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A Competition Breathes New Life into an Architectural Gem in the City of Varna


The competition is organizedVarna Free University within the Student Laboratory "Varna – a City for the People" made at the instigation of the President of the University Prof. D.Sc. Anna Nedyalkova in partnership with the Mayor Mr. Ivan Portnih.


 Source: Moreto.net


Future architects and designers from local and foreign universities will be invited to propose options for restoration of a beautiful old house on 117 Promorski boulevard in the heart of Varna.  The student Laboratory "Varna – a Cityfor thePeople" will look for young and innovative professionals to design beautiful and useful options for the building, located near the Festival complex. This became clear at a Forum for immovable cultural heritage and national energy efficiency strategy held in Yunashki hall, a reporter from Moreto.net informed. The house, which was completed in 1905 was owned by Colonel Miltiyad Zhelezov. It is Secession in style with specific and richly decorated facades. The task assignment for its renovation is part of an international competition, which will start in March and will finish in May this year. Proposals for planting the space around the main entrance of the Sea Garden and the areas around the Sea casino, Radio Varna, the Rotunda and the Rock Garden.

The competition is organized by the Varna Free University on the initiative of the Mayor Ivan Portnih and the President of the university Prof. Anna Nedyalkova. It is part of a four-year plan for the Marine capital to realize the palette of projects, offering creative and unconventional ideas to achieve aesthetics of the urban environment, said Prof. Atanas Kovachev, an Associated Member of the Academy of Science and Dean of the Faculty of Architecture at Varna Free University.


According to him, in the future with the help of the chief architect proposals for planting parks, schools, kindergartens and other public spaces and buildings, including monuments of culture will be sought. Organizers hope to get students of architecture from Varna, Bulgaria as well as Russia, Romania, Italy and Turkey interested. They will rely on the Bulgarian Council for Sustainable Development and the Union of Architects, the Chamber of Architects and the Chamber of Engineers in Investment Design.


Heritage is an important part of the urban environment; in Varna there area lot of old buildings that are crumbling and in need of a new life. The pilot project for conservation, restoration and sustainable development of immovable cultural heritage in the central part of the city will aim to subsequently find mechanisms for restoration and reconstruction of selected sites.


"Recently in Varna we can find a bad tendency to demolish old buildings. So maybe there should be a regulation or a methodology for investors, contractors and designers for their preservation and restoration", said the chief architect Victor Buzev. He welcomed the idea for our country to have a National Strategy for Energy Efficiency of immovable cultural heritage, adding that the initiative is ambitious but inevitable.

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