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Festival of foreign languages at VFU

Second day: Spréchen Sie Deutsch?      The Day of the German language began with a screening of the film of Til Schweiger of 2011 "Rooster Wine", better known by its original title "Kokowääh".



    The German-speaking countries Germany, Austria and Switzerland were the focus of an interesting quiz. It contained questions about landmarks, works of art, celebrities and even culinary specialties from the countries where German is spoken. The participants were divided into two teams. Each team had mentors. The mentor of the German-speaking team was Antonia Krumova – lecturer at VFU. The second team was supported by the lecturer of English, Natalia Anastasova and the Director of the Department - Prof. Galina Shamonina.

    The students demonstrated a lot of knowledge also in finding words derived from German, which have entered and are used in Bulgarian. It was a tough competition but the winner was the team constituted by first year students studying German - Nurshen Mehmed /Fashion and Fashion Management/, Dimitar Dimitrov /Construction of Buildings and Structures/ and Kiril Ivanov /National Security Protection/.

    Enjoyable but at the same time difficult obstacle were the hard to pronounce words in German. Dimitar Dimitrov /Construction of Buildings and Structures, 1st year/   best performed in this task.     The day ended with part of "Max and Moritz" by Wilhelm Busch selected and read by Ruzha Stoyanova – second year student majoring in Fashion and Fashion Management . There were many prizes and amusement. The students studying German, received books on geography, history and culture with which to expand their knowledge of the German-speaking countries.

by ВСУ Черноризец Храбър