of Architects in Bulgaria and Arhitektura magazine. A total number of 132 students from 6 universities in Bulgaria, as well as Bulgarian students studying abroad, took part in both contests.

With their project “A chair made of grooms”, the third year architecture students Hristo Chernaev and Yavor Panev won the first place and the grand prix at the “REUSED” contest - participation in an international workshop in London, in April 2011 - provided by the Union of Architects in Bulgaria. Apart from that, they were given the special prize, 400 lv., awarded by VFU “Chernorizets Hrabar”.
Another representative of VFU “Chernorizets Hrabar” – Vladimir Kolev –was awarded 100 lv. by the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy for his project “A Chair made of recycled and pressed paper”.

Hristo Chernaev Yavor Panev

The jury consisted of prominent young Bulgarian architects, as well as foreign colleagues of theirs. The jury was chaired by Assoc. Prof. Arch. Milena Metalkova-Markova (lecturer at the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy). Her colleagues were Arch. Plamen Bratkov (AEDES studio, lecturer at the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy), Arch. Ivaylo Petkov (Studio DESET, lecturer at the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy), Arch. Andrei Velinov (“Dot Arhitektura” designers’ bureau, lecturer at the Higher School of Higher Engineering “Lyuben Karavelov”), Arch. Petar Irinkov (lecturer at the Czech Technical University), Arch. Vlad Sebastian Rusu (lecturer at the Technical University Cluj-Napoca, Romania), Arch. Stanimir Paparizov (worked for “Foster + Partner”, London) and Arch. Rossen Petzev (graduated from the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy in 2010).


On 11th December, 2010 the first “Ruby on Rails” seminar was held at VFU “Chernorizets Hrabar” in Varna.
Lecturers at the seminar included: Denitsa Belogusheva, manager of “Tutuf” Ltd. – Sofia; Radoslav Stankov – “Garms” – Austria; Yuri Georgiev – “Broadmedia” – Switzerland. The seminar was attended by lecturers and students from VFU ‘Chernorizets Hrabar” and the Technical University in Varna, as well as by students from the schools in Varna.
The specialists shared their experience of using the Ruby language and the Ruby on Rails technology.
Students were given the opportunity to establish personal contacts with representatives of companies who work with this technology to create applications.


“Establishing long-lasting peace is the main mission of the Council of Europe”, those were the words of the president of the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly (PACE) Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu in front of students and lecturers from VFU “Chernorizets Hrabar”. At the university Mr. Çavuşoğlu gave a public lecture entitled “Declaration of Human Rights in Present Day Europe. The Role of the Council of Europe”. It coincided with the International Day of Human Rights – 10th December. During his official visit to VFU “Chernorizets Hrabar” the president of PACE Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu was accompanied by the Regional Governor of Varna Dancho Simeonov. They met with the Academic management and had a tour of the university facilities.
At the beginning of the lecture, Mr. Çavuşoğlu was introduced by Prof. DSc. Anna Nedyalkova, Rector of Varna Free University. The president of PACE pointed out that meeting lecturers and students was an enriching and inspiring experience.

Mr. Çavuşoğlu opened his talk emphasizing the role of democracy in present day Europe and the role of the Council of Europe for the development of the convention on human rights and the strengthening of the mechanisms for its protection. At the moment, he argued, there is an on-going process of the European Union joining this convention, thus aiming at enhancing the intercultural and interreligious dialogue between the countries in Europe. Eradication of the various forms of discrimination and racism is another major objective of the Council of Europe, having in mind that more and more political parties appear which favour such a policy.
In this respect, Bulgaria is a reliable partner of the Council of Europe”, noted Mr. Çavuşoğlu. PACE encompasses a wide range of ideologies, paying special attention to the Balkans and the countries from the Black Sea region, Bulgaria and Romania for example, being new members of the EU, as well as to countries in their pre-accession period. In this aspect, the Council of Europe’s support plays an essential role for their accession. As an EU member, Bulgaria fully and unconditionally supports this convention, sharing the belief that human rights are universal, indivisible, interdependent and intrinsically linked, and that all issues related to human rights must be dealt with objectively and impartially, with no double standards and politicizing.
With the EU joining the convention on human rights, a common legal area and a common policy for international cooperation against xenophobic attitudes, discrimination and racism will be established.
Mr. Çavuşoğlu’s lecture enjoyed a huge interest and following its end, the lecturers and students went on to ask their questions.

On being asked a question about the situation and the rights of Romanies in Europe, the president of PACE answered that this very question has been discussed for 20 years now. Currently, the Council of Europe is working on a new resolution concerning the rights of the Romanies. In order for a solution to this problem to be found, it is necessary to establish such an international cooperation as mentioned above. However, countries like France take different action. The free movement of Romanies in Europe following Bulgaria’s and Romania’s accession to the EU is leading to faster granting of such rights.
In order to increase the cooperation between the Council of Europe and Bulgaria, it is of paramount importance that more laws against discrimination should be passed. Bulgaria and Turkey are still involved in a monitoring dialogue with the Council of Europe for the purpose of solving these problems.
To other questions related to modern democracy and its development into direct democracy, Mr. Çavuşoğlu answered that democracy is an ongoing process, which is constantly developing and no country can claim to have achieved complete democracy. To develop direct democracy, referenda are a very good tool, but he added that human rights should not be subject to referenda; therefore such approaches aren’t supported by the Council of Europe, because they are not beneficial to people’s personal rights.

At the end of the meeting the president of PACE thanked the audience for the extremely interesting discussion and wished both teachers and students success in their future work and studies.
Mr. Çavuşoğlu’s lecture at Varna Free University was a part of his official visit to Bulgaria. On 9th December, in Sofia, the president of PACE met with the leaders of parliamentary groups from the 41st National Assembly and with members of the Bulgarian delegation in PACE.


On 10th December, 2010, Varna Free University “Chernorizets Hrabar” held an official graduation ceremony for graduates from the Faculty of International Economics and Administration. A total number of 308 graduates from the bachelor and master programmes of the faculty were awarded their higher education diplomas.

The Departments of “Administration and Management”, “International Economics and Politics” and “Informatics” awarded diplomas to the graduates in the following specialities: “International Economic Relations”, “Economics”, “Accountancy and Control”, “Informatics”, “Business Management”, “Public Administration”, “Advertising and Public Relations”, “Public Administration and European Integration”, “Administrative Capacity”, “European Public Project Management” as well as to the students from the Interuniversity Master Programmes.

Official guests at the ceremony included: Mr. Nikolay Nyagolov, deputy regional governor of Varna, Mr. Radoslav Koev, chairman of the standing committee “Science and Education”, Assoc. Prof. PhD Eng. Vassil Donev, administrative manager of “Sirma Solution Varna”, Prof. Pavel Pavlov, Vice Rector of Varna Free University, Prof. Teodora Bakardzhieva, Director of the Institute of Technology at VFU “Chernorizets Hrabar” and Assoc. Prof. Emil Panushev, Dean of the Faculty of “International Economics and Administration”.


140 graduates from the Faculty of Architecture at Varna Free University “Chernorizets Hrabar” received their higher education diplomas in the educational-qualification degrees Bachelor and Master.

The diploma awarding ceremony was attended by Prof. Dr. Galya Gercheva, Vice Rector of VFU “Chernorizets Hrabar”, Prof. Dr. Eng. Stefan Terziev, Dean of the Faculty of Architecture, Prof. Rositsa Nikiforova, Head of the “Architecture and Urbanistics” Department and Prof. Petar Angelov, Head of the “Arts” Department.

They awarded diplomas to the graduates in the following specialities: “Construction of Buildings and Installations”, “Legal Expert Engineering”, “Fire Safety and Population Protection”, “Fashion and Fashion Management”, “Space Design”, “Fashion Design” and “Choreography”.


Another group of Bulgarian leaders were awarded their certificates yesterday at VFU “Chernorizets Hrabar”. They were trained by Assoc. Prof. PhD Miglena Temelkova, under the supervision of Wolfgang Tiyle from the Grid International Institute – Germany, which has been the university’s partner for two years now.
After completing the course the participants explained how they have changed their views about the managerial positions they were occupying. Some of them pointed out their new realization that they should not glorify themselves, that they should learn to accept and give constructive criticism and find positive sides to their own mistakes and those of the others. Dealing with conflicts by means of dialogues, objectivity when making decisions, controlling emotions and listening to the other person’s point of view were among the other skills the present and future leaders tried to master.

The institute at Varna Free University is the third in Europe where leadership thinking is cultivated. According to Tiyle, the model has been working successfully in Germany since 1974, but it was founded in the USA.
The essential foundation for improving leadership is behaviour. GRID teaches us that if we adopt an authoritarian approach, we cannot make efficient use of the resources around us. It is much better to ask questions in order to use the skills of the team we are managing. The participants learned that when they need to make a decision, it can be beneficial if they listen to the arguments of the others.

A boss needs to be able to solve even interpersonal conflicts in their team to achieve satisfactory results. It is important that action is taken at the very beginning of an arising disagreement. If necessary, a boss should have to read his or her employees’ faces. Politicians, however, are not interested in such things, since it is not the well-being of the country that they are striving towards but their own future election. Companies have more long-term objectives, so they naturally turn to us.

Violeta Gurnakova, The “Narodno Delo”


At a meeting held on 10 June 2010 and under Art. 88, item 6 of the Law on Higher Education, the Accreditation Council members of the The National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency (NEAA) gave program accreditations to five scientific majors of the regulated professions of educational and scientific degree “doctor” at Varna Free University “Chernorizets Hrabar”.
On the basis of common evaluation criteria “Very Good” in accordance with Art. 79 (1) of the Law on Higher Education and a period of six years, the programmes that received accreditation are: 05:05:06 “Constitutional Law”; 05:05:08 “Civil and Family Law”; 05:05:15 “International Law and International Relations”; 05:05:19 “Criminalistics”; and 05:05:20 “Criminology”.
Varna Free University “Chernorizets Hrabar” is the first Bulgarian university, which received the honorary sign “ECTS Label” for the successfully implement of the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS). As a certificate of the European Union it guarantees the mobility of students and facilitates their learning in different educational institutions. After the “DS Label” - a sign of European Diploma Supplement that the university received last year, this is the second major recognition of the European Commission for VFU “Chernorizets Hrabar”.


In the period 24 - 26 June 2010 for a third time in Varna Free University “Chernorozets Hrabar” will be held the International conference “Informatics in scientific knowledge” 2010. The conference is organized by Varna Free University and the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and is managed jointly by Prof. DSc. Anna Nedyalkova, Rector of Varna Free University and Acad. Prof. Stefan Dodunekov, Director of the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics.

The third International Scientific Conference “Informatics in scientific knowledge” aims to discuss the basics and achievements in the implementation and use of informatics and information technology in the field of scientific knowledge.
The number of reports is 53, divided into 3 research areas:
- Informatics in engineering and technology: 15
- Informatics in the economy, governance and culture: 18
- Informatics in education: 16
Four of the reports are for a plenary session.

There are plans to be conducted a roundtable “Action Plan for ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) - support for lifelong learning” - problems of the Higher education. During the roundtable will be organized a videoconference with interlocutors from Bulgaria and abroad.

The authors of the reports are from Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Greece, USA and Israel. A guest from Austria will participate in the roundtable discussions. The participants from Bulgaria are from Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”, Plovdiv University “Paisii Hilendarski”, Russe University “Angel Kanchev”, University of Shumen “Konstantin Preslavski”, Varna Free University “Chernorizets Hrabar”, Technical University - Varna, University of Veliko Turnovo “St. Cyril and St. Methodius”, Institutes from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and IT companies.


In the period 18 - 20 June 2010 at Varna Free University “Chernorozets Hrabar” was held the ninth international scientific conference: “Applied Psychology in Bulgaria: Possibilities and Perspectives 2010”. It was attended by scientists from three continents - Europe, Africa and Asia.
The major problem directions in the research and development areas were: “Psycho-diagnostics, clinical psychology and consulting practice”, “School Psychology”, “Psychological problems of social work and psycho-corrections”, “Psychology of security and behavior in extreme situations” and “Social psychology, national psychology and psychology of culture”.
The sailors who are victims of pirate attacks were the main accent in the discussions of the psychologists within the conference. It is recommended the victims to speak about their experience, advises Assoc. Prof. Valery Stoyanov, lecturer at VFU “Chernorizets Hrabar”. Relatives often make mistake to avoid the topic because they consider that it should return the memories. According to the experts the trauma might be compared with the wound, which should be thoroughly cleaned, so it can heal. The disinfection can hurt, but without it there is a risk of infection and more serious consequences. Except of giving love and support, the family had yet to provoke the victim to share his feelings. Otherwise post-traumatic stress can cause various manifestations - from inappropriate behavior to physical illness.
Analog is the case with the Bulgarian medics in Libya, the researchers explained. However, it is not necessary to come to life-threatening situation. Even a case such as a divorce or a disappointment from a loved person can also knock down a man, if the emotions are not properly processed. Psychology makes the connection between experience and physical upsets, added Assoc. Prof. Stoyanov. Although all the researches, there are still no solid findings on the causes of certain diseases such as cancer, participants commented on the discussion.
During the conference was held a roundtable discussion on topic: “Intercultural tolerance, communications and cooperation”. Materials from the roundtable will be published in a collection together with the reports from the conference.


The “ECTS Label” certified appreciation of the European Commission for the successfully implement of the credit system and ensure the unconditional recognition of the credits acquired in the university in all countries.
Varna Free University “Chernorizets Hrabar” was the first Bulgarian University who received the honorary mark “ECTS Label” for the successful implementation of the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS). As a certificate of the European Union it guarantees the student mobility and facilitates their training in different educational institutions.
The decision was made by the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) and the University announced that the honor ceremony will be held on 5 October in the Belgium city of Antwerp.
After receiving the honorary sign ”DS Label” last year, this is the second major recognition of the European Commission for Varna Free University “Chernorizets Hrabar”. If the “DS Label” makes the diplomas issued by the University automatically recognized in Europe and the countries that respect the European education, the “ECTS Label” raises the image of the university as an honest and reliable partner in the European and international cooperation, said the rector of the university - Prof. DSc. Anna Nedyalkova. According to her, the both European signs promote the transparency and quality of training, the level of teaching and the general conditions for obtaining the academic qualifications of “bachelor” and “master”. Of all the candidates this year, Varna Free University is the only Bulgarian university, passed successfully all the procedures for receiving the honorary sign “ECTS Label”. The selection was made by independent experts and before the final decision the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) discussed the results with the European Commission. The aim is to examine in what level the university applies the principles of the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) as publicity and transparency of educational programmes and published documents that recognize periods of study at home and abroad.
The European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) is used in whole Europe for credit transfer of mobility of students and credit accumulation – learning pathways that lead to a degree. Furthermore, in the sphere of the Higher education, it can be applied also to other forms of lifelong learning.


On 02 – 03 May 2010 Borislav Dobrev, a student, IV course in “Protection of national security” at Varna Free University “Chernorizets Hrabar” visited the NATO headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. This was a reward for his classification by the National Essay Competition on the topic: "The new NATO Strategic Concept: the way forward", announced by the Diplomatic Institute (DI) with the assistance of the Directorate “Public diplomacy” of NATO, on the occasion of April 4 – The Day of the Atlantic solidarity. The competition involved students from Bulgarian universities and schools in Sofia, Varna, Dimitrovgrad, Vidin, Koprivshtitsa, Pazardzhik, Pomorie, Burgas and other towns.
In a series of briefings they were acquainted with the agenda of NATO''s operations and missions, its partnerships and internship programs. In the Permanent Delegation of Bulgaria in NATO Ambassador Todor Churov welcomes the Bulgarian students for their interest in the activities of NATO and together with the Bulgarian military representative in NATO, General Pehlivanov, informed the participants about the work of the delegation. The group was led by Dr. Kamen Lozev, coordinator of the course in military diplomacy at the Diplomatic Institute.

"I am very pleased and delighted by the perfect organization. Our hosts in Brussels were extremely polite. The meetings that we held were very fruitful. I believe I was worthy to represent my university – Varna Free University “Chernorizets Hrabar”, and I am happy to consider that I have been able to arouse people’s interest to what is done here – which is absolutely great! Let all students at Varna Free University “Chernorizets Hrabar” be proud of being part of this institution, as I am. I would like to tell all my colleagues that the knowledge and skills acquired here give self-esteem, confidence and real ground for competitiveness and realization!”, Borislav shared with us.


21 students, from the master degree programmes at Varna Free University “Chernorizets Hrabar” and the European College of Economics and Management in Plovdiv, internshiped in German companies. They visited North Rhine-Westphalia state of Germany and key EU institutions in Brussels. The lucky ones were selected among 240 candidates for their excellent grades received in the first semester, reported the partner universities.
The first group were 11 representatives of the “Accounting and Controlling” program. The trainees from the second group were excellent students from other five master programmes – Business administration in tourism, Marketing, Business projects management, Economic relations and Finances.
In recent days at Varna Free University “Chernorizets Hrabar” was held a meeting on the project “Being able to ecotourism”. It is worth € 385 500 and aims to overcome the educational deficits in the industry by developing and introducing a pilot e-learning platform.


In Moscow, at the invitation of the Rector of the Moscow Architectural Institute and Vice - President of the Academy of Fine Arts, Academician D. O. Shvidkovskiy and within the inter-university cooperation agreement with Varna Free University “Chernorizets Hrabar” signed on 13 May 2010, professors from the Department of Architecture and Urbanism, gave to students and lecturers in Moscow Architectural Institute two lectures on topics: ”International competition for secondary city center of Sofia, 2009”, by Prof. Ivan Nikiforov and “Bulgarian traditional architecture and contemporary interpretations in the practice and in the Architectural education”, by Prof. Rosica Nikiforova.
Both topics, announced in advance, were accepted with interest. The first topic comments the projects of the most famous modern names in architecture, the second topic discusses the interpretive models valid for all national architectures. The results from the Second International Student Workshop of Varna Free University were also discussed. The lecture was attended by the lastyear participants in the workshop and the participants from this year.
On 14 May 2010 again in the Moscow Architectural Institute was celebrated the anniversary of Academician Andrey Borisovich Nekrasov. A congratulatory address and a pennant of Varna Free University ”Chernorizets Hrabar” were handed from Prof. DSc. Anna Nedyalkova. Architect Nekrasov works with lecturers from the Faculty of Architecture at Varna Free University and has contributed in the exchange of experience in the education of architects. For the second year he leads teams of students participating in our international workshops.


For a third time Varna Free University “Chernorizets Hrabar” organized an international student workshop - a contest with real architectural problems in the region of Varna. This year’s topic was “Artificial island situated opposite the beach resort “St. St. Constantine and Helena”. Its construction is provided in the new Master Plan of the city, as a possible protection of the coast from marine erosion.
The location of the island was chosen as a result of hydrological studies and architectural considerations. The choice of its particular form, relief and constructive way of building were provided to the participants in the workshop.

The competition program, consistent with the holding “St. St. Constantine and Elena” - investor and co-organizer of the workshop, foresees the security features of the island to be supplemented with recreational-touristic features by building a five-star hotel, various shops and restaurants, an outdoor summer theater, gardens, marina and more.
Participation in the workshop took teams from Moscow Architectural Institute, Moscow; St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University; Belgrade State University; State University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania; New Bulgarian University, Sofia; “Luben Karavelov” Civil Engineering Higher School - Sofia; Varna Free “Chernorizets Hrabar” and a group of students from the University of Forestry, Sofia, majoring in “Landscape Architecture”. The participants were distributed among seven architectural teams.
The program of the workshop provided a preliminary preparation of the participants in the universities and final work on place.

An international jury consisting of: President - Arch. Dimitar Stefanov, a chairman of the Union of Architects in Bulgaria - Varna and members - arch. Georgi Minchev, a chairman of the Bulgarian engineering – architectural chamber – Varna; Prof. Vladimir Mako - Dean of the Faculty of Architecture at Belgrade State University, Serbia; Prof. Rosica Nikiforova, a Head of the Department of Architecture and Urbanism at VFU “Chernorizets Hrabar” and all tutors of student teams from the country and abroad have identified the following awards:

I-st prizefor a team of VFU “Chernorizets Hrabar” with tutor Prof. Ivan Nikiforov and students: Zvezdelina Stoeva, Mariya Yovcheva, Vladimir Kolev.

II-nd prizefor a team of Belgrade State University with tutor Prof. Alexander Videnovic and students: Iva Markovic, Yovana Petrovic, Janko Gadic, Veselin Gruic.

III-rd prizefor a team of “Luben Karavelov” Civil Engineering Higher School with tutor arch. Andrew Velinov and students: Victoria Atanasova, Mariya Nikolova, Damyan Sardarev. There was a special prize for a team of Moscow Architectural Institute with tutor arch. Varvara Domnenko and students: Vasili Yagodin, Andrei Yanshin, Ivan Moysenko.

All other participants received incentive certificates.
The jury unanimously finds wealth of concepts for building the island and the high professional level of all participants. The jury distinguished projects offering: low-storey construction, which fits harmoniously in the silhouette of the complex, suitable maximum protection from the sea on the shore and on the island itself, original spatial composition of urban decision and modern architecture of the hotel.

The awards were presented by Prof. DSc. Anna Nedyalkova, Rector of Varna Free University, Mr. Ilko Zapryanov, commercial director of “St. St. Constantine and Elena” Holding and Prof. Dr. Stefan Terziev, Dean of the Faculty of Architecture at Varna Free University.
In her concluding speech, Prof. DSc. Anna Nedyalkova underlined that the university will support in future similar initiatives that help to improve the direct contact between lecturers and students of higher schools of architecture in the country and abroad, to improve the architectural education and practical contribution for solving the major architectural urban problems of Varna.
Exhibition of projects of all participants in the workshop will be displayed in the building of Varna Free University “Chernorizets Hrabar” and in the “House of the architect” – Varna.


On 28 and 29 May 2010 at Varna Free University “Chernorizets Hrabar” was held a meeting under the project “To learn ecotourism” (N8Urjob). The meeting was attended by representatives of the leading organization - Center for development of region of Karelia-Pielinen, Nurses, Finland and the partner organizations: Global Village, Joensuu, Finland; European Centre for Ecological Agriculture and Tourism, Lyubavka, Poland; Regional Cooperation Partnership, Meath, Ireland; West Lithuanian Business College, Klaipeda, Lithuania and Varna Free University “Chernorizets Hrabar”, Varna.
The project is financed under the “Lifelong Learning”, sector programme “Grundtvig”, Multilateral Projects and amounted 385 500 euros.

The project aims to overcome the educational deficits in the field of ecotourism, to develop and implement a pilot e-learning platform. Tasks pursued by the project are: to develop and implement a pilot online module curriculum and program for ecotourism, which to be certified in the countries - partners in the project.

All products will be translated into all partner languages, including Bulgarian and will be available for usage on the project’s page.
The meeting discussed in detail the preparation of the program and the curriculum on ecotourism, as well as the online resources that will be placed on the project and will assist the interested people in developing their own business in ecotourism.
At the meeting were presented the pilot web site of the project and the e-learning platform.


Varna Free University “Chernorizets Hrabar” took two awards “Varna” in the field of Science and Higher Education on a solemn service held on 23 May 2010 in Municipality of Varna.

Prof. Dr. Galia Gercheva - Prof. Dr. Stefan Terziev,
Vice-Rector of Varna Free University Dean of the Faculty of Architecture at VFU

Prof. Dr. Galia Gercheva - Vice-Rector of Varna Free University, took the award “Varna” in the field of social sciences for her book “Communicative anxiety - personal and contextual dimensions”. In the field of engineering the award took Prof. Dr. Stefan Terziev, Dean of the Faculty of Architecture at Varna Free University. The award is given for a new direction in electronics and electrical equipment - architectural lighting and his book “Architectural Lighting”. The monetary amount, which was part of the award, Prof. Dr. Stefan Terziev will provide as a scholarship for a student from the Faculty of Architecture at Varna Free University.

The ceremony was attended by Prof. DSc. Anna Nedyalkova, Rector of Varna Free University, Prof. Dr. Pavel Pavlov – Vice-Rector of Varna Free University and many teachers, staff and students of the university.


Wave power could produce electricity just as successful as the sun and the wind. With this thesis scientists from the Technical University of Barcelona want to establish contact with Varna Free University “Chernorizets Hrabar” and Technical Univesity - Varna. This was announced by the President of the Union of the Bulgarian Black Sea Local Authorities (UBBSLA) and Mayor of Aksakovo, Mr. Atanas Stoilov. He committed to establish a connection between the research teams at short notice.
The Spaniards had prepared to launch tests of the waves, breaking near Varna and the whole Black Sea coast. The Scientists from Barcelona tested on a modern simulator the type, the height and the wave power, and then made calculations on their potential to produce electricity. The Spaniards prefer Bulgaria and have high expectations for the potential of the waves along the Bulgarian coast. The first fins at sea, which produce electricity, have already successfully utilize Frenchmen.
The team of the Technical University of Barcelona has already implemented a project according to which the elevators in the building of the university save up to 20 - 30% electricity. The saved amounts are lead away in condensation batteries and the elevators rely on their capacity.
The creation of an International Institute of Renewables to UBBSLA was first announced by the Catalonian Parliament MP - Judith Albright Kano. The lady, who is also mayor of Cunit, said that the multinational academic team will be open to the representatives of UBBSLA. This happened at a meeting with the President of the Union - Mr. Atanas Stoilov on 25 October last year. According to Judith Albright Kano the municipalities in both countries will recover successfully after the crisis, thanks to innovative energy projects.


Between 11 to 14 May 2010 in Sofia was held an academic training for the students in Master program “Advertising and public relations in business management”. In the training were included visits to state institutions, national media, leading business organizations and meetings with the heads of their PR departments. The masters were acquainted with the activities of the Press of the National Assembly, the Council of Ministers, the Directorate “Public relations, Protocol and Administrative Services” at the Ministry of Economy, Energy and Tourism, the Directorate ”Dissemination of information” at the National Statistical Institute, the Public Relations Departments of the Bulgarian National Television (BNT), Bulgarian National Radio (BNR), Bulgarian Industrial Association, Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The general opinion of the masters is that this is an excellent initiative took by VFU “Chernorizets Hrabar” and the future PR’s get a real picture of this particular profession.


In the period 12-15 May 2010 in Warsaw, Poland was held the annually Eighteenth International Scientific Conference “Public administration in times of crisis”, which was attended by over 350 scientists, experts and specialists from government bodies and public administration from over 40 countries from Europe, Asia and America. The conference was attended by seven reports of professors, associate professors and graduate students from the Department “Administration and Management” at Varna Free University “Chernorizets Hrabar”. In the scientific forum participated the Minister of Finance of the Republic of Poland - Yazhek Rostovski, the Minister of Science and Higher Education - Barbara Kudriska and the Minister of Interior and Administration - Dzherzi Miller. The participants in the conference were accepted by the director of the Office of the Council of Ministers of Poland. During the conference was accepted the proposal of the Rector of Varna Free University - Prof. DSc. Anna Nedyalkova, the following nineteenth international scientific conference of NISPAcee to be held from 19 to 22 May 2011 in Varna. There was also a programme approved for the accompanying scientific events between members of NISPAcee and Varna Free University for the period May 2010 - May 2011.
NISPAcee (Network of Institutes and Schools of Public Administration in Central and Eastern Europe) is a nonprofit organization with a membership of 126 institutions, institutional members from 23 countries from Central and Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia and 27 institutions, associated members from 14 Western countries.
NISPAcee was founded in 1994 with main purpose to serve as a central organization for information on the recently created schools and programmes of public administration in the former socialist countries and to promote the development of education and training of public administration in these countries. The present mission of NISPAcee is to promote and strengthen the effective and democratic governance and the modernization of the public administration in the region of NISPAcee (all former socialist countries, including the new member states of the EU, the Balkan countries, the neighboring countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova and the countries of the Caucasus region and Central Asia).


On 14 May 2010 in Hall 3 of the Educational and Sports complex of VFU “Chernorizets Hrabar” was held a training of trainers on Event Management. 20 trainers, representatives of the tourist business, took part in it and at the end of the event they received certificates from the Rector of Varna Free University - Prof. DSc. Anna Nedyalkova.

Trainings have been conducted by partner organizations in their respective countries - University Foundation for Training in the Region of Murcia, Spain; College of Business and Technology, Lithuania and Liverpool John Moores University, Centre of Tourism, Consumer and Food Studies, UK. The trainings were carried out on different topics out of the manual for Event Management, developed by partner organizations and released in September last year in four languages: Bulgarian, English, Spanish and Lithuanian.

The trainings are part of the activities under the project “Enhancing the Capacity of Tourist Businesses in Europe in Event Management” (EVENTI), co-financed by Lifelong Learning Programme, Leonardo da Vinci, Transfer of Innovation and it amounts to 231 797 euro.


Prof. Martin Rosenfeld – a Head of the Department “Research of Urban Economics” at the Institute for Economic Research in the city of Halle, Germany, held a public lecture at Varna Free University “Chernorizets Hrabar”. The lecture on topic: “Factors of successful urban and regional development” took place on 10 May 2010 in Hall 1 of the Educational and Sports complex of VFU “Chernorizets Hrabar”.
At the meeting with professors and students, Prof. Rosenfeld drew attention to the work of the municipalities as a whole, and the methods they should implement to raise funds to improve the infrastructure and the living for the individual municipalities. Accents in his lecture were: the urban and regional economics; the municipal finances; the municipal management reform; the national policy on urban development; the policy for development of the regions as well as finding alternative sources of funding in the global economic crisis.
Prof. Martin Rosenfeld is here at the invitation of Dr. Andreas von Belov, a head of the Sofia office of the Foundation “Konrad Adenauer”, with which Varna Free University is in bilateral contractual arrangements for joint activities and projects. By the end of this year there are two more initiatives organized jointly with the Foundation and Varna Free University “Chernorizets Hrabar” will be a host again.

Prof. Martin Rosenfeld


VFU “Chernorizets Hrabar” is on fifth place by rating among the universities in Bulgaria. The rating is prepared by the Institute for National Policy. Evaluated are only the universities with a positive assessment for accreditation by the National Agency for Assessment and Accreditation. In Bulgaria the accredited universities are over 50.
VFU “Chernorizets Hrabar” by rating is ahead of universities like University of National and World Economy, University of Architecture, Civil Engineering Geodesy and New Bulgarian University.

In the research the team from the Institute for National Policy has complied with:
- the starting points of the developed by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Science Rating System of the universities in Bulgaria;
- the general principles of the educational systems in Europe;
- the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS);
- the European Programme for academic mobility.
Among the criteria by which this scale is made are: the number of student applicants for one place; the weighted average number of academic rank faculty (professors, associate professors, doctors and doctors of science); the number of foreign students; relevance of knowledge at the end of learning (qualification framework); facilities; conditions for learning and science research; national and international scientific events; library and more.

Source: newspaper "Telegraph" from 29.04.2010


Assoc. Prof. Galina Shamonina Ph.D., Director of the Foreign Language Teaching Department at Varna Free University “Chernorizets Hrabar” took the “Golden Muse” this year. The award is in recognition of her pedagogical activity, of her high artistic achievements and personal contribution to the development of the Bulgarian-Russian cultural relations. On the solemn ceremony Assoc. Prof. Galina Shamonina Ph.D. said: “I accept the award as recognition for the university, where I work, for the tireless efforts and support of the academic leadership for quality language training of the students. Personally the magic of success is in the love of the profession, the love for the Russian language and culture. This magic is the key to all closed doors.”
This year the big prize - the Grand “Golden Muse” was posthumously awarded to the great opera bass Boris Christoff - for his great contribution in promoting our country to the world and promoting the Russian culture in our country.

Assoc. Prof. Galina ShamoninaPh. D.

A special award for lifetime achievement was given to the opera singer Stoyan Popov and to the famous dancer and choreographer Biser Deyanov - “the living legend of the Bulgarian ballet”.
The famous art critic and scientist Prof. Ivan Marazov was also awarded with “Golden Muse”.


The distinction “Fashion is beauty” of “Brisay”, Germany, received Dimitrina Tasheva, a student of Varna Free University “Chernorizets Hrabar” for her ensembles “The Berlin Wall”, presented at the International Fashion Forum in Russe, held from 22 to 24 April 2010.

Dimitrina with the award

The mayor of Russe - eng. Bozhidar Yotov opened the event and there was a warm welcoming by Mr. Plamen Stoilov – the Governor of district with administrative center Russe.

Dimitrina Tasheva - the first on the right

The International forum began with presentations and innovative demonstrations, and later in the evening in the City Theatre was held a fashion show – “Competition for young designers”, with the participation of ensemble “Bulgare” and trio “Unique voices”. In the fashion show participated 38 young pretenders for the award “Golden Needle”, which together with the performers from the ensemble did an incredible show. The way the clothes were presented showed their functionality in their natural environment, and the demonstration of models and athletes in sport dances brought to euphoria the guests and the representatives of the fashion industry.

Award winners

The jury consisting of journalists from leading Bulgarian media, with President Prof. Dr. Lubomir Stoykov, chose Nikolay Bozhilov from the National Art Academy for the special award “Golden Needle”. The Commission assessed the highest the models from his project “Recycling fashion” - functional clothing with futuristic vision of the range of industrial brown in combination with metal elements. This brought to the winner and prestigious award - a unique sculpture by the famous jeweler Angelo Krassini.

The award "Fashion is beauty"

In parallel with the main initiatives of the forum, under the “Richmart innovation” were made presentations by leading Bulgarian and foreign companies. The guests of the event witnessed demonstrations of some innovations in the industry, including a visit to the famous factory “Top man”. Organizers of the forum were the Municipality of Russe, the Bulgarian association of apparel and textile producers and exporters, the Branch Union of light industry producers and “Richmart innovation”, with the support of Russe region.


VFU “Chernorizets Hrabar” is a student team champion in kick-boxing, style “light contact” in the National Student Championship which took place on 24 and 25 April 2010 at the University. The contest was initiated by Prof. DSc. Anna Nedyalkova, Rector of Varna Free University “Chernorizets Hrabar” that wished the participants success in this powerful, but also beautiful sport. Chief judge of the matches was Assoc. Prof. Dimitar Uzunov.
6 gold, 3 silver and 1 bronze medal for VFU “Chernorizets Hrabar” is the statistics after the race.

In the National Student Championship in kick-boxing, style “light contact” participated students from nine Bulgarian universities: Varna Free University “Chernorizets Hrabar”, Technical University – Varna, Technical University - Russe, Trakia University - Stara Zagora, Academy of Economics - Svishtov, University of Economics - Varna, Burgas Free University, Plovdiv University “Paisii Hilendarski” and South-West University “Neofit Rilski” - Blagoevgrad.

Organisers of the event were the Bulgarian Confederation of kick-boxing and muay thai, the Association of University Sport “Academic” and Varna Free University “Chernorizets Hrabar”.


Plamena Dimova, a student in International Relations at Varna Free University “Chernorizets Hrabar” returned home as the silver medal winner at the World Muay Thai Championship, held between 18th and 26th March 2010 in Thailand, the home country of this sport.

Plamena Dimova

619 fighters from 53 countries fought to prove best in Bangkok. Bulgaria’s national team won 3 silver and 2 bronze medals. At the women’s finals Plamena was defending her last year’s world champion title against a representative of the host country, who, at the end of the round was given 3 points by the judges, which represented a whole cycle, thus ensuring that the host competitor got the world title.
Apart from last year’s gold medal and this year’s silver one, Plamena has also won the bronze at a world championship. She has been a republican champion about 30 times. She was the bronze medalist at the European championship held in Lithuania. She has been Balkan champion, vice Balkan champion and she ranked third at the European championship in Varna.

Plamena with the medal - first from the left (in red)


On 27th March 2010 master programme students in Software Engineering were awarded their IBM certificates at Varna Free University.
Within IBM’s programmes for academic partnership, having passed successfully their exams in subjects related to acquiring knowledge and skills in working with IBM products, students are awarded non-term certificates.
The updating of the syllabuses of all courses included in the curriculum of the programme in Information Technologies at Varna Free University makes students doing the bachelor programme eligible for this certificate too.
The certificates were awarded during a seminar continually held by the department of Information Technologies in the Technological Institute at Varna Free University, whose topic was “Cloud Technologies”, lecturing Dimitar Kazakov, student in the master programme in Software Engineering.


On 24th and 25th February 2010 a recertification audit was held at Varna Free University “Chernorizets Hrabar” in order to establish the compliance of the university’s quality management system with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2008 international standard. Following the report of compliance, written by the independent supervisory auditing committee of Bureau Veritas Certification, on 28th February 2010, Varna Free University “Chernorizets Hrabar” was awarded its third ISO 9001:2008 recertification for a period of three years, until 28th February 2013. To view the certificates, go to the ISO section of the university’s website: http://vfu.bg/.


From 25th to the 30th May the Varna resort “St. St. Konstantin and Elana” will host an International student competition in architecture - En plein air. The organizers of the event include Varna Free University “Chernorizets Hrabar”, “St. St. Konstantin and Elena” resort – Varna, Varna Municipality, The Union of Architectures in Bulgaria – Varna and The Camber of Architectures in Bulgaria – Varna.
The design tasks within the competition will be related to the Master Spatial Development Plan of the city of Varna (MSDP), according to which an artificial island opposite the resort of “St. St. Konstantin and Elena” has been planned to be built. A major reason for this to be included in the MSDP is preservation of the coastline and enriching the resort’s silhouette. The general plan includes creating a hotel-and-attraction structure on the future island. Plans also include a yacht wharf (exclusively for the hotel guests and independently of the existing one to the south), a continuation of the buna created by building a bridge or an isthmus to provide a connection by
land, as well as a parking lot. Contestants are free to choose the shape of the island as long as they comply with the pre-planned island space area of 20 ares (20,000 m2). Ten interdisciplinary teams of student-architectures and architecture-designers have been invited to enter the competition, who will be working under the supervision of one lecturer from each respective university. The competition itself will be juried by a jury comprising representatives of Varna Free University “Chernorizets Hrabar”, “St. St. Konstantin and Elena” resort – Varna, Varna Municipality, The Union of Architectures in Bulgaria – Varna, The Camber of Architectures in Bulgaria – Varna, guests from the partaking universities and representatives of the sponsoring companies.
The following prizes will be awarded: First prize – 1,000 lv.; Second prize – 700 lv.; Third prize – 500 lv., as well as special prizes established by the co-organisers. The resulting projects will take part in a travelling exhibition and an almanac (catalogue) will be published in Bulgarian and in English.


German giant companies operating in the fields of industry, finance, tourism and administration are taking on eight students from VFU “Chernorizets Hrabar” within the Erasmus programme. The lucky ones have been selected through a special procedure, in the presence of the manager of the European Academy of Banking, Economics and Management Heinrich Nihaves. He himself is Doctor Honoris Causa of the university. Meeting the candidates personally has proved necessary in order to make sure they are bright enough and truly motivated to do the respective jobs. Excellent command of German is among the major requirements. Most of the companies in question have representatives in Bulgaria, said a representative of the university.
Among the companies chosen are representations of TUI, Praktiker, Kärcher, as well as the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the German Savings Bank, various banks, regional governments and municipal administrations.
“It is likely that some of them may choose to stay there, but intelligent Bulgarians should work for their own country”, said Prof. Nihaves.
During their internship students not only practise a foreign language but also make friends and go on excursions.
According to the economist Anton Stoyanov, who has already come back from Germany, this is a way of developing one’s skills – something which has turned out difficult to achieve at companies and business enterprises at home. The young professional worked at the chamber of commerce and industry in Köln. He had the chance to witness the renowned German punctuality, although even if somebody was late, nothing fatal happened. This, however was extremely rare the case.

Prof. Heinrich Nihaves

“I have done two periods of internship. The first one took place at a savings bank in Germany. I have also worked in the field of real estate, as well as in a call centre. I would like to thank Varna Free University for the opportunity to do so. I have also gained experience at another company which has offices in 110 countries worldwide. I worked at the international department with colleagues of various nationalities. I had the chance to acquire some competences in other languages too. I speak English, German, Russian and I am currently studying Arabic, which is a rare, valuable language, which not many people speak. I now work in Egypt for a German company. When travelling with the Erasmus programme, each student should bear in mind that they will experience a completely different environment and way of living. Those places are few; therefore they are valuable for those who really aspire to them.
For the students who want to do an internship abroad the university provides individual study syllabuses. Moreover, this is an excellent way of gaining work experience, which is always a valuable asset in front of any future employer.”

Anton Stoyanov and Teodor Tanev


From 1st July to 30th September 2010 students from Varna Free University “Chernorizets Hrabar” are going to do their internship within the Erasmus programme in North Rhine – Westphalia, Germany. The selection procedure for singling out successful internship candidates, held on 15th March at VFU “Chernorizets Hrabar”, was carried out in the presence of the manager of the European Academy of Banking, Economics and Management Prof. Heinrich Nihaves, Doctor Honoris Causa of Varna Free University. He presented the requirements of the companies where the internship is planned to take place and listened to the students, who in their turn, demonstrated excellent command of spoken German and true motivation to work in an intercultural environment. Among the companies which are welcoming the distinguished students are TUI, Kärcher, Praktiker, the Municipality of Düren etc.
Due to Prof. Nihaves’ cooperation, more than 100 students have done internships in Westphalia, Germany in the last five years, and since 2008 Erasmus internships have also been organised.

Prof. Heinrich Nihaves

Managers and experts from the National Chamber of Independent Appraisers in the Republic of Bulgaria took part in the second module in communicative culture of leaders, which was held on 13th March 2010 at Varna Free University. The training was organized by the Institute of Communicative Culture of Leaders, and took place within the framework of the International Academy for Leaders, chaired by the Rector Prof. DSc Anna Nedyalkova, who, at the end of the seminar, presented all participants with certificates.
An official guest at the opening ceremony was Bulgaria’s ambassador in India, Vietnam and Somalia Mr. Dimitar Bozhilov, who gave a lecture in Business and Diplomatic Protocol. Other disciplines included: Orthoepy and Stylistic Effects, Behaviour of Leaders in front of TV Cameras, Communication between Leaders, Journalists and Media, Culture of Leaders’ Apparel, A Leader’s Personal Image and Live Interview. The seminar was held in the conference hall of the Russian Centre at Varna Free University, as well as in the university’s training TV studio and radio.


Fourteen students from Varna Free University “Chernorizets Hrabar”, doing a degree in Fashion and Management in Fashion, were given credit for their talent by an international jury which ranked the projects they presented for the final stage of the International Contest JEANSATION 2010", held in Monte Carlo from 25th to 28th November, 2010.
An event of this kind has been organized for the first time worldwide, with the main theme being: Haute Couture – Inspiration”. This theme combines the term JEANS in fashion with the traditions and principles of French Haute Couture.
The best projects and photos of models will be published in a special luxury JEANSATION Album (Limited Edition) on a compact disk, which will be distributed over the world, while a collection of the prize-winning models and the best 25 creations on the competition will be displayed in Paris.


Following an invitation from the Faculty of Economics at Varna Free University “Chernorizets Hrabar” a delegation from the University of Engineering and Economics in St. Petersburg visited the Varna university from 9th to 12th March 2010. The delegation, which included Prof. Aleksey Gavrilovich Makarov, Prof. Igor Leonidovich Andreev and Prof. Irina Olegovna Cherkasova, aimed at meeting the Management Body of Varna Free University, the Management Body of Deans, as well as the Head of Departments, at familiarizing themselves with the university facilities, with the activity of the Erasmus Office and the Projects Office, at the same time expressing a keen interest in co-working with the university, including student and lecture exchange between the two institutions.


On February 12, 2010 was signed a social contract between the university and business representatives which will support the initiative of VFU “Chernorizets Hrabar” - “Partnership for student employment”. The event was attended by mayors of municipalities from district of Varna, business representatives and various institutions and students. The partnership aims at creating of conditions which will support the opportunities of the young people in our country to continue to learn and develop their knowledge and skills, despite the difficulties caused by the global economic crisis.

“This is a unique meeting, which aim to create more flexible system in which students are less dependent on the economic situation in which we live,” said Prof. DSc. Anna Nedyalkova - Rector of VFU “Chernorizets Hrabar”.
In her words the students should have the conditions to work and earn personal income which they will invest in their education.

According to a survey made by the university 85 % of the interruption of the training is mainly due to the financial and economic reasons. “Students rely on their parents, but now the situation is difficult,” said Prof. DSc. Anna Nedyalkova.
This practice is popular in other countries, and now VFU “Chernorizets Hrabar” will help its students never to stop learning.

Both sides expressed their willingness to develop the necessary interaction between the university and the employers and to achieve an effective exchange of information which will support students and employers in matching their interests.
In support of the full-time students, concluded a labor agreement, VFU “Chernorizets Hrabar” will create special conditions for teaching, conducting exercises and advice on learning material that was omitted due to workload. There will be also an opportunity for recognition of the number of credits, where the specifics of the work made by the students are included in the subject coverage of their specialty.
Employers, in turn, must ensure normal working conditions, to comply with labor and social security legislation, to pay regular salaries to the students and etc.


The head of the Sofia office of the “Konrad Adenauer” Foundation, Dr. Andreas von Below visited Varna Free University “Chernorizets Hrabar”. His visit was related to the negotiation of future joint activities and projects with the university. The Foundation''s interest is directed mainly to the Black Sea cooperation.

At the meeting with the Rector of VFU “Chernorizets Hrabar” - Prof. DSc. Anna Nedyalkova, Dr. Andreas von Below said that the university plays a very important role not only in the region of Varna but also beyond it. ... “The energy with which you move things forward is absolutely impressive”..., noted in his speech to the leadership of Varna Free University Dr. Andreas von Below.

Before the meeting the head of the Sofia office of “Konrad Adenauer” Foundation was acquainted with the facilities of the university and he didn’t hide his impression of his visit to the library, the Technological Institute, the Educational and Sports complex and the Russian center. At the end of the visit, Dr. Andreas von Below gave books published by the Foundation, including “Tolerance is the soul of Europe” with thoughts of the Federal Chancellor of Germany - Mrs. Angela Merkel, who is also a member of the Foundation, as well as a book about Mrs. Herta Müller - a winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature.

Throughout 70 offices and projects in over 120 countries “Konrad Adenauer” Foundation give its contribution for strengthening democracy, rule of law and social market economy. To ensure peace and freedom the Foundation supports continuity of foreign policy dialogue and exchange between different cultures and religions. Its partners are government institutions, political parties, civil society organizations and selected elites.


On February 10, 2010 at the conference hall of the Russian center at Varna Free University “Chernorizets Hrabar” was held a seminar on topic: “Get your students talking with New English File”. The seminar was attended by the representative of Oxford University in Bulgaria - Mrs. Milena Kostova and Mrs. Dora Kristeva - Sales Manager at “Book House” AD.
In an interesting discussion after the presentation, teachers from the Foreign Language Teaching Department shared their experience of working with the educational system of Oxford University Press.
The focus of the seminar was on new methodological ideas to stimulate and develop the communication skills of the students and especially how to develop the skill of talking in foreign language classes.


There are still feasts of the Russian Center at VFU titled: “VFU “Chernorizets Hrabar” - 1 year in the world of “Russian peace”.

All the events that began on 25 January and will continue until February 12, 2010 are devoted to the first anniversary of the Russian Center at Varna Free University. On February 5, 2010 the center will celebrate the 150 Anniversary of Anton Pavlovich Chekhov with Nikita Mikhalkov’s movie “Unfinished piece for mechanical piano”, on themes from the works of Chekhov. On 5 and 6 February, 2010 the Russian center will hold a seminar with the Heads of the Chambers for authentic folklore. The final event will be held on 12 February at Radio Varna. The festivals for the first anniversary of the Russian Center at VFU “Chernorizets Hrabar” were organized by courtesy of the General Consulate of the Russian Federation in Varna and the media partnership with Radio Varna.


Prof. DSc. Anna Nedyalkova was awarded with the national prize "Manager Human Resources – 2009” in the category “Leader in Higher Education". At an official ceremony held on January 22, 2010 in Sofia under the patronage of the Minister of Labor and Social Policy - Totyu Mladenov, “The Human Resources in Bulgaria and European integration” Foundation and the magazine “Human Resources”, the rector of Varna Free University “Chernorizets Hrabar” - Prof. DSc. Anna Nedyalkova was awarded with the national prize "Manager Human Resources – 2009”.
The distinction is awarded in the category “Leader in Higher Education” for the correct approach and concern for the growth of the academic potential and develop and defend of the modern concepts and mechanisms for awarding academic degrees and titles.
The national prize “Human Resources” is awarded in 10 categories for outstanding contributions to professional development, innovation and implementation of socially responsible policy. The ceremony was organized for the sixth time by the magazine "Human Resources" and the “Human Resources in Bulgaria and European integration” Foundation.


On 27 November, 2009 Dr. Pawel Samecki, the European Commissioner for Regional Policy, held a public lecture on topic: “Bulgaria in Europe, Europe in Bulgaria. Two partners - one challenge”.

During his visit in VFU “Chernorizets Hrabar” the Commissioner was accompanied by Mr. Renaldo Mandmets - Head of the Bulgarian Unit in Directorate General “Regional Policy”, Mrs. Jana Trost - Program Manager at Directorate General “Regional Policy” and Mrs. Malgorzata Potocka – personal assistant of the European commissioner for regional policy. Among the official guests were: Mrs. Juliana Nikolova - Advisor to the Prime Minister and Secretary of the Council for Management of the Funds from the European Union, Dr. Liliana Pavlova - Deputy Minister of Regional Development and Public Works, Mr. Ivaylo Moscovski - Deputy Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communication, Mrs. Dobrinka Kristeva - Director of Department “Programming of European Union Funds” at the Council of Ministers, Mrs. Nadia Genova - Head of Department “Coordination of Structural Instruments” at the Council of Ministers, Mr. Kiril Yordanov, Mayor of Varna and Mr. Dancho Simeonov, Governor of district with administrative center Varna.

The lecture by Dr. Pawel Samecki passed with great interest by students and teachers, which led a discussion after its end. There were questions about the status of the Bulgarian economy after the country''s accession to the European Union and the mechanism of control over spending the EU funds, in particular Bulgaria.

At the end of the meeting, Prof. DCs. Anna Nedialkova, Rector of Varna Free University, handed a gift to Dr. Pawel Samecki - a replica of the Thracian treasure.


Students from VFU “Chernorizets Hrabar” visited the main European institutions in Brussels and listened lectures specially prepared for them, associated with the euro funding for Bulgaria and with the technology for development of projects.

For a fifth consecutive year for a week students from the master program “Management of international business projects” and the master programmes “Public Administration” and “Management of European Projects” were acquainted with the work of the European institutions. In the period 09-16.11.2009 the students participated in a specially prepared for them training course in the European Parliament, Directorate-General for Education and Culture, Directorate-General for Research and Development and Directorate-General for Regional Policy. Trainees also heard lectures on the opportunities for Bulgaria to raise funds under the Structural Funds and participated in a discussion in the Council of the European Union for future changes in EU governance. Special presentations were presented to the Bulgarian students also in the Committee of the Regions, in the Permanent Representation of Bulgaria and in the Swedish Presidency. Interesting were the meetings with the Bulgarian Members of the European Parliament.

Varna Free University “Chernorizets Hrabar” is the only university in Bulgaria, which for a fifth consecutive year organizes training in Brussels for specialists with a professional interest in project management.
George Bojikov, a student from one of the master programmes at VFU “Chernorizets Hrabar” works in the Ministry of Regional Development. He shares with us his impressions from the visit in Brussels:
Here we are at the heart of Europe - a group of young Bulgarians with ambitions for a diplomatic career.
Brussels is the headquarters of many international organizations: the European Commission, the Council of Europe, the European Parliament, the Western European Union. Our goal was to visit the European Parliament and to review its work. This was a chance for us, not only professional, but also very personal.
The journey was exciting and full of expectations. The chance that we have been given is unique. As young people early in their careers, we feel really doubt whether this is our career, and whether we have the qualities to fully realize this career. I personally stayed satisfied with the work of the European Parliament, of the Bulgarian and Swedish missions.
We participated in an information seminar at the European Parliament; in the regular plenary session of the European Parliament, which was currently taking place; we visited the European Commission, met with the work of the European structures and the activities of the Bulgarian MEPs. The Swedish Permanent Representation - current President of the European Union also adopted us and introduced to us their activity and upcoming tasks.
During our visit to various institutions, we were warmly welcomed and we have been provided with information and promotional materials. We met the young Bulgarians who are already working in the European structures.
Interesting and unchanged was the walk around the sights of the capital of Europe.
I''m glad I had the chance to meet with the professionalism of our diplomats, to feel the spirit of the work of the European Parliament, to be where are taken very important decisions about the future of Europe, to feel like part of a whole.


A great interest was showed in the lecture given at the Educational and Sports Center at Varna Free University by Andrei Vladimirovich Vorobyov, Vice Director of the Information and Press Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. Its topic was: “For certain problems related to the counterfeiting of the history of World War II ”.

The prominent Russian scientist expressed his view that the rewriting of the history is dangerous and should always be truthful. He drew attention to some historical facts related to the beginning of World War II as the invasion of the Soviet Union, the decision of this attack and the consequences for modern Europe. The lecture was attended by many teachers and students from the specialities “International Relations” and “European Studies”. For them the lecturer and the topic were of great interest.

There were questions related to the protection of the Russian-speaking population in the Baltic regions. There was also a discussion about the attitude of Mr. Andrei Vorobyov to the false historical novels. Different perspectives and interesting citations were served. After the lecture, Andrei Vladimirovich Vorobyov visited the Russian center and didn’t hide his satisfaction at the extensive library available to the students studying Russian language and culture in Varna Free University “Chernorizets Hrabar”.


Varna Free University “Chernorizets Hrabar” launched a project: “The Business – a partner in training of students in speciality “Informatics””, headed by Prof. Nikolay Lutov, Director of the Department of Informatics at VFU. University partners are: “Mobile Info Services”Ltd., “TEMPUS 2000”Ltd. and “Skynet Group”Ltd.

The project was won under the scheme for providing grants: BG051PO001-3.3.03: “School and student practices”, under contract № BG051PO001-3.3.03-0039 and is in force from 13.10.2009 until 12.10.2010. The total project cost is 82 033.18 lv., and its purpose is to create conditions for quality professional training in real working conditions for students in speciality „Informatics”. Other guidelines in the program of the project are the conducting of practical training of the students in companies from the IT sector and raising the qualification of the teachers in the Department of Informatics for bringing education to the needs of the practice.

Within the project 27 students in speciality “Informatics” at VFU “Chernorizets Hrabar” will hold for one academic year a 30 days internship in “Mobile Info Services” Ltd. and in “Skynet Group” Ltd. “TEMPUS 2000” Ltd. will take for the same period 9 students. Three employees of “Mobile Info Services” Ltd. and “Skynet Group” Ltd., and one of “TEMPUS 2000” Ltd. will be trained for mentors to students and conducting of student experience. Five teachers from Varna Free University will undergo two courses, each 60 hours to improve their skills in specific subjects.



On 23 November, 2009 in the Russian center at Varna Free University “Chernorizets Hrabar” was held an examination for obtaining of an international certificate for the level of fluency in Russian. Examiners were Dr. Elena Korchagina, Head of Test Control Department at the Institute of Russian language “Al.S.Pushkin” (Moscow) and Prof. Dr. Vladislav Lesnevski from the Russian Cultural and Information Center in Sofia.
The Students certified various levels B2, C1 and specialized Russian language for professional certificate in Russian language in the field of tourism - РЭТ 1 and РЭТ 2.


In November 2009 was published a guide for management of the events. The guide is issued on the project “Strengthening the capacity of tourism businesses in Europe and management of the events”.
The project is co-financed under the programme “Lifelong Learning”, EU programme “Leonardo da Vinci”, Transfer of Innovation and the financing amount is 231 797 Euro.
The guide was developed by a team of partner institutions, including Varna Free University “Chernorizets Hrabar”; University foundation for academic entrepreneurship in the region of Murcia, Spain; College of Business and Technology, Lithuania and the Center for Tourism, Consumer and Food Studies at the University of Liverpool “John Moores”, UK. In the development of the project participated representatives from the academic environment as well as representatives from the tourism business.
The printed guide for management of the events brings together the best European practices in management of the events. It will be presented to representatives of the tourism industry interested in realizing the described practices in their organizations, but will also help develop the capacity of the participants in organizing, planning and conducting events.


The new General Consul of the Russian Federation in Varna, Mr. Yuri Alexandrovich Solovyov, was on an official visit at Varna Free University “Chernorizets Hrabar”.

Immediately after his visit to Shumen on 23 October 2009, Mr. Solovyov attended VFU “Chernorizets Hrabar” to get acquainted with the necessary equipment and the conditions for learning at the university. During the meeting the Rector of Varna Free University “Chernorizets Hrabar”, Prof. DSc. Anna Nedyalkova presented to the General Consul the academic authorities and familiarized him with the opportunities that VFU “Chernorizets Hrabar”offers for training of Russian students. At the end of the visit, Mr. Yuri Alexandrovich Solovyov visited the Russian center at Varna Free University, stressing that he is extremely pleased with the conditions offered in VFU and he is ready to cooperate in the future plans of the Center for development of the Russian language and culture in Varna.


On 22 November 2009 a delegation from All-China Journalists’ Association visited Varna Free University “Chernorizets Hrabar”.
The guests were welcomed by Prof. Dr. Pavel Pavlov, Vice-Rector of VFU “Chernorizets Hrabar” who familiarized them with the facilities of the university, with the faculties and the specialities studied there and with the long-term contractual relationship between Varna Free University “Chernorizets Hrabar” and the Chinese news agency Xinhua, which gave up to the university a satellite receiver for directly receiving information in seven languages - Chinese, Arabic and five Europeans.

The purpose of the visit was the delegation to be familiarize with the training at Varna Free University, with the opportunities for future exchange of Bulgarian and Chinese students, with the opportunity of studying Chinese language in the university and with the eventual creation of an educational center for Chinese language and culture in VFU “Chernorizets Hrabar”.

The delegation was led by Yin Yungong, President of the Institute of Journalism and Communication at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, followed by Li Yue – Vice President of the international relations at All-China Journalists’ Association, Wang Gang - deputy editor of “Dzhansu” journal, Zhu Diane - deputy editor of the “Ksinmin” journal, Lu Huimin - honorary journalist from “Beijing evening news” journal and Xian Hong Ching - deputy head of the Military Department of the newspaper of the Chinese People’s Army.

At the end of the meeting the guests thanked for the comprehensive presentation of the university and expressed their desire for cooperation between Varna Free University “Chernorizets Hrabar” and Chinese educational institutions.


A lecture for certain problems with falsifying the history of World War II will be held on 25 November from 14:30 in the Conference hall of the Russian Center at Varna Free University “Chernorizets Hrabar”. Lecturer will be the prominent Russian scientist, doctor of the historical sciences, Andrei Vladimirovich Vorobyov, Vice Director of the Information and Press Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. “Yes, the topic is difficult, but it must be spoken. Because it is too cowardly to forge closer and more distant events. We just have to face this truth against the lies and the counterfeits. Bulgarians will understand me, because we’ve always had a common language with you.” This is what the Russian scientist said in an interview for “Duma” newspaper. The whole interview can be read on: http://www.duma.bg/cgi-bin/ecms/vis/vis.pl?s=001&p=0002&n=554&g=


Prof. DSc. Anna Nedyalkova, Rector of Varna Free University “Chernorizets Hrabar” and Assoc. Prof. Galina Shamonina Ph.D., Director of the Russian Center participated in the Third Assembly of Fund “Russian Peace” in Moscow at the personal invitation of the Executive Director of the Fund - Mr. Vyacheslav Nikonov.

The Assembly is the largest event in the activities of the Fund and it is traditionally held on the eve of The National Unity Day (04 November). This year''s intellectual potential of the Fund was presented in 1000 delegates from over 80 countries. The participants were welcomed by the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev, the Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov, Minister of Education and Science Andrei Fursenko, the Chairman of the State Duma Boris Gryzlov. Commitments to the ideas and the activities of the Fund and its centers operating in 40 countries of the world, expressed the Russian Patriarch Cyril, the Chairman of Russia’s Council of Muftis Ravil Gaynutdin and the Chief Rabbi of Russia Berel Lazar.
The President of The International Association of Teachers of Russian Language and Literature (MAPRYAL) and also president of the St. Petersburg State University, Acad. Ludmila Verbitskaya summarized the performance of the Fund in 2009: 450 are the supported educational projects in different countries; 60 modern textbooks and 15 innovative training programmes for Russian language as a foreign language are issued.
In early 2009 in Varna Free University “Chernorizets Hrabar” was opened and already actively is working the first on the Balkans Russian center. Its events and initiatives attract many students, lecturers and citizens and become a media event. The Fund “Russian Peace” highly appreciated the contribution of VFU “Chernorizets Hrabar” to the development of the Russian-Bulgarian relations in science, education and culture. Varna Free University has a reputation as a reliable partner in the educational and humanitarian projects.
At the personal invitation of Dmitry Medvedev, the President of Russia, Prof. DSc. Anna Nedyalkova was a guest of the State Reception in the Georgievsky reception hall of Kremlin, given on the National Unity Day.


On 29 October 2009 on an official ceremony of the European Forum of Experts was given official honorary status – a certificate and a gold badge to VFU “Chernorizets Hrabar” for high prestige and social recognition, as well as for contribution to the development of Bulgarian science.
The certificate and the gold badge were bestowed on Prof. Dr. Pavel Pavlov – Vice-Rector of VFU “Chernorizets Hrabar” by Mrs. Sylvie Vartan.
The nominations are made from 150 famous Bulgarian scientists and artists with international recognition, holding Gold insignia of honour for their contribution to Bulgarian science and culture.

European Forum of Experts



At the invitation of the Rector of VFU “Chernorizets Hrabar” and the Faculty of Economics on 27 October 2009 was held scientific and practical public forum on the topic: "Where and how to invest after the end of the financial crisis.". Lecturers together with Alexander Nikolov and Christina Doncheva from “Karoll Capital Management” Inc. - Sofia showed the specifics of management, revealed investment opportunities due to the financial crisis and provided products and services of “Karoll Capital Management” in this direction. This visit has been prepared in co-operation agreement between “Karoll Capital Management” Inc. and the Faculty of Economics at VFU “Chernorizets Hrabar”, with an emphasis on professional and practical training and opportunity for approbation of new methodologies, tools, etc. related to the business management.
The agreement will be signed in Sofia on the territory of “Karoll Capital Management” Inc.


Official delegation led by Acad. Stefan Dodunekov - Director of the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS), visited Varna Free University “Chernorizets Hrabar” on 27 October 2009. The purpose of the visit was the signing of a cooperation agreement between Kettering University in the city of Flint, Michigan, USA and VFU “Chernorizets Hrabar”.

Recognizing the importance of mutual cooperation and contribution of the universities to the society, mainly from the research activities conducted by them, both sides expressed their willingness to cooperate in enhancing and enriching the educational and scientific experience which they possess. The main purpose of the agreement is to provide a common basis on which to be build joint activities of academic and cultural nature in which to take part faculties and students from Kettering University and VFU “Chernorizets Hrabar”. Under the program, developed by the two universities will be established contacts and joint projects, organization of summer courses, management of Senior Projects (educational program in Canada, the United States and other countries where English is a leading educational system) and collaborative research on level faculties and students.

The agreement was signed by Prof. John Geske - Head of the Computer Science Department at Kettering University and Prof. Dr. Pavel Pavlov – Vice-Rector of Varna Free University.

Among the officials were also Dr. Fausto Rabiti - Director of the research activities at the Institute of Information Science and Technology of the Italian National Research Council, Dr. Giuseppe Amato from the same institute, and Prof. Peter Stanchev - Head of the Information Systems Department at the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS).


On 13 and 14 October, 2009 in Czech Republic was conducted the Second International Conference “Intelligent Technologies for Video Communications”. It was held within the European Network for Video Education and Research (ENOVER). Prof. DSc. Anna Nedyalkova, Rector of Varna Free University, participated in the opening of the conference from Bulgaria through videomost together with Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dobrin Denev - rector of UACEG (University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy). In the conference took part partners from the European Network for Video Education and Research ENOVER, which support cooperation with VFU - 26 European countries - Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, France, Germany, Sweden, Great Britain, Spain and others. In process of developing are modules for video conference training as part of the University network. VFU “Chernorizets Hrabar” participated with a report on the application of adaptive web-based e-learning systems.

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Lecturers from the Department of Economics at VFU “Chernorizets Hrabar”, Assistant Prof. Iva Moneva, Assistant Prof. Nikolina Grozeva and Assistant Prof. Sylvia Bratoeva-Manoleva took part in International Conference "The Social Sciences Research Society" in Turkey, the city of Izmir. The conference was organized by Dokuz Eylul University for second year. The reports of the participants were divided into forty-two sections, five reports in each section. The skilful distribution of the reports in the sections and the good organization of the conference made communication between colleagues extremely successful. There were guests from many countries - Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Poland, Iran, Australia, India, Malaysia, Russia, France, Germany, Canada, Ukraine, Hungary and Belgium. Many of them showed interest in Bulgaria, Varna, and in particular in VFU “Chernorizets Hrabar” and expressed their desire to participate in such event, organized by our University. Reports from the conference are published in a collection that is available in our library. At the end of the forum organizers handed certificates for participation in the conference.
Iva Moneva, Nikolina Grozeva and Silvia Bratoeva Manoleva are graduated students from the Department of Economics at Varna Free University “Chernorizets Hrabar”.


The first GRID seminar on leadership was carried out at Varna Free University “Chernorizets Hrabar”.
In the period 04-08 October 2009 VFU “Chernorizets Hrabar” hosted the first GRID seminar on leadership in Bulgaria. The teams participated in the seminar studied the model of GRID, which improves the efforts and the personal creative potential, develops the skills, productivity and entrepreneurial spirit of the individuals. The training is designed to promote the sustainability of organizations by activating the abilities of prominent executives, professionals and experts.

The future leaders had to absorb the team work techniques and individual work, to produce concepts and strategies for corporate management, personal development strategies and organizational behavior of individuals. The goal is to improve the participants personal skills to take initiative, presentation and argumentation of opinion, conflict resolution, decision making, crisis management, prevention of failure, the exercise of criticism, change and achievement planned objectives. Moderator of the Forum was Mrs. Christiane Tiyle - advisor and licensed trainer in GRID International, Germany. In the last day of the seminar the participants received certificates for completed course in leadership. Diplomas were awarded by the President of the Academy of Leaders of VFU “Chernorizets Hrabar” - Prof. DSc. Anna Nedyalkova, the rector of Varna Free University and Prof. Heinrich Nihaves - manager of the European Academy of Banking, Economics and Management. Special guest at the ceremony was the President of the World Association of Schools and Institutes of Public Administration and Director of the Institute of public management and public services at Florida International University, Prof. Allan Rosenbaum.

Prof. Heinrich Nihaves Prof. Allan Rosenbaum


On 09 October 2009 from 10:00 pm in Hall 2 of the Educational and Sports complex of VFU “Chernorizets Hrabar” a lecture on topic: "Structure of municipal government in West Germany and pleas for the creation and development of German and foreign companies. Opportunities for participation in Erasmus for VFU students and conversion after graduation.” Was given by Prof. Neinrich Nihaves. He is the manager of the European Academy of Banking, Economics and Management Prof. Heinrich Nihaves and also Doctor Honoris Causa of Varna Free University “Chernorizets Hrabar”.


On a special ceremony in the Revenue hall at the Presidency, the President of the Republic of Bulgaria, Mr. Georgi Parvanov bestowed an Honorary sign on Prof. DSc. Anna Nedyalkova, Rector of Varna Free University “Chernorizets Hrabar”. The award was for her outstanding contribution to conservation and development of scientific and artistic potential in Varna, for her fruitful work in science, education and culture.
"In her face we see tireless advocate for the modernization of the Higher education in Bulgaria," Parvanov said. In his words, Prof. DSc. Anna Nedyalkova, never stops working for the development of active dialogue between business and science. "Serious criteria for her contribution to Bulgarian science is the number of students who graduate fromVarna Free University", said Mr. Georgi Parvanov.
Prof. DSc. Anna Nedyalkova expressed extreme gratitude for the received honors. "I discover a great message in this, that the President continues to be a patron of the science in Bulgaria. He always supported us wholeheartedly”, said Prof. DSc. Anna Nedyalkova.


Over 2800 first-year students at VFU “Chernorizets Hrabar” received their student books on 28 September 2009 on a special ceremony at the university. In the new academic year 2009/2010, more than 10 000 students will be trained in 12 bachelor’s, 17 master’s and 8 doctoral’s degree programmes.
The ceremony held in the courtyard of the university was opened and led by Prof. Dr. Galia Gercheva - Vice-Rector of Varna Free University. Official guests were: Assoc. Prof. Svilen Neykov Ph.D. - Minister of Physical Education and Sport, Mr. Kiril Yordanov - Mayor of Varna Municipality, Mr. Ralph Radars - Head of Sector "Lifelong Learning, Erasmus and Jean Monnet” at the Executive Agency in the European Commission, the Olympic champion in rowing and Academic honorary citizen of Varna – Mrs. Rumyana Neykova, Eng. Slavcho Slavov – Vice-Governor of district with administrative center Varna, Mr. Pavel Dimitrov - MP in the 41-th National Assembly, Prof. Vladimir Mako - Dean of the Faculty of Architecture at Belgrade State University.

In her speech, Prof. DSc. Anna Nedyalkova, Rector of Varna Free University, talked about the new academic projections, which the university will implement in the current academic year. Aim will be the realization of the basic motto of the university - a high quality educational process and actively interact with business partners. New moment in the university activities will be the ambition to preserve and develop the young intellectual elite. Prof. DSc. Anna Nedyalkova announced that the university provides six scholarships to excellent students from different schools in Varna who continue their education at VFU “Chernorizets Hrabar”.
Head of Sector "Lifelong Learning, Erasmus and Jean Monnet” at the Executive Agency in the European Commission, Mr. Ralph Radars, expressed his satisfaction with the strategy set up at Varna Free University, which fully complies with the strategy pursued by the European Commission. He pointed out that the academic training is excellent and congratulated the students with getting DS Label, the newest European honor - a sign for recognition of their education in Europe and respectful in countries which recognize the european education. Of 181 European universities, who have applied for this certificate, only 52 were honored with this high distinction. "Students should be proud that they are studying in this university," added in conclusion, Mr. Ralph Radars.
By decision of the Senate of Varna Free University, the Olympic champion in rowing Rumyana Neykova was honored with the title “Honorary member of the Academic community of Varna Free University”. The title was given for her contribution to the promotion of Bulgaria, the sport and the sport activity among young people. Dr. Krassimir Nedyalkov, Assistant Rector and chairman of the sport club at Varna Free University, announced the decision of the club Mrs. Rumyana Neykova to be honored with the title “Honorary president of the University sport club”. Mrs. Rumyana Naykova turned to the first-year students with wishes for a successful new academic year and successful start in their education.

With the title “Honorary member of the Academic community of Varna Free University” was awarded and the Minister of Physical Education and Sport, Asoc. Prof. Svilen Nejkov Ph.D. This title was given for his contributions to the development of sport and hopes for the future development of youth activities. Minister Svilen Neykov told those who presented that he is for the first time at Varna Free University and is surprised by the high level of teaching and the modern technology, which are established at the university. "... You have the necessary equipment and wonderful lecturers. You have your evaluation of the European Commission of the European Union, which is our common goal. This sign, which the university received is a guarantee that the road on which you walk is correct. Our aim in the future is to be closer to the European standards, not only in Bulgaria, but to win European and global level. You are our future potential and we are proud of you. I wish you to find the best way to absorb knowledge and talent”. The Minister of Physical Education and Sport, presented on behalf of the Association “Varna Free University”, student books and scholarships for the first-year students. The Chairman of the Board of Trustees of VFU “Chernorizets Hrabar”, Mr. Yani Yanev announced the decision on awarding six students with special scholarships. Two personal scholarships were provided from the Rector, Prof. DSc. Anna Nedyalkova, one scholarship from the Vice-Rector Prof. Dr. Pavel Pavlov, who also gave student books and announced scholarships on behalf of the Russian center at the university.
Warm welcome to the lecturers and students served the Mayor of Varna Mr. Kiril Yordanov and Eng. Slavcho Slavov - Vice-Governor of district with administrative center Varna. On behalf of the first-year students to the participants in the celebration turned Valeria Zlateva. She assured the leadership of the university and the lecturers that the new class will continue and enrich the academic traditions.
Special greeting gave Prof. Vladimir Mako - Dean of the Faculty of Architecture of Belgrade State University.
Special artistic greeting to the participants served students from different specialties led by Prof. Peter Angelov and Prof. Ognyan Kachev.

After the official ceremony at the conference hall of the University was held a discussion on topic: "LLL - a key factor in the transition to economy and society based on knowledge”. In the opening of the discussion the Rector, Prof. DSc. Anna Nedyalkova, noted that VFU “Chernorizets Hrabar” is the first training center in Bulgaria to introduce training in this system. She pointed the personal merits of the President of Bulgaria Mr. Georgi Parvanov. Presentation for the work, the university did on the system was made by Prof. Theodora Bakardjieva.
For the new projections and prospects of "Lifelong Learning" spoke Mr. Ralph Radars - Head of Sector "Lifelong Learning, Erasmus and Jean Monnet” at the Executive Agency in the European Commission.
For the Bulgarian practice, problems and trends of this system spoke Asoc. Prof. Magdalena Ivanova Ph.D. - an expert on the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) in the European Commission.


From 28 to 30 September 2009 Varna Free University hosted the IX-th National Conference with international participation "Humanism and pragmatism in the education of XXI century".
Representatives from different schools worked on the topics of the conference and at the end of the forum they were able to submit their proposals, prepare reports and take part in the discussions on the topic of the meeting “Jan Amos Comenius and Contemporary Education”.
The Forum was held in partnership between the Ministry of Education, Youth and Science , Varna Free University “Chernorizets Hrabar”, Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”, National Association of Municipalities in the Republic of Bulgaria and the Czech and Slovak Club in Bulgaria.


The film "Heraclea Lyncestis - Terra Cognita", directed by Peter Pavlov from the Media center at Varna Free University “Chernorizets Hrabar”, was presented on the second edition of International Art Forum "Without Borders”. The art forum was organized in the period 18 – 20 September 2009 in ”The Palace” - Balchik. The video tells of the ancient city of Heraclea (modern Bitola) Macedonia, which was founded by Philip II. For Theodoric the Great, who destroyed this place twice. Emphasis is on the history of east and west of Bitola, which were part of the Roman Empire. For the road “Via Ignatius” which was set during the time of the proconsul Ignatius and which served for the movement of the Roman Legion, etc.. Terra Cognita (Known Land) is the second title of the film, because as the authors say, the place has a very rich history. Script-writer of the film is Kaloyan Smilkov.

The Second International Art Forum included in itself an art management conference. The conference involved more than forty leading international promoters from the field of music and culture from 24 countries on 4 continents. Within the forum on 19 and 20 September was held also an international art festival, which included the leading musicians and artists from Bulgaria, Cyprus, Denmark, Greece, Israel, Italy, Norway, Romania, Slovenia, Turkey and Sweden. There were classical music, ethnic / world music and jazz music concerts, and also presentation and exhibition of artists. All art events of 19 and 20 September were from 17:00.

Peter Pavlov

Organizers of the event were The Chamber of Commerce - Varna, in partnership with the Art Network “Skenderman” and “The Palace” - Balchik.
The event was held with the media partners ECON.BG, CNN, BBC, Bulgarian Telegraph Agency - LIK, Bulgarian National Radio, Musicport – Great Britain, newspaper “Now”, Simya - Turkey, Red Orange - Great Britain, NPS - Netherlands, Radio6 - Netherlands, Facebook, kafene.net, Carrera Linn Cultural Exchange - United States, "The Program", dobrichcity.com, Mediawave - Hungary, Film Plus Production - Ukraine, moreto.net, Imperial Art Complex - Varna, Dnevnik, Phenix Foundation - Romania, Jazz FM Radio, Brosella - Belgium, vlastta.com, Jazz Denmark - Denmark, Classic FM Radio, dir.bg, Aris Advertising Agency, Alt Production - Hungary, dobrich.info, Decontamination Cultural Center - Macedonia, Varna Free University “Chernorizets Hrabar”, Association La belle usine - Luxembourg / Israel / USA, Limitationes - Austria, liternet.bg, antenneair.com, Open Siberia - Russia.
The entrance to visit the forum was free (you had to pay only the entrance ticket for the complex "The Palace" / Botanical Garden).


In the period 3-7 August 2009 the Russian centre at Varna Free University “Chernorizets Hrabar” starts Summer training school “Contemporary pedagogical methods in the study of Russian language as a foreign language”.
The Summer training school is dedicated to the Year of Bulgaria in Russia and the 210th anniversary of Al. S. Pushkin''s birth.
The school is held within an international project with Russian Peace Fund and with the assistance of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Science of the Republic of Bulgaria. The lecturers of the School will be leading experts in the field of methodology of teaching Russian as a foreign language - Prof. DSc. Leonid Moskovkin – a professor in Saint Petersburg State University and Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia, director of the secretariate in The International Association of Teachers of Russian Language and Literature (MAPRYAL) and Assoc. Prof. Olga Lazareva PhD from Department “The Russian language as a foreign language and methods of teaching”, Faculty of Philology and Arts at the Saint Petersburg State University, Dr. Stoyanka Pochekanska – senior expert in Russian language at the Ministry of Education, Youth and Science and Assoc. Prof. Galina Shamonina PhD – director of “Foreign Language Teaching Department” at Varna Free University “Chernorizets Hrabar”.
The Summer training school will be opened by the rector of Varna Free University “Chernorizets Hrabar” Prof. DSc. Anna Nedyalkova, who is the Chairwoman of the Board in the Russian centre, in the presence of many official guests – diplomats and representatives of the executive in the city.


A second introductory seminar on Grid technology was carried out at Varna Free University “Chernorizets Hrabar” on 25th July 2009. The seminar was organized from Grid Institute – VFU, which is part of the Academy for Leaders established at the University. Moderator of the seminar was Mrs. Christiane Tiyle, advisor and licensed trainer in Grid International, Germany.
The worldwide recognized Grid model activates the efforts and the creative potential of individuals and develop their skills, productivity and entrepreneurship. It is a strategy for change and development. The training on this system contributes to increase the sustainability of the organizations by activating the abilities of outstanding senior executives, specialists and experts in respect of taking initiative, presentation and argumentation of opinion, conflict solving, decision-making, dealing with crisis situations, failure prevention, exercise of criticism, change and achievement of planned objectives.
Conduct of a second seminar in Varna Free University was provoked by the first introductory Grid seminar held successfully on March 16, 2009, attended by more than 80 representatives of business, public sector and academia.
The increasing demand for construction and improvement of personal and team skills in a competitive environment, set the beginning of a series of 5-day Seminars on Leadership Grid, which will be held from 4 to 8 October, 2009, from 22 to 26 November, 2009 and from 7 to 11 February, 2010.


An International student summer school was organized from 13th to 20th July 2009 at the Institute of Economics, Podolsk, Russia. The School was attended by students from Russia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Germany and Bulgaria. Eight students from the specialities “Informatics” and “Public Administration” at Varna Free University “Chernorizets Hrabar” took part in it. They presented four reports (three in English and one in Russian), as follows:
1. “Impact of economic crisis in the IT sector in Bulgaria and worldwide - current status and outlook” – Yulian Aleksandrov Yordanov, 4th year, speciality “Informatics” and Rafi Hachik Karagiozov, 4th year, speciality “Public Administration”;
2. “Financial crisis and licensing software” – Daniel Zhivkov Zhelyazkov, 2nd year, speciality “Informatics”;
3. “Financial crisis and the massive Internet search engines” – Aleksandar Dimitrov Dimitrov, 2nd year, speciality “Informatics”;
4. “World crisis and mass used operating systems” - Ovanes Etvart Karkkeselyan, 2nd year, speciality “Informatics”.
Upon closing of the summer school, the students received certificates of attendance. Their reports will be printed soon.
During the period 3rd – 10th August 2009 the Department of Informatics in Faculty of Economics at Varna Free University “Chernorizets Hrabar” will organize student scientific practice especially for the students from speciality “Business Informatics” at the Institute of Economics, Podolsk, Russia.


It was for the first time that the public of Varna saw the projects for renovation of the green spaces in residential complex “Mladost” worked out by students majoring in Architecture speciality. All architects-to-be took part in the International workshop landscape planning and design „LAND SO BUILT” and guest lecturers were Prof. Dr. Arch.. Mikela De Poli and Arch. Adriano Marangon from the University of Architecture in Venice, Italy. On the opening of the forum the Mayor of Mladost region – Yordanka Yunakova rewarded the winners of the contest organized earlier at Varna Free University “Chernorizets Hrabar”. The winners Yuliyan Nachev and Iliya Tsonev with project “Tornado” shared the first place with Hristo Hadzhiyski and project “Urban vegetable gardens”. The project “Green veins” by Yordanka Vicheva, Elena Nacheva and Vanya Gencheva took the second place. The third place remained for Dimitar Katsarov and Ivan Kovachev and their project “The bridge”.
All the winners will have the opportunity to train and practice at the University of Architecture in Venice.
There was also a prize for the public which went to the youngest architects Tsveta Zhekova and Hristina Dimova – second year in the University.
The event was organized jointly with the University of Architecture in Venice and Mladost region, Varna.


On an official ceremony in Brussels on the 11th June 2009 Mr. Jan Figel, a member of the European Commission handed out to the Rector of Varna Free University Prof. Anna Nedyalkova the label for the European Diploma Application ‘DS Label’ in the presence of Mrs. Odile Quintin, Director General for Education, Training, Culture and Youth in the European Commission. 65 higher education institutions from 16 countries were awarded with special European quality labels in recognition of their efforts to make it easier for students to study abroad. These labels are given to universities which have shown excellence in applying the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) and the Diploma Supplement (DS).
Of the 63 European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System applications, 23 higher education institutions received the label. Of the 161 Diploma Supplement applications, 52 higher education institutions became a holder of a DS label. Ten education institutions received both labels.
From all the Bulgarian candidates for the DS and ECTS labels in the period 2009 – 2013 only Varna Free University was awarded the DS label.

The procedure was hold with the participation of independent experts to guarantee the fullness of the results from the assessment on European level. The final decision for the label holders of the European Diploma Supplement DS and ECTS was taken after a discussion between the European Agency and the European Commission.
The DS label is given to institutions which issue European Diploma Supplement to all students with Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in compliance with the model tested and refined by the European Commission, the Council of Europe and UNESCO.

The Diploma Supplement (DS) is a document certifying the quality of the education. The European Diploma Supplement is above all a key aim in the realization of the Bologna process. It is a document attached to a higher education diploma with the aim of improving international ‘transparency’ and of facilitating the academic and professional recognition of qualifications (diplomas, degrees, certificates, etc.) It should be free from any value-judgements, equivalence statements or suggestions about recognition. It is a flexible, non-prescriptive tool which is designed to save time, money and workload. It ensures easier recognition of qualifications in different countries and different employers – a prerequisite for a successful professional realization.


An international conference on the subject ‘Applied Psychology in Bulgaria – opportunities and perspectives’ was opened today, 19th June 2009 at VFU ‘Chernorizets Hrabar’. For the eighth year in succession the academic team of the professional area ‘Psychology’ gathered the professional elite from around the country. 4 professors, 18 associate professors, 9 PhDs, 8 doctoral students, 17 specialists and 8 students are presenting papers in the scientific forum. For three days they will lead discussions in two sections. The scientific research in the first section involves topical problems of school and social psychology, ethnopsychology and psychology of the culture. Analyses in the area of psycho diagnostics, clinical psychology and consultative psychology, psychology of security and behaviour in extreme situations are discussed in the second section. Scientists from nine Bulgarian universities, the Bulgarian Academy of Science and specialists from different institutions take part in the forum. Students from the speciality Psychology at VFU ‘Chernorizets Hrabar’ are actively involved, too.


More than 4800 are the applicants for the specialities at VFU ‘Chernorizets Hrabar’ who have sat for an exam during the week (15th – 19th June). The first and the only university in Bulgaria which was awarded the European quality label for education ‘DS Label’ is again among the most preferred higher education institutions in the upcoming academic year. Among the most desired specialities are ‘Law’ and ‘Architecture’ for the Master’s educational and qualification degree. For the Bachelor’s degree the greatest interest is towards the specialities ‘Protection of National Security’, ‘Public Administration’, ‘Structural Engineering’ and ‘Space Design’, as well as towards the newest ones: ‘International Marketing’, ‘Finance and Accounting’, the two areas of the speciality ‘Computer Science’: ‘Computer Networks and Systems’ and ‘Applied Information Technologies’, and the areas of the speciality ‘International Relations’: ‘International Law’, ‘Eurointegration’ and ‘Diplomacy and Politics’.
The greatest number of applicants gathered the exams in Essay writing on a socially important topic, History of Bulgaria, Bulgarian Language and Literature, Mathematics.


In the period 24th-26th June 2009 the non-profit association ‘Varna Free University Association’ will carry out a three-day training seminar for representatives of the nongovernmental organizations and local authorities. During the training the following topics will be presented: ‘Communication Skills’ and ‘How to work with the European Institutions’ The seminar will be carried out under project ‘Capacity Development of the Nongovernmental Sector for Effective Partnership with the Local Administration’ under the Operational Programme Administrative Capacity.
The project is co-financed by the European social fund and totals up to 185, 554.64 lv.


A seminar to present the opportunities for VFU to take part in the project ENOVER (European network for video training) was carried out on 9th June 2009 in hall 1 of the Technological Institute of Varna Free University. A video line technology of Polycom was presented by making a video bridge between VFU and the University of Ostrava. The event was organized together with the Department of Informatics and the Technological Institute within the frames of the Academy for Computer Leadership of VFU ‘Chernorizets Hrabar’.


The first and the only international conference Space in the European Architecture – tradition and novelty was organized from the 3rd to 5th June 2009 in the Balchik Palace under the patronage of Prof. Stephan Danailov – the Minister of Culture of the Republic of Bulgaria and Prof. DSc. Anna Nedyalkova – Rector of Varna Free University ‘Chernorizets Hrabar’. It is a continuation and development of the traditional conference of the Faculty of Architecture in Varna Free University ‘Chernorizets Harbar’ – ‘Architecture, construction – Modern Times’.
Representatives of 12 university and scientific centres from around the country and from abroad and leading construction companies presented over 50 scientific papers in the area of architecture, urban planning, design for the architecture, landscape architecture, preservation of the cultural and historical heritage and bioarchitecture.
Eminent representatives of academic communities and active architects from Italy, Germany, Serbia and Iran, such as Prof. DSc. Giuseppe Longhi – a professor in Urbanism in the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Architecture of Venice, Italy; Angelo Grasso from Rome, Italy, the President of CECODHAS – the European Liaison Committee for Social Housing; Prof. Dr. Arch. Masud Esmailow, a member of the Association of Sustainable Planning Green House and lecturer at the University of Architecture of Venice; Prof. Dr. Arch. Mikela de Polli from the University of Architecture of Venice, Italy; the professor in Economics, Management and Inovations – Marcus Lempa, a lecturer at the University of Economics in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia; Prof. Vladimir Mako, a philosopher and art expert, Dean of the Faculty of Architecture at the State University, Beograd, Serbia and Prof. Arch. Milanka Brakovich from the Union University in Beograd, Serbia all delivered lectures .

The attention was focused on an eternal topic – Space in Architecture and the Modern World.
Bulgaria - an heir of the achievements of Thracians, Ancient Greeks and Romans as a nation has reached its peak in the Medieval and Renaissance Architecture and has good reasons and is responsible for transferring the historical tradition in the present, for defending the achieved and for developing it.
For a third year in concession the Faculty of Architecture at VFU ‘Chernorizets Hrabar’ works on the subject of Bioarchitecture - the Sustainable Architecture whose topicality and importance take one of the first places in the world in the last years. The stability is not limited to energy expenses reduction; it is also connected with the ancient philosophy for harmony between humans and nature.
The mission of VFU to prepare specialists - architects and engineers is to a great extend an attempt to protect and develop cultural values together with the applied most modern methods of construction.


‘I am impressed by what I see as a development, as facilities and as academic achievements. I understood that Varna Free University would be the first university in Bulgaria with an official accreditation for the credits approved by the European Union (Diploma Supplement Label). If there is one area in which we can say that it is important for Bulgaria to develop and to go ahead, we will probably reject all others but education’, this is what the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria Ivailo Kalfin in his public lecture under the title ‘European Membership of Bulgaria – results and perspectives’ on 29th May 2009 at VFU ‘Chernorizets Hrabar’.

On the meeting Mr. Kalfin was accompanied by the Minister of Economy and Energy Peter Dimitrov. After the lecture of the Minister of Foreign Affairs they both answered a lot of questions of lecturers and students.
Some of the topics discussed during the discussion were: clear national positions and interests, how Bulgaria can gain prestige in the European Union, how the EU funds were put into use, students loans.
Minister Kalfin declared that by the end of 2009 Bulgaria will continue to put into use the Pre-Accession Assistance and then will enter a new stage in the cooperation with countries from the European Council.

‘The Bulgarian person has to have self-esteem. The relations with the European Union are not worked out only by Ministers, Prime Ministers and European MPs but by all of us. The European Union is a complex structure in which there exists cooperation between universities and Varna Free University is one of the most active universities within the frames of the university cooperation in Europe. There is a cooperation of municipalities, regions, separate sectors in the economy, of countries and as such this is a whole set of cooperation opportunities. What is really important is to defend our national values and interests. And in these national goals and national interests everyone to coordinate their efforts‘.
The Minister of Economy and Energy Peter Dimitrov concluded that being Europeans the problems of the new member-countries of the European Union are our common problems and they will be solved only if we develop fast which is what happens in the last ten years on the Balkans.

Before the beginning of the lecture the Rector of VFU ‘Chernorizets Hrabar’ Prof. DSc. Anna Nedyalkova awarded the two ministers the university’s golden badge of honour. After that the guests were acquainted with the renewed facilities, the newly opened Russian centre and in the new Educational and Sport Complex the Minister of the Foreign Affairs was given a volley ball by a representative of the Sports Club at Varna Free University.