About VFU "Chernorizets Hrabar"

Russian World Fund

The main goals of the Fund include promoting Russian as one of Russia’s national treasures and an important part of Russian and world culture, as well as supporting Russian language instruction in the Russian Federation and abroad.

RW’s main objectives are as follows:

  • To support any public, academic and educational organisations whose activity corresponds to the goals of the Fund, providing funding for their projects;
  • To provide support for all Russian scholarly and educational centres in Russia and abroad;
  • To help nations develop a favourable opinion of Russia, giving people knowledge about the country;
  • To create scholarly, expert and political channels for developing bilateral relations with foreign countries and international organisations;
  • To promote Russian educational services abroad;
  • To help Russian regions expand their international relations;
  • To provide assistance with performing expert, scientific and academic exchange;
  • To promote the Russian mass media and information resource abroad;
  • To support organisations established by Russian university undergraduates;
  • To carry out cooperation with international undergraduates studying at Russian universities;
  • To provide support for Russian websites based in foreign countries;
  • To provide assistance upon establishing women’s, youth and children’s Russian-speaking organisations in offshore countries;
  • To support any activity dedicated to conserve Russia’s hand-written heritage;
  • To cooperate with the Russian Orthodox Church and other religions in promoting Russian and Russian culture.