Faculty of International Economics and Administration 
    The Faculty of International Economics and Administration operates on the basis of the best traditions and practices associated with the creation of high-quality, nationally and internationally competitive educational product at VFU "Chernorizets Hrabar".
    The training at the Faculty of International Economics and Administration is implemented in accredited majors in the educational-and-qualification degrees Bachelor and Master and the educational-and-scientific degree Doctor. The educational process is conducted in accordance with the European standards and requirements for training in compliance with the DS and ECTS labels awarded to VFU. 
    The educational and research process involves highly-qualified lecturers, who working in most modern facilities, prepare competent professionals ready to meet the challenges of the changing European Union and the globalizing world.


Management and Contact Details
Dean: Assoc.Prof. Eleonora Tankova, PhD
Tel.: +359-52-359-526
email: eleonora@vfu.bg
International Economics and Administration Faculty Building - Room "Г"6

Scientific Research Secretary: PhD Veselina Spasova
Tel.: +359 52 359 574
email: vspasova@vfu.bg
Technological Institute, Floor 2
Reception day: Thursday, 13:00 - 14:00

Administrative Secretary: Eng. Pavleta Krasteva
Tel.: +359-52-359-564
email: pavleta.krasteva@vfu.bg
International Economics and Administration Faculty Building – Room "Г"3
Opening hours: Mon – Fri, 8:00 - 16:30

Faculty of Law

In today’s global risk society issues related to the security of our world, countries, cities, and districts, as well as to safe conditions of labour, entertainment and respite see universities grappling with the challenges of training a new type of specialists, possessing the ability and skill to dependably protect citizens, society and the state.

Higher education in the field of security is without alternative. Varna Free University is the first Bulgarian university that has initiated, and is steadily sustaining the successful development of the specialities instructing students in the fields of national and international corporate security, and disaster and emergency protection. We are fully confident that not only are we going on permanently enhancing the quality of our academic and research process, but will also manage to keep for a long time to come our advantage over the rest of the Bulgarian universities, which are now following us along the tough, yet exciting path of teaching future professionals, who would be able to bring safety and security to the modern world filled with uncertainty and risk.


Management and Contact Details
Dean: Professor Petar Hristov, PhD
Tel.: +359-52-359-557
Faculty of Law Building – Room В5

Research Secretary: Professor Ekaterina Mateeva, PhD
Tel.: +359-52-359-563
Faculty of Law Building – Room В9

Administrative Secretary: Milena Ivanova
Tel.: +359-52-359-555
email: uf_vfu@abv.bg
Faculty of Law Building – Room В5
Reception days: Mon – Fri; 8:00 - 16:30

Faculty of Architecture

The Faculty of Architecture was founded by VFU back in 1995, originating from the Faculty of Maritime and Building Sciences and the Academic and Scientific Complex of Technical Sciences. Architecture and building education in Varna can be traced back to as early as 1947, when the State University of Varna was founded, providing education for future architects and construction engineers until 1953.

Apart from face-to-face teaching, our tutors are dedicated to assisting students in participating in many competitions, plenary sessions, creative workshops, seminars and conferences, where these young people have a ground for realization of their research interests. In cooperation with the Palace of Balchik, our Faculty holds an annual Palace Festival of Flowers and an International Student Architectural Contest and Workshop, hosted by the Town of Balchik. Besides, the Faculty has been holding workshops like "Landscape Design for Varna’s Coastal Area" and "Environment-Friendly Architecture - a Possible Architecture", both events being directed by professors from the Venice University of Architecture, Italy, providing our students the opportunity to attend placements and practical sessions in Italy and Germany, and study at a European university for 1 semester.


Management and Contact Details
Dean: Prof. Stefan Terziev, PhD, Eng.
Tel.: +359-52-359-587
еmail: as@vfu.bg
Room А-236

Scientific Research Secretary: Assoc. Prof. Rositsa Petkova, PhD
Tel.: +359-52-359-587
еmail: as@vfu.bg

Administrative Secretary: Eng. Milena Petrova, PhD
Tel.: +359-52-359-587

Smolyan Branch

The Varna Free University Smolyan Branch is dedicated to the cultural, intellectual and socio-economic development of the Rhodopes pursued by means of higher and short-term education, as well as scholarly and applied project research on the current and future socio-economic issues in the region.

For more information, visit the Smolyan Branch website - http://smolyan.vfu.bg (Bulgarian language only).

Department of "Foreign Language Teaching Department"

The Foreign Language Teaching Department offers training in 7 foreign languages for all specialities in educational-and-qualification degrees "Bachelor" and "Master", which is in compliance with the levels of language proficiency described by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. The lecturers at the Foreign Language Teaching Department are highly qualified professionals, convinced in the benefits of the modern language training methods. They implement the current requirements for training students, thus guaranteeing high levels of language proficiency in accordance with the European standards.