About VFU "Chernorizets Hrabar"

EXHIBITION „Varna Free University „Chernorizets Hrabar“ – Intellectual Centre with Future“

Festival and Congress Centre in Varna is hosting the exhibition „Varna Free University „Chernorizets Hrabar“ – Intellectual Centre with Future“. It includes 12 panels with photographs from the University collection.

The photos and the short texts present exciting panorama imagingthe quarter-century history of the University. In it, creators and inspirers, spiritual companions, students, lecturers and experts from all over the world alternate like fragments of modern mosaic. The exhibition meets the past, present and future of Varna Free University “Chernorizets Hrabar” with respect.

The achievements of students and lecturers, the international partnerships, awards and educational initiatives not only create exceptional status and presence of the University but also shape and make the brand of Varna Free University recognizable. Постиженията на студенти и преподаватели, международните партньорства,

The exhibition, which will open on April 15, 2016 /Friday/ 17:30, is dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the University. The creative insight into university life express respect and gratitude to all those for whom Varna Free University is a cause and who are ready to continue sharing its values, new ambitions and creative searches.


by ВСУ Черноризец Храбър