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Day of Reading at the University

    The festival of foreign languages "World without Borders" ended with the traditional Day of Reading at the university. It is organized by the Foreign Language Teaching Department for the sixth consecutive year on the occasion of 23 April – the World Book and Copyright Day.



    The Day of Reading this year was dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the birth of the significant Bulgarian poet, literary critic and essayist Pencho Slaveikov.     The Director of the Foreign Language Teaching Department, Prof. Galina Shamonina, PhD welcomed the participants and introduced them to the history of the World Book and Copyright Day in different countries.

    Dimitar Marinov, PhD presented the bibliography and works of the poet, literary critic and essayist Pencho Slaveikov. His originality and manifested public stance command respect. Father of Bulgarian modernism, ideologist of the Bulgarian symbolism. His idea was to make Bulgarian poetry consonant with the European. His creative approach was connected with the idea of ​​releasing the individual, the struggle for self-awareness and spiritual upliftment. VFU students read his poems "CIS MOLL", "Inseparable", "One Hundred People" in English, Russian, German and Bulgarian. The attendees of the event were immersed in the atmosphere of Pencho Slaveikov’s literary creativity and experienced the aesthetic values ​​of his artistic world. The thought "The heart is a store whence the mind obtains the best food" by P.Slaveikov united the participants in the marathon reading.



    Students, faculty and staff of VFU participated in the event. They read excerpts from favourite authors in Bulgarian, Russian, German, English, French, Turkish and Chinese. Special guest of the event was Mrs Mariana Gineva, chief librarian of the Regional Library "Pencho Slaveikov" - Varna.

    The event involved reading of works by Victor Hugo, Jacques Prévert, Konstantin Balmont, Hi-Z, Orhan Murad Araburnu, Sergei Yesenin and other favorite passages. With a special interest the audience listened to the speech of Emmeline Pankhurst "Freedom or Death" presented by Simona Vidolova and Remzie Ibraimova and Martin Luther King's speech "I Have a Dream" read by Nikolay Zhelev, 3rd-year student, majoring in International Relations and Law. " The participation of the foreign students from the preparatory course at VFU will remain unforgettable.

    Pierre-Yves Raymeringer (France), Anastasia Doroshenko (Russia), Gao Sin Yu (China), Tuna Shishman (Turkey) and Bamiteko Martins Odzho (Nigeria) have chosen their favourite works in their own language and read confidently translating their texts in the Bulgarian language. The audience applauded them for the artistry and proficiency in Bulgarian as a foreign language.

    For their presentation all participants in the marathon were awarded by Mrs Mariana Gineva with a certificate of participation for the responsiveness, support and personal participation in the cause of promoting books and reading. The Director of the University Library, Mrs Maria Minkova surprised the participants with a valuable and timeless gift - a book.


by ВСУ Черноризец Храбър