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Businesses should invest in cybersecurity

    Students and faculty of the Master's degree programme in cybersecurity of VFU "Chernorizets Hrabar" were among the first specialists who were introduced to the National Strategy for Cyber Resistance of Bulgaria. This happened during a seminar dedicated to digital security, which was held at VFU.


    The document of cyber resistance was adopted by the Bulgarian government in July this year. The main measures and actions that arise from it were presented by the national coordinator on the issues of cybersecurity and cyber defence at the Ministry of Defence, Georgi Sharkov, PhD.



    One of the main conclusions that dominated during the discussions was that businesses in our country should pay serious attention to cybersecurity and modernize their management and control to rule out possible losses. This is necessary because of the intense life in digital environment, which is part of our everyday life. The measures require investments in training and further training of staff, and in many cases, investments in new equipment.


    "Bulgaria is a leader in Europe in terms of strategy for cybersecurity, which now includes also cyber resistance. Cybersecurity is also associated with a higher level of the IT culture in our country," said Georgi Sharkov, PhD. He drew attention to the fact that the level of cyber hygiene in the country is not high and the majority of Internet users cannot recognize even basic attacks or viruses. At national level the country meets the requirements of the European Directive on network information security and the funds earmarked for the measures are enshrined in the budgets of the government departments.


    Every day we witness the results of cyber attacks, which are a serious factor in the economic and political life. Bulgarian companies, even small and medium-sized businesses are not isolated and are potential victims. Therefore, management teams at all levels must acquire the necessary capacity and skills to be able to withstand such attacks. This requires rapid action and policy making for training in all higher education specialties in Bulgaria.

by ВСУ Черноризец Храбър