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Students aestheticise the urban environment in Varna

Students of Varna Free University - future architects, engineers and designers will develop various projects for the improvement of the pedestrian zones, subways and some landmark buildings in the city. With this idea they launch a student laboratory, named "Varna - City for People."


"VFU students prove their social commitment to our city and are ready to put their professionalism and creativity to transform Varna into a city for people," said the President of Varna Free University, Prof. Anna Nedyalkova, D. Sc. who was the initiator of the student laboratory. 


At the end of last week, the students discussed their ideas with the chief architect of the city and representatives of the regional authority. The meeting also identified problem areas in the city such as subways, gullies and pedestrian areas on which future architects, engineers and designers can make plans for change.




"There must be a continual renewal at least of the pedestrian areas, i.e. sidewalks, pavements, green spaces. All this creates a complex impact on human psychology," said Martin Lazarov – architecture student at VFU" Chernorizets Hrabar ".


According to the students and their lecturers, more public spaces should be tailored to the needs of the people in Varna. "Our idea is to work on the quality of the environment that surrounds us. To making the city better place for people rather than for cars," said Assoc. Prof. Eng. Milena Kichekova, PhD - Head of the Department of Construction of Buildings and Structures at VFU" Chernorizets Hrabar ".


On a specially created Facebook page of the student laboratory, the young people will gather ideas and suggestions from citizens about how they would like Varna to look like.

by ВСУ Черноризец Храбър