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Master's program in Tax and Customs Controls - a partnership for a high-level professionalism

It was announced at a press conference held in Smolyan today that Master's program in Tax and Customs Controls for the academic year 2017/2018 would be officially launched on 2 September (Saturday) 2017 at 9:00 am at the Smolyan Branch of Varna Free University "Chernorizets Hrabar".  


It was attended by the President of Varna Free University - Prof. Anna Nedyalkova, D.Sc., the  District Governor of Smolyan region - Mr. Nedyalko Slavov, the managers of the MA program - Anelia Parzhanova, PhD and Assoc. Prof. Iva Moneva, PhD, the  Dean of the Faculty of Law - Prof. Petar Hristov, PhD, students and representatives of the media in the region.



One of the priorities of the university is related to the provision of up-to-date curricula, meeting the contemporary requirements and demand by business and government structures as a measure of keeping young people in Bulgaria and overcoming the negative demographic trends. The creation of the master's program in Tax and Customs Controls is of great importance here - in Smolyan. It is part of the mission of Varna Free University to contribute to the development of the key priorities of the Rhodope Region, in line with the innovative strategy for smart specialization. As a result of the established sustainable partnership with the local government and local administration, the first class of the master's program has laid a solid foundation that builds up a valuable professional capacity and expertise. The enrolled students in the master’s program for the academic year 2017/2018 are more than 100. This was made possible with the support of the district governor of Smolyan region, Mr. Nedyalko Slavov and his team, as well as the mayors of municipalities in the region. 



Proof of the significance of the master's program in Tax and Customs Controls and its contribution to the sustainable development of this area in the region is the support of the Director of the Customs Agency Mr. Georgi Kostov and the General Secretary of the Agency, Mr. Tsvetan Madanski, who will attend the event. The master's program in Tax and Customs Controls will be launched in the presence of the President of Varna Free University - Prof. Anna Nedyalkova, D.Sc. and the Dean of the Faculty of Law - Prof. Peter Hristov, PhD.


The aim of the training is to prepare quality staff to meet the increased demands of the labor market in the field of tax and customs controls through a well-structured and meaningful curriculum, quality training (teaching and learning), resource provision and continuous contact with experts from the practising profession.


The stated social need of this kind of staff, the variety of methods and approaches of training, the interdisciplinary content, the training in a real environment and the familiarization with the specifics and problems in the work of Plovdiv Customs, Bourgas NRA, Customs Burgas, Malko Tarnovo BCP, Cap. Andreevo BCP as well as the presence of lecturers who are leading scientists and experts in their fields are among the main competitive advantages of the master's program. The education is an opportunity for a prospective career development in Smolyan region.


In the context of the importance of tax and customs controls issues and the practical aspects of the training, the program will start with a discussion on Tax and Customs Controls - Professionalism for High Efficiency. It will include students, lecturers as well as representatives of the management of the Customs Agency.


Two of the students in the master's program in Tax and Customs Controls brought forward their views during the press conference.


Sofia Fidanova, geologist, curator of the Crystals Museum in Madan: "This program introduced us to, taught and prepared us to be useful in the sphere of economics, finance, accounting, commercial and financial law, tax and customs controls. I believe that through the lectures and the placements we have been given a start, a good start and helpful guidelines related to our professional development in the field of tax and customs control.


I want to share that most of the training has been through role-plays, case studies and projects that were presented by professionals in an accessible and very interesting way. Through the placement, we were introduced to the activities of the customs in Plovdiv, Bourgas, Malko Tarnovo and I want to thank the instructors who accompanied and gave us the opportunity to get to know the essence of the subject closely, to see how one business day runs in these services. Be always responsive, both as good professionals and as good-hearted and real people."



Desislava Konova, accountant and partner in several companies in Sofia: "Being a student is both a challenge and a privilege. I am one of the people who think that after graduating from our university and starting to work, we must not stop learning, developing and perfecting in such an intensely changing world.


My choice to be a student at VFU is a natural result of many years of searching for answers to questions: What else do I want to achieve? How can I do that? Is that my way? What can I do for myself and the people I am together with and for whom I work?


The master's program in Tax and Customs Controls is the challenge that I embraced with both hands and I do not regret. For one year in the Master's program, I managed to raise my level of competence and, at the same time, received inner satisfaction, finding the answers I was looking for. The knowledge I received thanks to the lecturers, the practical advice and the subtleties which I learned by the experts gave me more confidence, self-esteem and many new ideas. VFU is a university that gives incredible freedom to its students. The wonderful lecturers and experts we meet during the training, the good facilities, the opportunity to participate in seminars, master classes and conferences, the placements that are organized - are just some of the wonderful conditions the university offers, but each of it is up to us to decide whether and how much to take advantage of them.


The placements and the master classes are something very precious for us. An opportunity to see how things really happen. To ask questions without worrying and what is most important, to get competent answers.


We, the students, receive incredible support and respect from the entire VFU team. Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of VFU - Smolyan Branch."




More information:


The master's program in Tax and Customs Controls of VFU "Chernorizets Hrabar" offers opportunities for prospective career development in the region of Smolyan.The main purpose of the training is to theoretically prepare the students for the practical problems related to the functioning of the customs and tax administration in the field where it exercises control.



A variety of training methods and approaches are implemented, including multimedia presentation of the lecture material, online support content, discussions, teamwork, role-playing, case solving, co-teaching with expertsfrom the practising profession, training in real environment, etc.



Part of the team of the master’s program in Tax and Customs Controls are leading scientists and experts in their fields:


Prof. Anna Nedyalkova, D.Sc. - President of Varna Free University, a scientist with undoubted international prestige, promoting high standards in Bulgarian education. She is one of the leading scientists and researchers on globalization issues.





Prof. Emil Panushev, PhD – leading lecturer in the field of taxation and customs policy of the European Union; part of the team of the Institute for Economic Research of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.





Prof. Yosif Iliev, D.Sc, one of Bulgaria's leading experts in human resources management, with remarkable practical experience in organizing, coordinating and motivating teams and organizations.





Assoc. Prof. Dr. Krasimir Nedyalkov, Vice President of Varna Free University "Chernorizets Hrabar" participates in the development of national and international projects in the field of tourism and event management, the development of the capacity of the non-governmental sector for effective partnership with the local administration, clusters of competence, technology parks and stimulating student entrepreneurship, as well as many other projects related to university management.



Assoc. Prof. Christian Tanushev, PhD - Expert in financial analysis, business valuation and cash flow management - Chairman of the Securities and Stock Exchange Commission and Economic Director of University National Cardiology Hospital – EAD.





Assoc. Prof. Iva Moneva, PhD, Head of the master's program in Tax and Customs Controls - lecturer with extensive practical experience in the field of accounting and financial audit.






Lecturer in the program is also the Secretary General of the Customs Agency - Tsvetan Madanski. "I am not here as Secretary-General, I am here as your lecturer. Here I am to give you knowledge. I want you to be rich with knowledge and self-esteem at the end of this course, "said Madanski at the start of the master's program in September 2016.

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