About VFU "Chernorizets Hrabar"

Representatives of VFU participated in the 10th Assembly of the Russkiy Mir Foundation in Moscow

    In Moscow, 800 delegates from dozens of countries gathered to discuss the current problems of the Russian world during panel and roundtable discussions.



    The panel discussions - "Russia in a Changing World", "The Russian Language: Wealth of Diversity and a Factor for Unity" and the roundtable discussions united the participants in the discussions on thematic issues for the perception of the image of Russia, the problems of the historical memory of the generations, the peculiarities of the work of the Russian language media abroad, the development of new Russian language textbooks and the traditions of the Russian cinema.



    The forum involved famous political and public figures, heads of ministries and departments, representatives of associations of Russians living abroad, heads of Russian centres, university lecturers of the Russian language, textbook writers, scientists, writers, diplomats, clergy, cultural anthropologists, journalists.



    For the first time, the Assembly was preceded by the International Youth Forum entitled "The Generation of Peace", which took place on 2 November. Varna Free University was represented by Kristina Hristova / third-year student, majoring in Choreography/ and Oleksandar Ingor / second-year student majoring in International Relations and Law/ - participants in the VFU student team in the International Student Festival entitled "Friends, how wonderful our union is ", which was held in September this year in our country.



    "Why do people study Russian? Why do students abroad choose Russian as a specialized language? What is their motivation? ". These questions were asked and discussed by the participants in the International Youth Forum entitled "The Generation of Peace". Young people from around the world shared their views on these issues during the roundtable discussion on "I would study Russian only for…" Host of the roundtable discussion was Prof. Galina Shamonina, PhD, Head of the Russian Centre of Varna Free University. "Despite the fact that the majority of young people study Russian with a pragmatic goal - to do business in Russia, I am convinced that it is worthwhile to study Russian as the language of interesting history, civilization and culture. The wonderful language and the depth of the Russian classics continues to attract demanding readers, "- she said in her speech.



    Opinions were expressed by students from different universities around the world where Russian can be studied as one of the European languages. The opinions of students from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Spain, Northern Ireland, England, Norway, Finland and Bulgaria were heard.



  During the forum, the students visited the Rusian State Duma, where the results of the programme "The Generation of Peace" were summarized, and were awarded the finalists of the competitions entitled "Words for us!" and the second International Competition for Young Journalists "Co-Creation". The participants also listened to the public lecture by Prof. Vyacheslav Nikonov, D.Sc., President of the Committee on Education and Science of the State Duma on "Choice of the Future: The Education in the Modern World." During the Youth Forum, there were interesting discussions, lectures and master classes. Within the programme "The Generation of Peace," a numerous festivals for students and youths studying Russian were held in different countries in the world. Days of the Russian language, creative competitions, scientific-practical conferences, schools and others also took place. Declaration for Establishing a World Association of the Young People and Students Studying Russian was voted.

by ВСУ Черноризец Храбър