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How to recognize the leaders of the future?

Text: Ivelina Petrova, Nataliya Nikolaeva, Bloomberg TV Bulgaria


To be a leader you need to have perfect organization and strategy, knowledge and experience is what makes a team so strong. This is what Roberto Patras, a talent seeker for FC Milan until 2013, said during the international conference "Education and Business - Future Leaders", organized by Bulgaria ON AIR and Bloomberg TV Bulgaria on 11th May 2016. This was the third edition of the conference in which Varna Free University "Chernorizets Hrabar" is the general partner.

“New technologies in the fourth industrial revolution enable personalization, shorten the production cycle, thus enabling fast compliance with the specific requirements of a person. On the other hand, they give accessibility to quick and easy implementation of the ideas of individuals as long as they are innovative”, said Ognian Trayanov, chairman of the Bulgarian network of the UN Global Compact (Ognian Trayanov, Bulgarian network of the UN Global Compact, Chairman):


Business has overtaken education, said the entrepreneur Lubomir Yanchev. Universities and schools must try to follow the changes that happen in the real world:

In terms of social progress, justice demands to distinguish leaders with "plus" sign and leaders with "minus" sign. Thus social capital formed by their followers, is to be marked accordingly. New trends of organizational modernization are the proof for that, said Assoc. Prof. Krasimir Nedialkov, PhD Vice President of Varna Free University (Assoc. Prof. Krasimir Nedialkov, PhD, Vice President of Varna Free University):

Online training has changed the way young leaders develop. According to the Consulting Company Markets and markets e-tech market has reached the size of $ 45 billion in 2015 and is expected to reach $ 100 billion in 2020, Aleksandar Krastev, PR expert, teacher communication in LinkedIn pointed out (Alexander Krastev, PR Expert, LinkedIn expert):

Dimitar Shumarov, Executive Director of Postbank at the International Conference "Education and Business - Future Leaders" (Dimitar Shoumarov: Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer, Postbank):

“The main quality a leader has to possess is the ability to resolve conflicts in a constructive way”, is what Prof. Anatoly Zankovskiy, PhD from the Russian Academy of Sciences said. (Prof. Anatoly Zankovsky, PhD, Russian Academy of Sciences). "All great leaders that we can think of, had lived in the past. Today, because of the fast pace at which everything around us changes, we can feel lack of leaders even more ".

"To be a leader, there must be someone to follow you no matter what you do," said Stratsi Kulinski, the new Rector of the American University in Bulgaria. According to him, the university should promote and develop students' critical thinking, encourage respect for different viewpoints, emotional intelligence and the desire for life long development.

Angelos Georgiou, who manages the department for retail services of Nielsen for Bulgaria (Angelos Georgiou, Retailer Services Group Account Manager, Nielsen Bulgaria), highlighted the five qualities that leaders must have - be aware of global competition, to move one step ahead of technologies, to govern democratically their team, to take into account the needs of people in the team and be flexible.

George Haros, CEO of People Solutions ICAP (George Haros, CEO People Solutions Division ICAP), spoke about how education develops useful skills in young people. "They need to learn how to learn properly, to commit to their employers and their digital knowledge to be developed":

According to Adelina Kostova, Resource Development Manager for Europe, Middle East and North Africa at Nestle Bulgaria (Adelina Kostova, Zone Europe Management Development and L & T Manager Nestle S.A.), training of leaders starts when they are students and connections with business are essential. The company relies on developed models of mentoring and coaching to develop leadership:

The successful formula for how to become a leader is the following: Leadership = Innovation + investment”. This is what Stamen Yanev, the Executive Director of the Bulgarian Investment Agency said. "Leadership in future will consist in having power on innovations. For this to happen, investments will be necessary. BIA will work to win leadership in the field of innovations for Bulgaria."

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