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276 Bachelors and Masters of the Faculty of International Economics and Administration received their diplomas at a solemn ceremony

276 are the graduates of the Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree programmes of the Faculty of International Economics and Administration who successfully completed their studies.

    The official awarding of higher education diplomas to the graduates from spring session 2016 of the faculty was attended by the President of Varna Free University, Prof. Anna Nedyalkova, D.Sc., the Vice-Rectors for Scientific Research, Pavel Pavlov and for International Affairs,Projects and Technological Development, Prof. Teodora Bakardzhieva, PhD, the Dean of the Faculty of International Economics and Administration, Assoc. Prof. Eleonora Tankova, PhD, the Dean of the   Faculty of Architecture, Corr. mem. Prof. Arch. Atanas Kovachev, D.Sc., the Director of the Foreign Language Teaching Department, Prof. Galina Shamonina, PhD, the Scientific Secretary of the Faculty, Veselina Spasova, PhD and the Heads of the departments, Assoc. Prof. Galina Momcheva, PhD and Assoc. Prof. Maria Velikova, PhD, Assoc. Prof. Vasil Donev, PhD – Executive Director of Sirma Solutions AD and the managing partner of Active - ​​Simeon Simov.



    At a solemn ceremony in Aula Maxima at Varna Free University "Chernorizets Hrabar" diplomas were awarded to 180 Bachelors who majored in Business Administration, Public Administration, International Marketing, Finance and Accounting, International Economic Relations, International Relations and Informatics. 23 were the graduates who have achieved excellent results during their studies.

    Diplomas were awarded also to 96 Masters, who majored in Master’s degree programmes of Management of Projects Funded by the EU, European Administration, Advertising and Public Relations in Business Management, Leadership in a Global Environment, Finance and Accounting, Financial Audit, Marketing and Public Relations in Education, Science and Culture and International Politics and Security. 50 of them have achieved excellent results during their studies as five of them graduate with honours.

    "You are the generation that so briskly absorbs new technologies, new information, new challenges, even the new absurdities of the time and life that accompany us. So, we should think about the new which we carry within ourselves and its capabilities, " said in her opening speech to the graduates, the President of Varna Free University, Prof. Anna Nedyalkova , D.Sc.



    "I would like to say that we expect from now on at least two things. On the one hand you can be the crown jewel of Varna Free University that will spread its fame of preparing quality and thinking people able to cope with the challenges of the times in which we live. On the other hand, we expect more great things from you - to deal with the challenges of the time, to change the life and the environment in which you live, to stand against our generation and change the way of thinking and decision-making ... It turned out that the elements of chaos in the time we live in are more than the elements of order and predictability of this world, but the chaos has one big advantage - it gives freedom of choice. It gives multiple options of choice and you can think, criticize, argue, deny and find your choice. There are two conditions to do so. One of them is to remember that the choice goes along with responsibility, and the other - do not forget that the triad "person - society - technology" leads to development only while they are in balance, in harmony and they respect the highest being on this planet – the human being," pointed out Prof. Nedyalkova.




She awarded the diplomas and certificates of achievement to the Master’s graduates with the highest results.

    "I take it as extreme pride and honour that I can express words of gratitude, appreciation, to convey the sense of pride that the entire academic community feels at this moment," said Assoc. Prof. Eleonora Tankova, PhD - Dean of the Faculty of International Economics and Administration. She awarded the diplomas to the Bachelor’s graduates with highest result and  

congratulated them for their success and achievements.

    Assoc. Prof. Tankova also had words of gratitude to Prof. Nedyalkova, not only in her capacity as President of the University, who supports all projects and initiatives of the Faculty of International Economics and Administration, but also in her capacity as the first dean of the faculty who lit energy and set those high standards and criteria that students and lecturers today consistently follow.     "I wish every one of you, regardless of the professional field that you have chosen, regardless of your career development, the decisions that you are going to make to be based not only on skills and knowledge that you gained, but rather on the values, the beliefs that you have managed to build up in cooperation with us at Varna Free University, in the period of your studies," said Assoc. Prof. Tankova.

Good luck to the graduates also wished the special guests at the official promotion Assoc. Prof. Vasil Donev – Executive Director of Sirma Solutions AD and the managing partner of  Active  - Simeon Simov.



    On behalf of the graduates Iliyana Bogdanova addressed with gratitude the management of Varna Free University, the lecturers who shared their experience and knowledge and wished the university to continue to be significant and appreciated educational institution.     Traditionally, at the end of the graduation ceremony, the graduates were invited to join the Club of the Graduate to exchange ideas, experience and opinions, to share what specialists and skills the businesses and public sector need, to keep in touch with their lecturers and continue to participate in the university life.

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