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Students majoring in Master’s degree program of Financial and Banking Management and Marketing held a working meeting with the team of Societe Generale Expressbank

    Within the sequence of events related to the acquisition of practical skills of required of the students and partnerships with business organizations from various sectors of the economy, students majoring in the Master's degree program of Financial and Banking Management and Marketing visited the headquarters of Societe Generale Ekspresbank in Varna.



    The meeting was attended by the head of the program, Assoc. Prof. Virzhinia Ivanova, PhD, Radoslav Kanovski – lecturer  of banking and finance, Maria Filipova - "Human Resources" junior business partner and Zhenya Petrova - recruitment specialist in the banking institution.

    The experts from the Department of Human Resources presented the mission, objectives and activities of the bank. The interest of the students was raised by the structure of the bank and its departments as well as the opportunities for career development. They discussed the necessary knowledge and skills required to apply for a job and the conditions for career advancement.

    The Master’s degree students were introduced to the built up leadership model of the bank, which includes key concepts such as team spirit, responsibility, innovation, commitment. Part of the discussion was an interactive game in which every student and teacher presented his future career with sea symbols – a vessel, sea, weather forecast. Through symbols, the students presented their goals and developed an action plan to achieve them. The experts analyzed the successful goal setting and behavioral patterns.

    The seminar ended with presentation of the opportunities for internships and the job vacancies. They discussed the upcoming visits of experts from the bank in the lecture courses of the Master's degree program of Financial and Banking Management And Marketing as well as the participation of financial experts in the new SmartFuture learning platform.

by ВСУ Черноризец Храбър