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New job opportunities for graduates of the master’s degree programs in Digital Marketing and Digital Marketing and Web Design at Varna Free University

The official opening of the "Summer of Search" initiative of 411 Marketing EOOD was launched by Varna Free University. 411 Marketing Company is a fast growing internet advertising agency founded in 2007, specialized in web design, mobile and online marketing, as well as specialized optimization for search engines.


The job opportunities in the campaign, which opens twenty-five new job positions for young people under the age of 29, were presented to the students of the two master's degree programs in Digital Marketing and Digital Marketing and Web Design.


The Masters of the two programs are highly sought after for such positions as training in this area has not yet reached the levels of demand for IT specialists. The Digital Marketing and Digital Marketing and Web Design Masters programs aim to prepare highly qualified, modern thinking and competitive web developers in the field of online marketing.



The program in Digital Marketing is designed for people with a bachelor's degree in economics who want to develop in the IT sector dynamics. The program in Digital Marketing is designed for Bachelors of Informatics and Informatics and Computer Science. Within the framework of their training they acquire fundamental knowledge and skills in the design, development, optimization, implementation and maintenance of web applications necessary for the successful creative individual and team work.


The two master’s degree programs were created as a result of contacts with the online marketing companies - 411 Marketing, First Online Solutions, Sales Promotions. They focus on the in-depth study of both digital marketing and modern web technologies that implement web solutions for marketing purposes.


When developing projects during their training, the students have the opportunity to work with business representatives to build web applications with adaptive design. Most of them do not meet the 411 Marketing Company for the first time. The partnership between the company and Varna Free University includes a number of joint initiatives, the participation of experts in the training in both master's degree programs and internships of students in the campaign. Some of the graduates of the program have already received a long-term employment proposal for 411 Marketing Company.


by ВСУ Черноризец Храбър