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Assoc. Prof. Galina Momcheva, VFU "Chernorizets Hrabar": The focus of training to develop electronic editions lies on the knowledge of the business model

The focus of training to develop electronic publications, which VFU “Chernorizets Hrabar” offers lies on the knowledge of the business model. It was said by Assoc. Prof. Galina Momcheva, Head of the Department of Informatics and Economics in an interview for Focus Radio. "It should be pointed out that in all our trainings related to various degrees and majors, we emphasize the fact that the knowledge of business model is fundamental. In this regard we want the participants who we educate to gain such a degree of maturity in order to be able to know this type of industry and its possibilities so that they can optimally benefit from it. The students have to be able to do things like print on demand, self-publishing in order to be able to establish new businesses for publishing houses, libraries, community centres, museums, apart from the former experience in terms of universities and textbooks, "explained Assoc. Prof. Momcheva. She said that in the national documents in the country there are such priorities for electronic textbooks in all subjects in both secondary and primary education, and that is why they are ready to meet this need.

    6 months is the duration of training for the development of electronic editions, which Varna Free University “Chernorizets Hrabar” offers. Assoc. Prof. Momcheva said also in the interview that the specialization fully complies with state requirements. "Graduates of this specialization will receive a certificate of qualification and the training will be within six months only at weekends," explained Assoc. Prof. Momcheva. She pointed out that the training begins first in Varna, and then, it is quite likely a group to be created in Sofia. There are also plans such a course to be conducted in distance learning form. "The topics that will be included are associated with current technologies, including themed technology, business platforms, protection of digital content and intellectual property. I think, a lot of aspects are concerned and it is in a positive way, and I believe that we have something to interest anyone, even someone who already works in this area, "said Assoc. Prof. Momcheva.

    According to her, the specialization intended to develop electronic publications exceeds those on paper with their accessibility. "We must bear in mind that people using free digital technologies prefer the e-book," said Assoc. Prof. Momcheva. She refuted the claim that people do not like to read and emphasized that actually they want and they look for options to do so, but by devices and in a new way. "That is why they adopt new technologies and new reading habits added by additional, advanced text and multimedia content," said Assoc. Galina Momcheva.


The specialization starts in room 407 at 2:00 pm on 3 December (Saturday).

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