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Business lessons oriented to international action

    Training under the project "Business lessons oriented to international action -WIN2", grant scheme №VG-SPS-NI-14-001521-3, Erasmus + KA2 was held at Varna Free University "Chernorizets Hrabar" in May. It was attended by students and teachers from the Private Trade School in Varna, "Hristo Botev" Primary School, village of Nikolaevka, researchers from universities and representatives of the "Start It Smart" Startup Company - Sofia.



    The training program included a wide range of topics related to the project such as "Creativity, Mind Maps and the Team of a School Startup Company"; "Globalization of Business in the 21st century and the Role of Transnational Companies. Starting a Global Company." "Transnational Companies and the Regional Development of Bulgaria "; "German Business Culture" and others.


    During the training a simulation game was conducted, various techniques to create a strong and united team and group work in cross-cultural environment were presented. The participants were introduced to the online tools for marketing studies and the opportunities for presenting the company on the Internet.



    Among the topics presented by the hosts of Varna Free University was also the topic of "The Role of Technology for Internationalization of Business."

    The Private Trade School in Varna, "Hristo Botev" Primary School, village of Nikolaevka "Start It Smart" – Sofia and Varna Free University "Chernorizets Hrabar" are partners in the project on the Bulgarian side. Lead partner and coordinator is the Institute for Economic Development, city of Oldenburg, Germany.

by ВСУ Черноризец Храбър