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Presentation of the book written by Prof. Todor Balkanski and Dr. Dimitar Marinov: "Simeon Atanasov - the pioneer in the Onomastic space of Dobrudja and something more ..."

On April 26, 2017 at VFU "Chernorizets Hrabar" the last book of Prof. D Sc. Todor Balkanski and Dr. Dimitar Marinov: "Simeon Atanasov - the Pioneer in the Onomastic Space of Dobrudja and something more ...", Veliko Tarnovo, 2017 was presented. The event was organized by the Department of Foreign Languages, the University Library and the Russian Center.



At the very beginning of the event, Prof. Dr. G. Shamonina, Director of the Department of Foreign Languages, introduced the audience to some short biographical data about the two authors. She paid attention to the fact that Prof. T. Balkanski is a leading Bulgarian onomastic scholar of our time, and Dr. D. Marinov is his student, also an onomastic scholar, who has many scientific publications. Since 2014, he has been a lecturer in Bulgarian as a foreign language at VFU.


  The book was presented by Svetoslav Adjelemarski, an expert from the Historical Museum, Provadia. He is a long-standing, prominent explorer of the Onomastics in the Varna region. Sv. Adjelemarski presented 29 names of Bulgarian and foreign onomastic scholars, who have been involved with the study of the settlement names in Varna. He pointed out that for the first time in the Bulgarian science, the topic about the role and place of Simeon Atanasov, Hristo Milev and Dimitar Ralchov in the history of Bulgarian onomastics is raised more extensively in the work of his colleagues Balkanski and Marinov - "Simeon Atanasov. The Pioneer in the Onomastic Space of Dobrudja and something more".



The presenter of the book talks also about some gaps in the work, including the technical imperfections in making the body of the book.


 Once engaged in the written word, the two authors will probably work in that direction for as long as they have the opportunity. Sv. Adjelerski expressed his hope that he would soon read a serious study about the toponymy of Varna by Dr. Dimitar Marinov as an author or a co-author.


 Interesting opinions about the presented scientific work were expressed by some of the guests - Prof. R. Yordanova, S. Atanasova, Hr. Botev, B. Dryanovski and others. curious issues were also discussed, to which D. Marinov responded with facts from the monograph.


 A photo was taken and Dr. D. Marinov signed books at the end of the event.


by ВСУ Черноризец Храбър