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Leaders are not born, nowadays leaders are developed!


This topic raises a keen interest not only of the younger generation but also of the more mature Bulgarians, said Assoc. Prof. Miglena Temelkova, PhD in the studio of the Morning show on TV Bulgaria ON AIR.



Text: Irina Georgieva, Bulgaria ON AIR.

The time when it was assumed that leaders are born has long passed. Nowadays leaders are developed. This was what Assoc. Prof. Miglena Temelkova, PhD, head of the Center for Education and Training Companies and lecturer at Varna Free University (VFU)“ Chernorizets Hrabar” stressed on in the Morning show of Bulgaria ON AIR.

"It’s for sure that in recent years we have seen very strong interest not only on behalf of the young generation but also on behalf of more mature Bulgarians in the topic on leadership. This topic provoked our university to create a unique master’s program – Leadership in Global Environment, which is a qualitative new methodology for developing the leaders in the future or the so-called Smart leaders”, commented Prof. Dr. Temelkova.

She said the goal is to meet the needs of the business, society and economy, at the same time developing leaders to not only meet those needs but also carry a new in its nature corporative culture.

“In recent years we have been trying to adapt our curricula to the needs of the business. That is why, in most majors that we train there are real practices and apprenticeships in real business environment. We count not basically on theory but on developing practical skills and when we talk about leadership, development is important. The new theory is such – leadership can be developed”, said Assoc. Prof. Miglena Temelkova, PhD.

Students should be able to respond to the changing business environment, she also stressed. According to her the training method is also relevant and that is why external examples are very important.

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