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Fashion Creative Games by Varna Free University

    Fashion Creative Games by Varna Free University is an event provoked by the trends in the development of design and creative industries. On 28 June, the artistic space of the Graffit Gallery in Varna will bring together connoisseurs of fashion, representatives of cultural institutions, companies from the garment industry, fashion and event agencies, representatives of the tourism industry and IT-sector with a new insight into creativity and the relationship between fashion and technology.



    In 1994, the specialty of Fashion Design was established. Over the last 5 years the training of the students majoring in this specialty has been focused on training managers for the fashion industry. Every year students defend their projects before an audience for the annual fashion show of the specialty that has become one of the secular events in the city. Besides awards for excellent performance during the academic year, the students get the opportunity to meet with business representatives to discuss proposals for internships and even job prospects.

    This year, on the initiative of the students majoring in Fashion and Fashion Management this year’s fashion show will present their achievements in various fields. It will exceed the boundars of fashion and will meet the audience with a special symbiosis between fashion, technology, education and opportunities.



    The annual fashion show of the students has been developed in several thematic areas: Sports Games, Funny Games and Games in the Flower Garden.     The game as a creative provocation is at the heart of the event.  FashionCreativeGamesbyVarnaFreeUniversity in which apart from the designs of the young artists, also include interactive modules using light, LED-effects, dances, game models and multimedia.

    The graduates of Varna Free University – Krasimir Marchev, Irena Ivanova, Zvezdi Georgieva and Maria Paneva will also take part.     Krasimir Marchev graduated in fashion in 2008 in the class of Assoc.Prof. Savka Kazalarska. In the autumn of 2013 he came into the focus of ... Madonna. She included five conceptual projects of the artist in her Art for Freedom Platform. Appearances at various festivals of contemporary art followed. Krasimir participated in the fifth season of the show Bulgaria’s Got Talent and reached the semi-finals, impressing the jury and audience with his multimedia performances. 

    He will present his new project - "Tale of Magic" which is a multimedia performance.     Irena Ivanova is a stylist with extensive experience in styling and design. She graduated in Fashion Design from Varna Free University and holds a Master's degree inFashion Styling. Irena has a number of joint projects with famous photographers, among which the name of Lyubomir Sergeev stands out who is a winner of the Victoria award, the equivalent of an Oscar in the field of advertising photography.     This year Irena represented Bulgaria in Serbia Fashion Week.

    After 10 years as a practicing lawyer, Zvezdi Georgieva made a sharp turn in her career. She  completed a course on basics of photography and art photography course, and graduated in fashion styling from Varna Free University. She is currently working as a fashion stylist and develops her own brand "Room88" for design of scenery, stage-property, clothes, accessories and artistic makeup for photo sessions. Zvezdi will present three visions in Fairy Style with the presence of ethnic elements inspired by Bulgarian and foreign folk traditions.

    The fourth-year student Maria Paneva (Miss Party) has been entrusted the musical setting of the event. Apart from doing fashion, the young lady sings and works as a DJ. This year the students of the Vocational School of Textile and Fashion Design will take care for the hairstyles of the models. 

    The secondary school has the ambition to build up knowledge and professional skills in the students for active interaction with the social environment and realization in the conditions of market economy. The young artists of the vocational school show every year their designs in the Young Talents in Fashion National Competition. In 2015, they eliminated in a peremptory manner the competition from the representatives of vocational schools from across the country and took first place, winning the applause of the audience and the congratulations of the jury. Their original designs showed advanced thinking in fashion and confirmed the leading position of the school in the branch. A lot of graduates of the school continue their education in the Bachelor’s degree program of Fashion and Fashion Management at Varna Free University.

    The work of the Department of Arts at Varna Free University includes also faculty and students from the Department of Economics and Informatics, creating images and projection of an entirely new approach to education, based on the interaction of different directions in the unity of creative vigor and positive provocation.     The event will put an emphasis on the jobs of the future by presenting new Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree programs that reflect the efforts of the team of Varna Free University to create a new type of environment provoking design thinking and reflecting the digital transformation of the educational product. 

    The end of the event FashionCreativeGamesbyVarnaFreeUniversity will also be different. The traditional cocktail party thrown in such cases will be replaced by an event called Networking. It will bring together students, lecturers and employers and create many new contacts and opportunities to develop joint projects. The idea of the university management is the academic environment to be transformed into a field of partnership with the business and to create real opportunities for successful career prospects of the students.     We expect you in Graffit Gallery at 18:30 on 28 June!

by ВСУ Черноризец Храбър