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125 graduates received their diplomas at the Smolyan branch of Varna Free University "Chernorizets Hrabar"

The official graduation ceremony of the Class of 2016 of the Smolyan branch of Varna Free University was attended by politicians, mayors and representatives of the social elite from all over the Smolyan region.


    The celebration held in the Bulgaria hall began with the performance of "Moya strana, moya Balgaria". The crowded hall was engrossed in the performance of the singer Peter Petkanov and then of the folklore dance ensemble at "Kiril Madzharov" community centre.     Host of the solemn graduation ceremony was the Deputy Regional Governor of Smolyan, Mr Andrian Petrov.


    The event was attended by the MP from Smolyan constituency in the 43rd National Assembly, Dora Yankova, the Mayor of the Municipality of Smolyan, Nikolay Melemov, the Regional Governor, Nedyalko Slavov, Assoc. Prof. Krasimir Nedyalkov, PhD - Vice President of Varna Free University, the Mayor of the Municipality of Madan - Fahri Molaysenov, the Mayor of the Municipality of Devin, Krasimir Daskalov, the Mayor of the Municipality of Chepelare,  Slavka Chakurova, the Deputy Mayor of Chepelare,  Pantaley Memtsov, Eng. Adalbert Ferev - Chairman of the Municipal Council of the town of Dospat, the Director of the Regional Directorate of the Interior Ministry – Smolyan, Nikolay Dimov, Ivan Mutsevski - Head of the Regional Inspectorate of Education - Smolyan and many guests, public figures, parents.



    "Dear graduates, today begins a new stage, a new beginning filled with hopes and dreams. Be yourselves in the knowledge that you have acquired in order for the others to believe in us! Keep seeking, keep believing, accept failures with your head up! Youth is the most beautiful disadvantage, but at the same time the most powerful advantage. Today the world is in front of you - a world of activities, work, achievements, affection. Let the knowledge acquired here at the university be a guiding star that will lead you in the right direction," said the Director of the Smolyan branch of VFU, Anelia Parzhanova, PhD.


    The Vice President of VFU, Assoc. Prof. Krasimir Nedyalkov, PhD wished the graduates to be proud of the knowledge acquired at the university. "Remember that this is the largest, most powerful private university in Bulgaria. Our doors will always be open for you, for your next steps and levels of education!" said Assoc. Prof. Nedyalkov.



    The Mayor of Smolyan, Nikolay Melemov congratulated the graduating students "I want to wish the lecturers health and strength to be able to continue their noble mission, namely – to educate young people. For the educated young person is the capital and future of the nation. I want to wish the graduates a lot of persistence and luck to be able to succeed in life. Good luck! " said Melemov.



    MP Dora Yankova also extended her wishes to the lecturers and graduates. "I am delighted that today, in the presence of the Regional Governor, the municipality mayors and representatives of the local government from the entire Smolyan region, we share with you a very special day of your life. Today you will receive diplomas of higher education. You know that the labour market is tough, but you have been preparing yourselves to be people who delegate with their education their future in Bulgaria and the world.I would like to wish you to use the knowledge you have received here. Varna Free University is one of the best universities. Use the knowledge, struggle in life, go ahead! Because the educated person knows how to fit in public relations and in life! Keep dreaming, keep being confident and seek your rightful place, which you will occupy in the Bulgarian public life!" said Yankova. She wished the graduates to seek their way to freshen the local administrations and institutions where the state policy is forged.


    In his address to the audience, the Regional Governor Nedyalko Slavov also stressed: "This moment is really solemn also for the representatives of the whole Smolyan public. The presence of so many guests here today is evidence which shows that the education in Smolyan region enjoys high esteem. " Slavov made a valuable message to the graduates for the road to the true success. "During those years while you have been studying, you have also learned certain values. Values ​​that will allow you to focus not only on your own success but to support the development of our society. Because what does the success mean in a society that does not develop? To support the development of your region, your town, the weaker. During your career development you will have many temptations that will allow you to quickly shoot to the top. I urge you - look for no protections and work day and night, every minute, because only in this way you will be able to stay on top. Look for the opportunities for development that our region gives. At first glance it is not particularly attractive, but there are key advantages belonging to the future that one day someone will use them, believe me! You are the generation that must validate the modern European way of our country. And I'm sure you realize that responsibility - Bulgaria to establish itself as a modern European country that respects its lineage, language, traditions, culture, rich history. To become a modern country with a functioning economy in which all social systems operate at high speed. Let the next leaders, rulers and entrepreneurs come from your ranks! But all that requires hard work and perseverance,"concluded Slavov.


    Greetings to the management of the Branch and the graduates were sent by MP Peter Kadiev from ABV and MP Mustafa Karadaya - President of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms.



    The celebration continued with awarding the diplomas to the top students by the Regional Governor, Mr Nedyalko Slavov and the Mayor, Mr Nikolay Melemov.


    125 are the students graduating from the Branch - 108 Bachelors and 17 Masters in the specialties: Finance and Accounting, International Economic Relations, Public Administration and Management, Business Administration and Management, Business Management, Accounting and Auditing, Economics, Counteracting  Crime and Public Order Protection,  Protection of National Security, Construction of Buildings And Structures, Management of International Business Projects and Financial and Banking Management and Marketing.

by ВСУ Черноризец Храбър