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Master's Program in Management of Cultural Tourism



The development and offering of the cultural and historical heritage "vested" in an attractive package for tourism consumption must be balanced with responsibility and the necessary seriousness with regard to history and national values. The global nature of tourism has created a series of challenges for many communities; therefore our country needs trained specialists in the field of cultural tourism management. The aim of the master's program in Management of Cultural Tourism, launched at Varna Free University, is to create the necessary staff to work to preserve local identities while at the same time meet the  expectations of tourists in terms of quality and standards. The balance between socio-cultural needs and economic challenges is important.


The master's program offers the opportunity for a high level of professional training for all who wish to qualify as specialists in this particular segment of the tourism industry.


The knowledge and skills acquired outside the university can be certified and equalized to a number of educational credits. Within the program, the students develop and promote new tourism products under the guidance of leading in the industry scientists and experts.


Prof. Nikolay Ovcharov, PhD - Head of the master’s program in MANAGEMENT OF CULTURAL TOURISM:




Cultural tourism has gained great speed in Bulgaria in recent years. This is no wonder because we are among the three countries with the most cultural and historical monuments in Europe, along with Greece and Italy. We know what they have done with their monuments, and we are currently working so we can do the same. That is why such sites as Perperikon, such as Tatul, such as the Valley of the Thracian Kings, are of great importance, and the Bulgarian capitals on one hand to be discovered by archaeologists of course, but it is very important to be advertised, promoted, to create the necessary organization to become sites of cultural and historical tourism. Naturally one of the most important issues is the management of cultural and historical tourism because we are talking about a huge business that will develop in Bulgaria. Thus, in this sense, the idea of ​​Varna Free University to design a master's program in MANAGEMENT OF CULTURAL TOURISM, which started in the autumn of 2017, is extremely interesting, and I will not hide that I also participated in it. This will be the first program in Bulgaria. Of course, cultural and historical tourism is considered in different places, in different forms in the Bulgarian universities, but so purposefully that it enters a master's program is done for the first time. Although you can call me partial, I am convinced that this is extremely important for the future of the Bulgarian economy.


Assoc. Prof. Rumen Draganov, PhD - Director of the Institute for Analyses and Assessments in Tourism, lecturer in the master’s program in MANAGEMENT OF CULTURAL TOURISM:




In my view, it is extremely important to create staff capable of working at different managerial levels in the state and municipal administration due to the newly emerging situation in tourism after the creation of the Ministry of Tourism and the various services related to tourism in the municipal administrations. We are experiencing a shortage of staff capable of working both on European projects and projects that are related to the development of the national sustainable tourism program and in line with the 2030 strategy recently adopted by the tourist community.The participants in the master's program will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the whole range of management tools required for the staff working in the state and municipal administration, starting from the documents themselves for entry into this administration, the development of concepts and programs related to tourism.


The training in the master's program is three semesters within 12 months. Candidates take an entrance examination - an interview. For more information:


e-mail: pavleta_vfu@abv.bg

telephone: (+359) 52 359 572

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