About VFU "Chernorizets Hrabar"

Varna Free University became a center of architectural and construction thought

On 1 June, 2017, was the opening of the 8th International Architecture and Construction Conference ArCivE 2017 which aroused great interest among the members of the construction and architectural guild. The conference was organized by the Faculty of Architecture of Varna Free University. The official start of the event was given by the Vice-Rector for Scientific Research of VFU "Chernorizets Hrabar" - Prof. Pavel Pavlov, PhD.



 The forum was attended by Mr. Yani Yanev - Vice President of Varna Free University, Acad. Yachko Ivanov - Chairman of the Scientific and Technical Union of Construction in Bulgaria, Prof. Arch. Borislav Borisov, PhD - Rector of the Higher Construction School "Lyuben Karavelov", Senior Commissioner Krasimir Shotarov - Director of the Operational Activities at General Directorate "Fire Safety and Population Protection" -MI, Arch. Victor Buzev - Chief Architect of Varna Municipality, Assoc. Prof. Rozalina Dimova – Vice Chairman of the  Management Board of the Territorial Organization of Scientific and Technical Unions in Varna, representatives of companies and professional organizations in the field of architecture and construction, scientists, lecturers and students.



After the busy day in the sections, the participants exchanged thoughts and ideas in a friendly atmosphere. A special scholarship was also established by the Chamber of Engineers in Investment Design for students of excellence.



The second day of the conference started with a Student Scientific Session in which 8 student papers at an extremely professional level were presented. Within the session the following papers stood out: the paper by Georgi Vasilev, third-year student majoring in Construction of Buildings and Facilities - "Emergency Strengthening of the Temple St. Cyril and St. Methodius in Burgas" and the paper by Stefan Vasilev, fourth-year student majoring in "Construction of Buildings and Facilities" entitled "Underwater laying of PVC geocomposite on the water slope of Studena dam ".



The conference continued with a scientific and practical seminar on "Sustainable Construction for a Sustainable Future". Representatives of Devnya Cement, KNAUF, MAPAI and Ecophon, partners of the Faculty of Architecture at Varna Free University, took part in it.



The 8th International Architecture and Construction Conference ArCivE 2017 closed with the official awarding of certificates to the participants.


by ВСУ Черноризец Храбър