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A talk about students’ dreams and their future career prospects

On 26 May, another meeting of students with practitioners was held in the study courtroom of Varna Free University "Chernorizets Hrabar". This time, the students majoring in Law had the opportunity and pleasure to talk about their dreams for career prospects with the President of the Court of Appeal in Varna, Mrs Vanuhi Arakelyan, who is among their favourite lecturers. Within the framework of the free discussion, judge Arakelyan provoked the students to share what were their motives for choosing the specialty of Law and why they preferred the civil or criminal matters.


    The students shared where they see themselves on the map of all the possible areas in which to continue their professional development, to apply and enrich their knowledge.


    Many students commented that they are first generation of lawyers. For some of them it is a kind of weapon of the personality, development direction and defence of the values ​​of freedom and justice. They said that their choice to study law had been provoked since their childhood. And their interest in a particular field of law will be determined exclusively by the personality of the lecturer, he/she is the one who inspires them. They highlighted the role of the study circles as a form that enriches their knowledge and provides them with genuine friendships.


    Sharing their dreams that turned out to be already conscious goals, the students did not hide their disappointment with moments when practitioners do not allow them in a real environment. Despite the difficulties that sometimes occur, however, all of them, supported by the practitioners in the study room, believe that they could be surmounted. The magistrates present in the room also shared with the students their road to their choice of law.



    United by the idea that law is not an end in itself but a vocation and can not serve momentary causes, the magistrates in their work with students train and direct them in the spirit of these values. A discussion was provoked by the words of the 5th year student Polina Ivanova, who told that despite her obscenely young age, and lack of experience she prefers to be a judge rather than a lawyer. Whether necessarily a judge should have also life experience - especially on matrimonial matters or good university education is decisive? A question that is difficult to receive a simple answer. Judges with long experience are needed, but also young ones to apply good legal theoretical knowledge in solving complex practical cases.


    Assessing the usefulness of the model combining academic education with practical skills, attendees at the meeting noted that Varna Free University "Chernorizets Hrabar" is the only university that works and provides the students with proximity with practitioners - judges, bailiffs and lawyers. They successfully create a connection and the education is no longer restricted only to conducting lecture courses.

by ВСУ Черноризец Храбър