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Do you speak Russian?

    On 20 April, students majoring in International Relations and Law, second year - participants in the Festival of foreign languages "World without Borders", created a cheerful mood pasting posters with funny rules, puzzles and interesting facts about the Russian language.



    The Day of the Russian language at VFU began with a language competition. The students took with knowledge the fortress named "Russian Alphabet". Each letter in it was an obstacle, but there were many hints to overcome them. In the role of examiners in the game were the foreign students from Russia - Veronica Revenko and Nikita Zubiyashvili. A jury determined the winners. The first 3 places were taken by: Teodora Panayotova, majoring in International Relations and Law, 2nd year; Stanko Dimitrov – National Security Protection, 1st year and Aleksander Ivanov – Psychology, 1st year. They were awarded with extraordinary medals made of traditional Russian "bubliki and sushki." The Russian students Veronica Revenko and Nikita Zubiyashvili were awarded in gratitude for the constant participation in all activities of the Russian Centre.

    The guests had the opportunity to see the presentation of two language projects in the Russian language developed in the course of Russian Studies of a student, majoring in International Relations and Law, 3rd year. Denitsa Sarbova immersed us in the age of Peter I with a language project about the king-reformer of Russia entitled "Peter I the Great," and Simona Angelova presented the project entitled "St. Petersburg - the Northern Venice." The content, design, music and the excellent knowledge of the Russian language sparked applause in the hall. The two students were awarded with certificates of achievement for excellence in the development and presentation of a language project, creativity and erudition.



    The exhibition of the student of VFU Hristo Rusev - "Happy Hours" was officially opened at the university as part of the festive program on the Day of the Russian Language.  

    It was the premiere of the exhibition, which Christo Rusev chose to make precisely at Varna Free University in connection with the 25th anniversary of the university.

    The exhibition telling about life in Paris after the bloody bombings aroused considerable interest and different emotions in the audience. On the one hand, admiration for the work and creative vision of the young photographer, on the other, sadness and compassion for the victims, horror of what is happening in the world. There were many questions to the author and comments on the current global theme. All statements united around the slogan that war is a terrible disaster and people must seek peaceful ways to resolve conflicts no matter in which part of the world they arise. Asked why the presented in the film images are black and white, the author answered "I learned from a famous photographer that colour images convey the colour of the clothes and the black and white - the colour of the soul. That is why the photos in my exhibition are black and white ".The talented student received a special award and certificate of achievement for creativity and active citizenship, presented by the Director of the Foreign Language Teaching Department, Prof. Galina Shamonina, PhD.

    The Day of the Russian Language ended with a romantic music and poetic performance entitled "The Magic of the Russian Romance" with the special participation of the famous Bulgarian actor, Lyuben Chatalov and the soloist of the Varna Opera, Geo Chobanov. Piano accompaniment - Zhaneta Benun.     The program included 10 of the most beautiful Russian romances, written in the 19th century by composers such as Chaikovski, Glinka, Harito, Abaza, etc. and based on poems by Pushkin, Lermontov, Tyutchev. For some of them this musical form was an expression of vivid impressions and soulful confession. Others have used it as a preliminary version for large-scale works, for third – it was a tribune of philosophical ideas.

    "The Russian romance is saturated with love and tenderness; it is about the beauty in human relations. Today, more than ever we need that. However, not only today ... ", said in the beginning the host of the event, Kristina Hristova, majoring in Choreography - Modern Dance Theatre, 2nd year.     Russian romances as lyrics and music are creative works of men. So Lyuben Chatalov chose to balance them with some of the most beautiful poems on love written by Bulgarian poetesses.     The audience was immersed in the romantic experience.

    In search of parallel between the romance and poetry, the audience heard the famous romances "Ya vstretil vas" /F. Tyutchev, V. Sheremetyev/ "Molitva" /M. Lermontov, M. Glinka/, "Ya pomnyu chudnoe mgnovenie"/A. Pushkin, M. Glinka/,"Serenada Don Zhuana" /A. Tolstoi, P. Chaikovski/, "Yamshtik, ne goni loshadei"/H. fon Riter, Y. Feldman/,  "Utro tumannoe" /O. Turgenev, A. Abazi/, "Somnenie"/H. Kukolnik, M.Glinka /. Lyuben Chatalov read in front of the audience poems byDora Gabe, Miryana Basheva, Stanka Pencheva, Elisaveta Bagryana and Petya Dubarova.

    The audience once again felt the deep connection between poetry and romance in "Net, tolko tot, kto znal"by Pyotr Ilich Chaikovsky. Loud applause received the romance "Otsveli hrizantemi", which has become a byword for the personality of Nikolai Harito - famous poet, musician and duelist (a person who causes and participate in duels). Known historical fact is that in his last duel, held at someone's wedding, Harry was killed, and the guests spontaneously sang in his memory this particular song. The magic of the Russian romance ended with a performance of "Ochi chernie" /E.Grebyonka, F. German /.

    The artistic trio gave an elegant and exquisite, clear and beautiful experience to the audience! The concert was a real treat both for the audience and for the performers who expressed their impressions in the following words:     Geo Chobanov "It was an honour and pleasure to sing in front of your warm and good audience. Thank you very much!"     Janet Benun "We are delighted to give the concert in front of a large, mostly young, gorgeous and warm audience. We were honoured to participate in the Day of the Russian Language in front of you! "     Lyuben Chatalov "There is no other university with more interesting and cheerful faces - of the students and also of the lecturers. It made me smile."


by ВСУ Черноризец Храбър