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Master class on the issues of leadership took place at Varna Free University

    More than 130 participants took part in the master class entitled Leadership and Power in the Modern Organization organized at Varna Free University "Chernorizets Hrabar" at the weekend. The lecturer, Prof. Anatoliy Zankovskiy, D.Sc. is one of the leading specialists in organizational psychology and author of the theory of leadership in the 21st century. He is Head of the Laboratory of Labour Psychology at the Institute of Psychology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and since this year he has been a Director of the Master's degree programme at Varna Free University Leadership in a Global Environment.



    In the crowded auditorium, Prof. Zankovskiy focused on the problems of leadership as a phenomenon and its manifestations in the dynamic and modern environment. He presented the development of the various theories of leadership in historical and organizational plan and commented on the phenomenon of "toxic leadership".



    According to Prof. Zankovskiy, leadership should not be considered outside the context of the power that it has in the modern organization. Organizational power is a purposeful process and with the weakening of power, the centrifugal forces in it, prevail and lead to its destruction.



    Within two days, the lecturer and the attendees at the master class discussed topics related to the resources of power, the examination of the organization as an open system, theRingelmann effect, the Hawthorneexperiments, leadership in the context of power as a basic process of management, social facilitation, and others.



    I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Varna Free University for the invitation to conduct this master class. I am highly impressed by the presence of so many people who were motivated and interested and this made my job really pleasant, said Prof. Anatoliy Zankovskiy, D.Sc. It is obvious that psychological knowledge, particularly in the area of leadership, are sought after by people who want to organize their lives better and I hope that this master class has helped them.



    The theme of leadership, of course, is too extensive and I once again want to emphasize that now such great importance is being attributed to the role of the leader, the approach discussed in the master class – related to the value orientation of the leader is quite topical. Since all we need leaders who can lead us to a higher, positive and humane purposes. Of course, within these two days we can cover all aspects and problems of leadership, but I am sure we will continue our work and will have the opportunity to plan the next master class, which will be dedicated to a greater extent not only to leadership, but also to corporate culture and the personality of the leader as a whole.



    During my previous visit to Varna Free University, I noticed that students here have diverse interests, developed thinking, ideas, One can feel that they have received preparation which is good enough and in this sense I am very pleased to be able to continue working with them also  within the Master's degree programme of Leadership in a Global Environment



    The master class attendees received certificates for their training and shared their gratitude to the lecturer in anticipation of the next meeting with him.




by ВСУ Черноризец Храбър