About VFU "Chernorizets Hrabar"

Media Centre

VFU Media Centre has been operating since the start of the 2000/2001 academic year. It is home to VFU’s university radio called "Academica", also housing the university TV studio, and a video editing and control room.

At the heart of the Centre’s work is the provision of support for the learning process and practical sessions taking place in its dedicated radio and TV studio rooms. On the request of any of VFU’s lecturers, Media Centre is ready to provide additional opportunities for video recording of academic classes and their transformation into video lectures usable in distance learning and the electronic education system.

Furthermore, Media Centre produces films covering significant academic events, such as conferences, symposiums, seminars, etc., within the framework of projects such as "Cultural and Historical Heritage and Tourism" and "International Relations and Political Studies", realised by Varna Free University as documentary series in Bulgarian and other languages. The Centre produces educational movies and film adaptations based on fashion, dance and theatrical shows created by the Department of Arts. Among the Centre’s main objectives is the provision of audio and sound solutions for different VFU-related events.

Media Centre is the main information resource for university news available to journalists from Varna and the region; a fact evidenced by how quickly information released by it is published in the newspapers and shown in the electronic media. The documentaries and radio shows created by VFU’s students are shown in all media partnering with our University, as well as at many forums and festivals.

Academica University Radio

The University Radio is equipped with the most high-end technology used for education purposes and training, as well as for radio show production. Here, students have the chance to create and edit their own radio broadcasts, as well as to get sound-engineering training. The studio regularly hosts seminars with prominent specialists in the field. In addition to broadcasting its shows at the university, Academica Radio is broadcast on the Internet. Besides, the Control Room of the Radio is used as a subsystem for audio and video editing.

University TV Studio

The TV Studio is equipped with the most cutting-edge technology for training students as news presenters. The studio has a key contribution to creating the university film productions.

Video Editing and Control Room

The VEC Room is at the heart of the Media Centre. It is equipped with editing computers and the most advanced technology. It is where the unedited video and audio material is processed, recorded and released in its final version. Here, graphic design is developed for any of the university’s film productions. Students have the chance to individually edit their radio broadcasts and video materials, as well as to consult the technical experts on matters relating to creating a video and audio production.

Petar Pavlov, Room А107, Tel.: 052/359-533.

Technical Expert, TV and Technical Equipment Maintenance:
Petar Krushovenski, Room А108, Tел.: 052/359-534;