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Master’s degree students of Varna Free University with first place in the International Architectural Contest "Restoration and Sustainable Construction"

The team of the master’s degree program in Preservation of Cultural Heritage - Arch. Anna Dimitrova and Eng. Galina Chernaeva - Gonova won the first place and the special award

of Varna Free University in the International Architectural Contest "Restoration and Sustainable Construction".



The presentation and awarding of the student projects took place on 17 June at Varna Free University.




The project proposals are for restoration of a building - a monument of culture - "The Sad House with the Beautiful Roses", located in the historical center of Varna, 117 Primorski Blvd., in close proximity to the Festival and Congress Center.



The house is well-known to the citizens of Varna with its huge rose bushes, blooming every summer. It was built in 1903 in the Secession style. There are three facades; the one with the richest ornamentation which faces "Primorski" Blvd is the main one.



A day earlier, the teams met with the owners of the building - subject of the contest and with the chief architect of Varna Victor Buzev.

I would like to express my gratitude to the young architects, who have put so much diligence and effort and love to do this task, said Mrs. Tsvetanka Spasova, one of the owners of the house.

The second place, the special award of the mayor of Varna and the honorary label of the Municipality of Varna, received the team of the Moscow Architectural Institute (MARHI), Russia - Nikita Guryianov (third-year student of Architecture) and Georgiy Florov (fourth-year student of Architecture) headed by Prof. Valeriy Aurov.



The third place was won by the team of the fourth-year students of architecture at Varna Free University - Raymon Giragosyan, Desita Yordanova and Kristian Yanakov.



The contest is part of the work of the Student Laboratory "Varna - City for People", founded at the instigation of the President of the University, Prof. Anna Nedyalkova, D.Sc. in partnership with the mayor of the city, Mr. Ivan Portnih.




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