About VFU "Chernorizets Hrabar"

Technology Institute

Technology Institute provides all students full access to its information and computer resource during the time of their study at Varna Free University, as well as to its eSchool Virtual Education System, e-library, and free-of-charge internet.

The Institute houses a Distance Learning Centre meeting all technological and technical needs of the learning process, as well as a Computer Science and Information Technology Testing and Consultancy Centre.

Varna Free University is a member of Мicrosoft Developer Network Academic Aliance (MSDNAA).

The University Library boasts an abundant stock of printed and electronic books, magazines and articles, free access to the APIS legal information system, and JSTOR, the largest US academic database resource. For more information about the Library, click here.

Varna Free University Publishing House is a source of textbooks, scientific literature, conference papers and periodicals. Its modern equipment enables the production and processing of text and illustrated materials from their original condition to their publication in the local network and on the Internet.

Media Centre is the body delivering scientific and academic multimedia products, and providing support for the teaching process with its dedicated facilities, including a radio and a TV studio. For more information about Media Centre, click here.

Technology Institute’s main objectives are as follows:

  1. Coordinating the creation and integration of new educational technology in order to enhance the research process.
  2. Supporting the development and integration of multimedia educational products.
  3. Organising diverse courses upon duly surveying educational market demands.
  4. Providing virtual technological and logistical education and interactive communication between students and tutors as a part of an integrated educational web environment.
  5. Maintaining an on-line library.
  6. Providing tutors and students access to an up-to-date information resource.
  7. Maintaining information and consulting activities in diverse fields for in-house use, or on the request of other persons and organisations.
  8. Developing and maintaining the VFU website.
  9. Maintaining the operation of a local PC network and providing Internet access maintenance.
  10. Maintaining an audio-visual archive of all significant VFU-related events.

VFU Technology Institute consists of the following bodies: a High-tech Laboratory, an Information Service Laboratory, an Academic Media Centre, a University Publishing House, a University Laboratory, a Computer Science and Information Technology Testing and Consultancy Centre.

A list of all Technology Institute bodies

High-Tech Laboratory

The operation of this body is mainly aimed at the provision of hardware and software support for the technological advancement of Varna Free University in compliance with its strategy and priorities, as well as the development, design, maintenance and updating of the university website.

The Laboratory is equipped with a Distance Learning Centre providing technological and technical maintenance for the study process, in accordance with VFU’s policies and the Regulation on the State Requirements for Distance Learning Organisation at Bulgarian Higher Education Institutions.

Information Service Laboratory

The operation of this body is aimed at providing technical and software maintenance for all computer systems on campus.

The main objectives of the laboratory include software and hardware maintenance, provision of antivirus protection for the local networks installed in the PC rooms, as well as educational and technical support for the holding of classes.

Academic Media Centre

The objectives of this body include the production of scientific and academic multimedia products and provision of support for the learning process thanks to its dedicated facilities, i.e. a radio and a TV studio.

The main objective and operation of the Centre are related to the production of multimedia educational products used in off-line and on-line presentations, as well as the production of educational, documentary, and PR movies and commercials.

University Publishing House

The main objectives of the Publishing House include the publication of textbooks and academic stuff in order to meet the demands of the educational process; scientific literature and periodicals containing research articles by professors, PhDs and students, and advertising and promotional materials for the needs of the university application campaigns.

University Library

The main objectives and activities of the Library include the provision of a creative environment for research work, with regard to using our library and information resource, as well as for organisation and hosting of meetings, conferences and other events. The Library stock is permanently enriched in compliance with the academic profile of VFU based on purchase, gifts, books exchange, project implementation and storage. The Library maintains its scientific, information, bibliographic and consultative activity in favour of all its visitors and users.

Computer Science and Information Technology Testing and Consultancy Centre

The Centre was co-founded by Technology Institute and the Department of Computer Science, providing conditions for learning and evaluation of any new programming products which are to be integrated into the study process and the scientific and research work of the University.

The main objectives of the Centre include the testing of software created for the purposes of the university management, provision of consultancy for the university teaching staff upon production of electronic materials and using our virtual education system, as well as provision of support for students upon writing coursework projects and graduation theses, consisting of searching for information on the Internet, creating presentations, working in еschool, etc.

Director: Konstantin Kosev
Tel. +359-52-359-537
email: kkossev@vfu.bg

Manager, Information Service Laboratory: Eng. Dimitar Ivanov
Tel. +359-52-359-521
Academic Facility, Room 306
Opening hours: Monday – Friday; 8:30 - 16:00