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Varna Free University nominated for yet another Varna award for science and higher education


The expert commission proposes for award in the field of social sciences the bachelor’s degree programs implemented in partnership with the Norwegian Business School



Three nominations for individual awards and four - for collective in the field of science and higher education announced the expert commission for presenting the traditional Varna award.


A scientific team, headed by Prof. Teodora Bakardzhieva, PhD was nominated for the new Bulgarian-Norwegian educational programs at VFU Chernorizets Hrabar in partnership with the Norwegian Business School - one of the most prestigious European universities which offer training in economics and administration. The Training in International Business and Finance is conducted in English and the students have the opportunity to study in Norway within the fourth year of their studies. An international team of lecturers and experts has been set up to teach in the programs, and students receive two diplomas.  


The Higher School of Management has nominated for an individual award in the same category Prof. Stanislav Ivanov - because of his outstanding scientific productivity, which puts him in the first place in the country among the lecturers in the field of tourism by number of publications in reputable international scientific journals.


In the field of humanities, Prof. Veselin Peev has been nominated for individual award. The nomination is for his overall research, teaching and curative activities in the field of dental implantology, as well as for the establishment and management of the first university-based medical-dental center at the Medical University in Varna.


The Public Health Faculty of the Medical University has been nominated for the collective award for the development and introduction of three new specialties - "Protection and Control of Public Health", "Logopedia" and "Optometrist".


There is no proposal for an individual award winner for science. The team nomination is for the scientific team of Assoc. Prof. Georgi Kirov, Senior Asst. Lyubomir Kamburov and Asst. Georgi Chervenkov from the Union of Scientists in Bulgaria for excellence in patent activities and a significant international scientific contribution.


In 2016, the highest recognition in the city –Varna award for contribution in the field of social sciences was received by  the President of the Varna Free University "Chernorizets Hrabar", Prof. Anna Nedyalkova, D.Sc. head of the team that developed the Smart Future Digital Educational Platform.

by ВСУ Черноризец Храбър