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For the ninth consecutive year the Faculty of Law at Varna Free University held a summer scientific session

The summer scientific session of the Faculty of Law at Varna Free University took place for the ninth consecutive year and presented topical scientific issues in the field of law and security. Part of the forum was also the 17th edition of the International Scientific Conference "Applied Psychology: Opportunities and Prospects".

The scientific forum presented a total of 47 papers in the three thematic areas. It included representatives of 7 Bulgarian universities, the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and universities from Israel, Kazakhstan, Poland, Serbia, Russia and Ukraine.




 "Over the last 9 years, more than 1,500 scientists and students from 17 countries took part in the summer scientific session", said Prof. Dr. Petar Hristov, Dean of the  Faculty of Law at Varna Free University. 



The participants in the summer scientific session were welcomed by the Deputy Mayor of Varna municipality Mr. Peycho Peychev on behalf of the mayor of Varna - Mr. Ivan Portnih. Mr Peychev claimed that although Varna Free University is one of the youngest Bulgarian universities, its success, significance and achievements leave behind universities with a much longer history. Mr Peychev expressed confidence that the topics to be discussed during the two conferences will get their reflection in the public life of the country and the region.





Prof. D.Sc. Anna Nedyalkova, the President of VFU "Chernorizets Hrabar", opened the summer scientific session of the Faculty of Law at Varna Free University with the plenary paper "Global Problems of Modern Age and Their Influence on Law and Security". She welcomed the participants and wished them a pleasant and fruitful participation in the summer scientific session.


"I want to congratulate colleagues on their consistency and orderliness in the development of this forum as one of the sources of new ideas and new challenges for both science and education and for the practice that follows these new achievements", she said.


The President of Varna Free University presented a plenary paper which united the three scientific areas - law, security and psychology and which she defined as a challenge and risk. "Ultimately, globalization now, with all its asymmetries and deviations, has turned into an antisocial phenomenon that sends man to the theater of absurdity", said Prof. Nedyalkova. 





In her plenary paper, she commented on the challenges of the 21st century as a clear demonstration of the contradictory nature of man, the lack of interaction between knowledge and information, and the deformation of values. Prof. Nedyalkova justified the new understandings and the need for a new interpretation of human rights with the violation of the social contract and the transformations imposed by the Fourth Industrial Revolution.


The summer scientific session continued with the two conferences: "The Right to Security" and "Applied Psychology - Opportunities and Perspectives" , including a wide range of topics such as "Regional Security in the Context of the Bulgarian EU Presidency"; "Digital Economy and Cyber Security Challenges"; "Innovation of the Educational Product in Security Training"; "Social Psychology, Ethno psychology and Psychology of Culture and Religions"; "Organizational Psychology, Psychology of Marketing, Advertising and PR"; "Clinical Psychology and Consulting Practice"; "School Psychology and Developmental Psychology"; "Psychology of Security and Behaviour in Extreme Situations", etc.






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