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Korean journalists visited Varna Free University

A delegation headed by the President of the JournalistsAssociation of Korea, JungKyusung visited Varna Free University "Chernorizets Hrabar". The group also included JungYeongpal- auditor at Journalists Association of Korea, ChoiKyung Chul - President of Daegu-Kyeongbuk Journalists Association, ParkSeok Ho - TV journalist and auditor at the Association, ChoJaekil – Deputy Head of the Association of Economic Affairs and LeeYoung Jae– Director of External Cooperation of Journalists Association of Korea.



The Dean of the Faculty of International Economics and Administration - Assoc. Prof. Eleonora Tankova, PhD presented to the guests the opportunities for training, the international partnerships, the advantages and the structure of Varna Free University.



The head of the delegation and President of Journalists Association of Korea, ChoiKyung Chulintroduced the hosts to some of the priorities in the organization's work, and stressed that men in Korea are dominating the journalism profession, with a ratio of 70:30 in their favour. Only 1-2 % are women occupying leading positions in the media, predominantly in positions of chief and deputy chief editors.



10,000 are the members of the Journalists Association of Korea, divided in 182 local organizations. The highest position in the Association is the President, with a 5-year mandate. The membership fee is about $ 10 a month, and the budget is supplemented by the editions of the Association that is registered as a non-profit organization.



"One of the main problems in Korea is the fake news," the members of the delegation who represent different media, explained,. "This problem can not be solved only by theJournalists Association, so every media has its own standards for solving it. The individual media meet, discuss and share experience," saidLeeYoung Jae – Director of External Cooperation of Journalists Association of Korea.



A special group dealing with the discovery of "fake news" was set up during the presidential election. But one of the main ways to deal with this problem is the immediate response of the individuals affected by it, he said.


The Korean guests had an interesting discussion with students of the master’s degree programs in Advertising and PR in Business Management and Marketing and Public Relations in Education, Science and Culture.




by ВСУ Черноризец Храбър