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"Bulgaria through my eyes"

    This slogan brought together the foreign students of VFU from Russia, Kazakhstan, China, Turkey, France, Greece and Nigeria on the Day of the Bulgarian language.

  A lot of them presented in fluent Bulgarian language their own country. Pierre-Yves Raymeringer talked about the different regions of France, Tuna Shishman presented the cultural, historical and natural attractions of Turkey, Gao Sin Yu, a student from China talked about her hometown of Wuhan. The student from Nigeria, Bamiteko Martins Odzho presented in an original way his country.   



    The 12-year-old Margarita Ivanova - 5th grade schoolgirl at "P. Slaveykov" Primary School, town of Varna, greeted everyone with two beautiful Bulgarian songs.

Dimitar Marinov, PhD – a lecturer of Bulgarian as a foreign language at VFU pointed out some valuable qualities of the Bulgarian language compared to other languages. D. Marinov, PhD, cited the famous Bulgarian poet and intellectual Kiril Hristov on the merits of the Bulgarian language:


"The language of a nation is its greatest deed. It is the complicated live tool of versatile advance. It is the means through which the most perfect artistic and scientific thought with its myriad shades is transferred from head to head. But what particularly valuable qualities can be identified that define the place of the Bulgarian language among the other European languages? - Some of its advantages are becoming more and more visible for us, and for its foreign researchers. I leave the huge wealth of vocabulary to remind of the richness of the verb tenses. We have seven forms for the past tense! Another extraordinary wealth of the Bulgarian verb are its aspects: once or many times the action happens, whether it has just begun, whether it has begun and continues, or whether it has begun and has been completed, or whether it has happened in an instance or is done fitfully, from time to time….. And is it necessary to remind that the more developed is the verb in one language, the language is more perfect? Often the verb is synonymous with language ... "


    The results of the essay contest in the Bulgarian language on the topic "Bulgaria through my eyes" were also announced. Prof. Galina Shamonina, PhD awarded the winners: first prize for Vita Petrovskaya (Russia) and second prize for Pierre - Yves Raymeringer (France). The essays were then read by their authors.  All participants in the Day of the Bulgarian Language received certificates of achievement and incentive prizes for participation in the Festival of Foreign Languages "World without Borders".

by ВСУ Черноризец Храбър