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The masterclass on "International Relations and Information Policies" started with enormous interest


Over 100 students and lecturers from 9 Bulgarian universities and representatives of different spheres of business and social life took part in the masterclass on "International Relations and Information Policies" with lecturer Prof. Evgeniy Mihailovich Kozhokin, Vice-Rector of the Moscow State Institute for International Relations.




On behalf of the academic management of Varna Free University, the forum was opened by Prof. Pavel Pavlov, Vice-Rector for Scientific Research



According to Prof. Kozhokin the topics selected by Varna Free University are complex and interesting. He shared his satisfaction with his visit to Varna Free University and the great interest in the organized masterclass.



The masterclass started with the topic of "Clash of Civilizations and National Identity". Professor Kozhokin talked about the past and present, about changing the mass consciousness and the different points of view - of political scientists, sociologists and historians, as well as about the challenges of new technologies. According to him today, we are hostages to the information space and obey global information resources, which in some sense leads to a loss of national identity.



The lecturer also dealt with the different concepts of the term "civilization." Within the framework of the event, which will last until 2 June, the topics related to the migration and demographic processes in Europe and Eurasia, terrorism and the Islamic Revolution as well as the problems of modern liberalism will be considered.



Kozhokin is one of the popular names in Russia. Besides professor, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Vice-Rector of the Moscow State Institute for International Relations,  Member of the Committee of the Supreme Council on Defense and Security Issues, and the Constitutional Committee of the Russian Federation, Kozhokin is a writer, director and producer. In 2016, his documentary "Russians and Georgians" was released.The participants in the masterclass and the guests of Varna Free University will be able to see it on 2 June at Aula Maxima after the public lecture of Prof. Kozhokin on "Foreign Policy Priorities of Russia ".


by ВСУ Черноризец Храбър